He told me to let everyone listen to this progress so that it’s easy to be surprised to come up. put it lightly , yeahyeah, i’m at hello everyone today will continue to be a mysterious car i started people it’s too hot to rent a very famous car from the american brand yes, today mr. khanh will let vinh experience a new car, you guys, another car, a mysterious bike , vinh

And khang have not introduced them yet. what’s wrong with your name, but i will experience it and then mr. khanh will share with you a brief overview of the car on my route to show you why these two cars are like that. after all, it’s just a car, it’s a sport wife, it’s not a supercar, it’s very suitable for going on this vietnamese street if you guys are not in need of

Experiencing the background to a supercar, then this car is still a car it is called very reasonable this car has all the elements of a supercar it is a engine it is a v8 about 450 horsepower 0 is right, the case in the military force the engine is preceded by a set of american muscle cars. this car in the us market is very, very many people who own this car in the us market,

There are too many in the cars. this car is always rolling on the road this is a brand from the us yes it is like making a pretty hot car in vietnam this is a ford mustang and one more increase after maurice it has a kangaroo is from karik’s highest brand, it’s a car, we are still conbat finding ec7 sad because it has a lot of good things, it’s a car that’s just average.

Brought back to vietnam, in 2017 it opened to vietnam by a brother who brought it to the parking lot to resell, in vietnam today it only has a few compact cars in my tho, not just tickets. today, no one enters the vat anymore, after 2017 is 2018, it changes the tax form, how to calculate tax and this car has too much engine. it’s so big that it’s good, so at the moment,

No one can enter c7 anymore. i’m close to your eyes and you can see that the night is very soft and gentle. no relationship at all no no no yes, but it’s still cinematic but still has all the elements of a supercar two today, i review below next to e and it’s done, but pisces in this hometown are two in the meadow in uh let him hear the beautiful umbrella that is always

Up a little bit more wait for me at hoai duc ii ah are you kidding right here we go out will you give a brief introduction about fast cars now i will talk why about this compact shaking star for everyone to see here in the sport segment it is not a super star , the v8 engine a few years ago this car was a rear-wheel drive that is very characteristic of rear-wheel movement.

It is easy for people to feel that the car when we are too old, it will have a state of skidding very much. if you do not understand what if this car drives fast and low, it will be dangerous but knowing it will be very happy, glad to introduce to everyone about a car room, it is like many other sports cars, the car this or that door includes it’s very low here are four

Husbands, this guy’s father is abramovich’s, then the car has been modified, then this car is a used name that has already rolled, it is not available borrowing the characteristics of the roof lines when the parent’s topic 3 when starting the engine, this car is very good to be left alone for everyone to listen to, it’s very easy to startle me i’m turning turn the back

Huh that’s right, i’ll let everyone listen to the statement. it’s easy to startle when it comes to stepping up. hears it’s voice, it’s very typical of america, when you see this machine it’s also good. it’s not like other normal cars and this car has one, it’s really two cars, you can buy it i will do an open operation to buy it for everyone x i’ll open mobi with this,

Here it is van van van, come back and let everyone see what it says to buy this is a long mess here’s a pass in a few days i’ll let you i don’t know if i want you to be with the buyer. open the flag who is this place to keep this beanie open. if i love to go alone in the rainy season, it’s a bit talented yeah, this one is about 10 kg this is this this is a place to design

Specifically for putting the modem in the place where it is 2kg so that i can let my child buy it in the next two and then close the door if i’m running on the streets of vietnam, i’m rolling and it rains. i ‘m sure it’s always fun, it’s a bit tiring to buy it, it opens a supercar and it also has a car it smells like this is the aventador roadster who bought it then it had

A bad smell if you put it in the trunk of this car, you will give up the next life. yes, what are the speed parameters of this child, this car, when it comes to speed, this car has a maximum speed of about 295 km h it takes a look at the super warehouse from zero to go to 100 km h, this car takes about 3.8 seconds 3.8 seconds, it ‘s about 1 second normal super car but see

This running it that is also very it’s good or it makes you an american engine feel it’s very rugged but still can move so fast, it’s normal, but this car i still use for daily activities in general, it’s sport, i move normally. when i go to the lot, it’s very light, but superstar, it’s a bit of its outfit to serve my children to run fast. i feel like it’s stronger than

It is, but every car gets used to it and serves it every day, it’s comfortable, each bus is a different feeling and every car is a special thing. the difference is that this car is 2a, then this car will be like for you, which is called a slightly low economic economy, this car is now about more than 5 billion dollars. oh, i only have about 5 billion but i can get this

Car again in the segment that ranges from 3 to 5 billion but to go to a sport that has a sound and a sound oh, i look at its appearance if i don’t say the value not sure if you know it’s this car, it’s cheap, it goes with cars for 230 billion, that appearance doesn’t lose to you, is it still good? if you run with the cat legend nguyen, this statement is loud, it’s these

Poo, this poo, cameroon’s progress see mass’s tissue increased by 5 dots, lost format, and increased by 5 points, it’s your engine. it is almost the same and what it gives off is a distinctive sound of american engines it is often said that american super muscle this is super it has a voice called a sound like in motorcycles the it has a characteristic harley sound, it

Has that characteristic sound, even if you don’t watch it, then gradually go up for a few more laps ok let’s go up and go around yeah i’m sex hello now i’m walking around the streets without the smell of huy tran ii yeah yeah i went into my mouth and quit buying it in the afternoon when the sun goes down, there are two or not this car, it’s it’s no different from a normal

Sedan, very comfortable and light, but its features are still the features of this super car, it’s still to buy in the car, yeah,yeah , yeah, in tan, any car you like. most of all, every driver likes to experience it himself. i’m pretty much all sports cars or super cars now. you don’t have any experience. yes, the driving drill is quite comfortable. the rest is rented.

Its seat is very comfortable, it is also comfortable for the driver to serve for long-distance driving, i will want to be tired, yes, yes, yes , this car is said to be relatively rare in vietnam. in vietnam, you rarely see a car that sees you but rolls around a lot, but this car is more than enough, you always show less than your friends , but don’t call back. the person

Who owns this car, lan banh ward xuyen street, you guys in saigon in the center want to see ah from the next day i will borrow a car for the first time in my life of playing super cars. do you review it for everyone to see it normally or remember to press the like and subscribe button to watch that video for everyone, it must be a super car and first he owns it and he also

Received it. very good, now that’s it for sure hi guys this car has nothing to say and much more nothing to advertise well then see you guys in the next video haha then remember to press the like button and subscribe to watch the latest videos from mr. phan cong khanh’s channel.

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