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Picked up my 22 Ford Bronco #broncos #fordbronco2022 #lifevlog

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Well guys all good things must come to an end hey guys good afternoon welcome back to the channel so today is the day that we are picking up the bronco i’m excited so that we’re gonna miss the truck has some good memories of it but it’s time to have some more adventures with the bronco so let’s head on out to the dealership and we are here today all right guys

And we’re back so as you can tell the truck is gone and we have the bronco now and i work today so i was gonna do my lunch break but you know what i decided to go ahead and do it now but we went ahead and got our first snack i got me a frozen icing and madison you got one too sure about your frozen nicely madison yes you got your you gotta what color is your icy

Blue yeah and she got a blue icing cheers cheers to the bronco and we also got some free large fries to go too there you go one for daddy so what do i think about it i just hit 100 miles already on it so that’s one thing and i am loving it guys i am honestly i’m loving it um i would fix it by a few upgrades i’m not gonna do that i wasn’t doing the tires

But after the price and all that just i wasn’t ready for that right now and and honestly the way it is it’s hard it’s higher than i thought it was and the pictures went like the concept picture when i saw it it was almost like a rubbery they didn’t even look like tires but when i when i pull up the dealerships oh these off-road tires these are nice and i’m sure

Glad i didn’t do it but like i said it was if i would have done the upgrade that would have been saturday getting it but they told me i was i could have had it by that yesterday so um the paperwork was fine the only thing i can say i did not care the whole thing was interest rates but their the federal reserve has their they have raised the prices on that so don’t

Don’t even get me started on that that’s a this is a a venture check there’s not no finance channel it’s not a financial channel but yes rates have gone up extremely but um huh yeah it’s good yeah so yeah um but uh we’re enjoying it um i’m gonna go i haven’t got it dirty yet but i am gonna get me a mountain let me show you the mount so it’s gonna go like right

Right here to the amount where i can actually hook it on to it where it can be on the road and here’s the outside there’s that there’s i think that’s moving about my thumbnail mask you know what let’s get another thumbnail going say chase we got a thumbnail whoo you like thumbnails yeah she does okay so like i said that we were talking let’s place it back right

Here i’ve got i got my phone out luckily today’s prime day so i found me one on sale but um what it came with what it didn’t come with um it’s got a lot of pretty cool neat features on here i didn’t realize didn’t realize mine when i bought the mid package i did not think it came with navigation but it came with navigation so for 1400 when i added on to it i was

Able to get the dual climate heat heating coolant seats blind spot um it’s just lane cyst and everything but like i’m gonna do a whole other vlog like a whole walk through and it kind of explained to him which thing does but right now i want to let you all know that adventure dad’s got his bronco and we’re gonna start going out for some rides and i might even go

Out if i if my thing comes in this weekend i’m we may go out through some riding out in the roads man what do you think you wanna go out riding all right matt says yes but guys until then until then i’ll catch y’all next time and i’m just i’m honestly i’m extremely blessed and gracious to have this thing i’ve waited a sense i built it back in 12 21 december um

21st 2021 i had a hard time for the longest time and i just i got tired of it so i got a soft top a few weeks later got my production date built it in june they shipped it out and like i said last saturday had a call that it was here at the dealership and came up man did my paperwork and got it so but until the next time guys so french fries all right matthew

She wants to eat one last friendship for y’all before we say goodbye but until then guys see you all in the next one say bye madison blood you want to blur everybody sugar and i’m not blowing y’all kisses but i will see you all in the next one

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Picked up my 22 Ford Bronco #broncos #fordbronco2022 #lifevlog By BroncoDadLiving