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Wash polish detail

Showing that one of the one come on man see how much i got in there give me awesome understand this me and slim hopping out three years ago in the hellcat three of the car it’s just perplexing that every time i jump out the ferrari jump out the race they’re like damn you know a ain’t playing no sports i didn’t play no sports to get the rolls-royce i didn’t

Play i didn’t play no sports to get filthy rich i didn’t play no sports to live like this they want us playing ball five years later we broke with bad health i’m talking no one cares we got bad yeah we on the sideline with the pain we can’t even walk straight we feel the pain mr oregon hear that let me get in the light so i get some for understanding man

Just had a legendary workout shout out to my dog dc he actually just left man keeping me all the way in rhythm um dope gym here i go to a couple different gyms but anyway while i was working out i had to hit my dog up like just to do that when i first came to l.a man slim was on tour he pulled up to us at the uh hotel and watched our cars and all that i’m saying

He got his own business cool he’s one of the ones for show and everything got a tattoo to the skin but ones from the seed you know what i’m saying and um pulled up with me watch come on man while i’m working out i come out my look at how clean that is too look at that you can’t get no claim that were dirty too i ain’t gonna lie to you so uh we gotta head

Over to fort giada and it’s right around the corner over here so it’s perfect but let me shout out my dog real quick man you see how he hopping out got the van and all that we gotta get this rap man with your full take it down to reflections and all that but uh yeah this is my dog from the seed though like he’s been with us from day one you know what i’m saying

Showing that one of the one come on man it’s all on there like he was there that day that day that happened with him that day man which was crazy so you know all praise the most high we came out on top but uh yeah man shout out to your business and all that yeah watch college detail on instagram exclusive private detailing like real exclusive even if you got

The bread you might still can’t get a watch so just check me out so i’m real exclusive with it i’ve come i handled my business and been rocking organic for a minute man so that’s what it is yeah man that’s super organic love man i love a black man handling business got his own business and uh just pulling up on a getting my clean while i’m working out so i’m

Gonna hit him up every time so before now on i ain’t going nowhere else my dog washing my wigs i don’t give a that’s what we doing you know what i’m saying like i said this your appreciation i gotta appreciate the that have been with me from the seed and get that love back and help them grow at the same time you know what i’m saying i’m gonna be i mean living

Life in this purest form you know what i mean that’s how we’re going to get this man there’s flowers too because a lot of stuff we as a young black man we we know it’s possible but when we see mr organic do it it just hit on a different level so like every time i’m around this man it’s it’s like pure inspiration and greatness so yeah i appreciate them they didn’t

Rock up man though like and um so we both first video yeah yeah yeah from the first ones and we both followed that net blueprint and we embedded that into our work ethic and the understanding of keeping it real and and not worrying about everybody just getting our own support system and growing our real supporters what i’m saying and that’s why we’re here so make

Sure you hit them instagram link below you need your watch whatever hit them up be real exclusive now and they’re gonna cost you a pretty penny but it’s gonna look pretty as you can see look at that man you can’t get no cleaner you hear me link below my dog i’m out of here man time to go to the fourth giant i’m feeling real groovy on this one man i’m gonna

Have fun with this a little bit man come ride with the guard man garbage computer yeah showed you how to come up i ain’t really got to sit around yeah so we riding man leaving that gym feeling good man back in the swing that things are working out no shot to everybody out there working out taking their health seriously you know um health is well for real people

Always say that but it’s very important especially you know like i’m pushing that rule real um with that mental health too so make sure we stay on top of that staying positive staying clear-minded you know and keeping the unnecessary things out your real circumference of life super important man you know what i mean and also today is a legendary day for me um i

Told you guys i’ve been waiting for um those to go up and they actually went past all the way up to 17 cent man so i’m at a good number i want y’all to now that’s what i’m gonna do for you guys i’m gonna actually tell you my number my average cost on my doge right now that i um worked on to get to because it was it was kind of high like i told you guys earlier i

Sold it when it got to the 76 cents then i bought back in what i’m saying when it dipped but when i bought it at the dip it was kind of high so i had the average cost down i had to pay a whole lot of money to average cash down to where i’m at right now it was just a pretty good number that ain’t the best number but i take it from now because actually i’m all the

Way uh down where i need to be so what happened was i got it down to 50. no no i said let me look it’s on my thing right 16 cents yup so 16 cent is where i’m at right now on my dose man so i’m being a little bit more you know translucent in one mile turn left onto a match 16 and it’s about it was at 17 earlier so now it’s about at 16 cent now right 16 5 and i’m

Gonna show you my number and i’m i’m being so transparent with you guys today man that’s not crazy hold on what does this they turn left got all straight okay i’m giving y’all the answer man like i i need to give you all this may help you out so i miss and i’m at 16 look at that y’all see how much i got in there give me awesome understanding so i got 152 000 in

There so there we go man y’all happy now god damn it no ah so but look at look at this though i’m giving y’all some real look at that in the past month i’m up sixty six thousand dollars that’s how much i you know i’m saying average costs down today alone i’m up twelve grand and that’s strictly doge right now um and overall i was up i was up like twelve thousand

Dollars earlier today now it’s only up like nothing really like three four hundred bucks but when it got to 17 cent i was up like dog that was up like twelve thousand dollars it’s like every penny every cent it go up i go up another 12 like 11 12 000 which is crazy dog so that’s what i’m saying average costing down and getting your average costs down helps you

Because once you put all that money in there to get your average costs down once your average get down and once you start going up you got so much money you put down there now you got so many more coins so when it goes up you got so much more money that you get on your gains so of course you got to have a lot of money like come on bro i just sold you 150 dollars

Sitting there on doors doge so that’s a lot of money you know what i’m saying so you gotta have a big bag to do that but so every so y’all gotta know every 16 cent i’m a double 150 000 so y’all keep that track of me and i want y’all to help me keep track because that’s what i need y’all to do cause it’s gonna be difficult for me so every 16 cent i’m up 150 000. so i

Want to make it to a dollar and i’m saying i get that if i get to 48 cent i triple the money so you know what i’m saying if i get the 20 was that 32 cent that doubles that’s 150 i get the 48 cent boom that’s 300 000 profit so and i’ve seen it there before you know i’m saying well just 33 not too long ago so my job is to hold it at least to 50 cent but i want to

Go to dollar so you guys comment below should i hold it all the way to a dollar or do i want to get the 50 cent take my profits and leave or comment below let me know what y’all should do with the profits i don’t it’s difficult because we want our money and i’m saying i want my money you know but i want the big money like that little one like i’m saying that tell

You the truth like 150 000 ain’t no money to me like i need more than that so i want to type let it you know what i’m saying but it’s like i mean it’s still profits and it’d be going up and down so much you don’t want to risk losing anything you know but um i don’t know guys so you comment below let me know should i just take it damn this crazy this gym is right

Around the corner from forgiato which is dope as how did this happen i had to go to forgiato today right and um i was like i’mma work out first i know it’s gonna be i know it’s gonna be closer um the gym gonna be closer to um forgialo than my house and it’s literally two blocks off the road what in the how crazy is that dog my powers is crazy but anyway guys

I need your help tell me to hold to a dollar or you say 50 cent take that profit you know what i’m saying we get to a dollar we practically almost running out of with a million you know what i’m saying that we practice m and i’m saying but we go to 50 50 cent basically we riding out with you know i’m saying three four hundred thousand three three hundred three fifty

Profit you know what i’m saying but i’m definitely not giving it up at the double that 150 ain’t gonna be enough for me it’s minimum of the triple it’s minimum triple up minimum gotta triple up you know what i’m saying so y’all comment below and let me know and and actually keep track of tr keep track for me and help me out to get there i’m thinking i think it’d

Be a win for all of us at least 50 cent if we got the balls we got diamond sack to hold all the way to a dollar then we we golden but i think you know the 50 cent is good but yeah we all the way back in profit guys we climb from the bottom 16 is my number finally telling you all that you know what i’m saying which is a cool number um but we back clean on that

And i’m holding you know man i’m holding i’m not going to take my profits like i did so fast on the ethereum classic could have stupid bands but uh we’re gonna hold and wait this one so anyway i’m pulling up the fourth gear right now but guys i’m saying i’m just trying to grow with you guys and actually teach y’all you know what i’m doing so we sitting good right

Let me check the game before i pull up in the 40s let me check it real quick 17 today that i was up like oh see now it’s one look at look at just 116 and now i’m up i’m up a thousand dollars now i’m up a thousand dollars already i’m saying i’m up a thousand dollars and um 13 000 for the day i mean so this is crazy man i’ma let it sit man shout out to elon musk

It’s because elon musk he just saw i mean he just bought nine percent of twitter i think he put like six billion up it’s three billion i don’t know some billion up about nine percent of twitter you know he does crazy so he helped out us a lot so man it could go to a dollar go two dollars go ten dollars i don’t know no one knows man no one knows man and what if i

Just hold what if i put more money in whatever because they go i anytime it’s going to my number going to six it goes if it dropped down to 11 cent 10 cent i’m putting more money in i don’t care i’m putting more money in i ain’t scared i’m too far in not too i’m gonna put more money in it go that low you know what i’m saying so but all right man we pulling up for

Giado yes sir i’m saying that my dog gary you know man and we’re gonna see these four jeez oh have no fear we’re here for jiatu what i’m saying ain’t that crazy this journey started about three years ago we pulled up just like that right exactly ain’t that crazy though me and slim hopping out three years ago didn’t know where the hell was that and the hellcat now

I come and god damn rolls royce dons and rapes and lambos and every day two years later i don’t think nobody ever drastically made that come up like that you know i’m saying you just see a lot of legendary people gary you know you gotta give me props i’m one of them huh but um yeah man they got my 4g done man the best in the business nobody better than fortunato

They ain’t been close it ain’t no competition i don’t think no even i don’t think no even other uh wheels exist you know what i’m saying so my guy’s gonna show you these new wheels yeah i’m saying we’re gonna go top level you know what i’m saying shout out to omar’s you know i mean it’s a top level understanding here so we’re going to see these four of these three

Of them mr oregon come on man my guy got my name speculated i love it got my name spelled right and all that let me see these dreams come on man nobody better for you i don’t man let me take the pennies off you know what i’m saying she’s trying to be extra baby stop it b24 and this one with the lip like hd got let me see because these are the fronts listen

Man i got the tails that’s my dog norm and the owner that’s the name after his son and then when i first pulled up here my dog ac had the coldest don i ever seen with the with the with the gray and that blue interior with the blue top and all that so i was like damn i’ll get me a get me a dime man i’ma do it like my dog ac and i had to get the rims he had but just

In my color so i did that bro that was great man everything’s possible like i don’t think y’all fully understand how possible everything is really possible you know what i’m saying like this is crazy man if you want to order the same mr organic editions hit that up right there man 20 folds they’re deep dishes oh yeah that’s that’s the backbone right yes sir that’s

The bush that’s the one i gotta take out there and size it up oh man i gotta take the roof off and all that open it up show them look looking red that’s the one guys now let me take these organic for real man i’m him to done dollar dog ain’t no come on man shout out to everybody in the world matter of fact y’all could do this too man they ain’t know can’t

Nobody do it like me everybody can do it like me i represent everybody if i can do it you can do it that’s what mr organic represent man hold this down for me brother oh yeah still smell the paint on that thing man there you go she’s still holding on all right let’s take this drum this one lighter than that uh the eco is a lot heavier they got a lot more material

Yeah that joint heavy this one is easier yeah come on three of them real barbarian huh yeah mr organic with four giant you can’t do it bigger and better i’ll try to warn you guys if you want some rims you got to go to forgiato you got to do it like mr organ you see that deep dish on that thing you see that flow now yeah what the f stand for ferocious 4g i tools

And this is the rolls-royce dime by the way man this ain’t the regular smegler move there’s a dawn let me put this one on my foot man how that’s gonna look on that dawn baby yeah i can’t wait okay i know i got to the top now i’m gonna take it down in one second man you know what i’m saying i just gotta watch i wanna mess up the goddamn windows but we’re gonna

Show you all some understanding by a couple of seconds man three of them to god we out the life i’m living thank god not normal the cars that i drive the crib i live not know the thoughts that i had as a kid not normal the money that i generate forever immortal the finances divided in blockchain portal nfts and cryptos no mere mortals all my currency reproduced

My money fertile can’t none stop me i jump baby hello how are we doing we ain’t got no we ain’t got no donuts today come on it was that one time one that’s the one time one time where the guy is that what is she in the mouth just had a good workout i drunk a protein shake but um i also got this too a little snacky snack i don’t know what it is but look good

Damn look at the gum oh i’m gonna drop my snack man look good what’s up bro ghost man i mean they’re done right there yeah i’m like i’m gonna work out before i come to the um before i don’t quit pump yeah i’m like i know it’s gonna be closer than where i’m at yeah two blocks away yeah what the i was like how are you getting the west state’s closer here

In melbourne right mm-hmm yeah yeah i mean i’m in malibu but um i started with the santa monica one though now really that joint right there on santa monica drive really you work out see the ocean and all you gotta check it out so i do both when i’m out here i go there sweetie switch the whip different drive come on man we’re gonna live life you know you can’t do

This twice like i love man what about here man got my fruit world what y’all want mom for y’all though dogecoin going up we’re gonna do at least a half a meal in those minimum i don’t know got about a million in doge i’ve seen it i finally showed y’all a little bit of my portfolio i remember that’s just my robin hood portfolio i got a coinbase wallet with

Something there also got a coinbase app i got something we focus on the robin hood for right now you know what i’m saying we gonna get at least thousand on that month ago so comment below and tell me 50 cent or a dollar other than that we ain’t selling we held it we ain’t selling we held it huh what about her look how dusty this i need a is this is got water

For me mom never missed organ roast on the plant they’ve been recording the whole time in here too by the way oh my bad i got two dolls saying they’re like a man i’m going bo i go in both holes man back door in front though what’s wrong with you but i’m about here man keep it organic from the seat believe me yourself i can believe in god live your life you

Can’t do this twice poor giado’s looking like count three up man count three of them driving this around man keep it pure keep it positive if i’m out here mr organic boom b-rope showed you how to come up i really gotta sit around and prove yeah rolls royce down flows looking like a crew from the sea now you gotta get your own fruit god yeah see my wrists

Don’t freeze yeah see my wrists don’t freeze see my neck gonna freeze yeah see my neck gonna freeze yeah you ain’t getting at least though you ain’t getting none of these yeah pocket filled with g’s yeah yeah yeah yeah i ain’t talking about gucci

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