Playing With The *NEW* Nissan Z In Rocket League (Its Actually Good)

Playing With The *NEW* Nissan Z In Rocket League!

Hello everyone welcome back to another video today we’re doing another rocket league gameplay video except this time instead of playing with my main octane preset i’m going to be using the brand new nissan z to determine whether or not you should buy this car or not so basically just going to go straight into comp ones if i win the game it’s worth buying if i don’t

Win the game it’s not worth buying it’s as simple as that before we get into it though i do want to remind you guys we are less than 400 subscribers away from 40 000 subscribers and when we hit it i’m giving away 40 000 credits in rocket league and a titanium white octane all you got to do to enter into that giveaway is subscribe to the channel and comment down

Below super simple super easy but let’s do this baby we are playing with this for the very first time i have not used this car in a full game i’ve used it for about 20 seconds in the first video that i did with this car and that’s about it uh so i want to like you know get a feel for it determine whether or not it’s a good car uh oh we almost faked them that

Was good all right what you doing there bud all right oh he faked it he faked the save i guess so far so good feels nice uh we’re only 24 seconds in but you know yeah there we go perfect booyah dude that white hades bomb is so clean you guys didn’t see the season two clip of me getting that white hades bomb you gotta check it out i got three black markets in

A row like i don’t know how my luck was so good back then because now it’s just awful i got freaking five very rares in a row from all star cups instead of three black markets from three all-star cups in season two oh no oh that hurt oh that really hurt oh god don’t do it please i’m innocent oh i almost killed him oh he was so close to dying there all right

What you’re doing bud what you’re doing i’m getting boost you cannot play with it oh do it do it you almost did it all right watch this he’s gonna come to me right and then we’re just gonna oh that was not the 50 i wanted okay okay bacon oh he’s not going ah i really thought he was gonna go sooner we pinch that and it goes straight in oh close oh my he almost

Killed us he was trying to kill us what a jerk don’t do it oh yeah that feels good i mean solid gameplay so far with the nissan z you know um not trying to make it weird or anything hey his name is these what these day darks is these darks all right uh oh don’t kill me okay listen i can explain like so when it rolled up the wall here uh it came off the wall

And then it came back onto the wall and i wasn’t expecting that my bad that was my bad i’ll admit it you know gotta be able to admit your mistakes in this game uh that’s my bad all right ah we’re gonna get this boost and then we’re just gonna bang it come on die die oh okay all right all right all right we’re chilling yeah look at that oh the z baby the power

Of the z let’s go you guys are buying this thing okay you’re going straight to the item shop you’re using code coral coke and you’re picking this bad boy up so you can win every game just like me because i never lose ever okay all right we’re gonna kill him why not oh i don’t know why i’m grunting so much i’m sorry if grunting makes you uncomfortable i just

Get really into this game especially when i record all right should we should we push that like stupid idiot yeah let’s do it all right i like it should we kill him let’s kill him oh all right we’re just playing with him at this point we gotta go get boost be professional coral jesus um let me know if you guys want to see more gameplay videos from me i’m happy

To do more gameplay videos i just usually prefer doing openings because it’s less stress for me no i don’t i never get stressed out in this game playing it no no no no oh what i saved that bro i saved it did he shove it in after i saved it save that’s oh that’s why i waited so long to avoid him from dunking me okay well we’re fine we’re up by two with a minute

And a half left what’s the worst that could happen we’re gonna go back into this corner and get boost he’s gonna have possession of the ball and i’m going to backflip oh my god oh my god i have zero boost i can’t believe that he didn’t score when i backflip there when i backflip i saw my whole life flash before my eyes honest to god okay going back please

Please don’t do anything fancy don’t think thank you simple simple plays that’s what i like to see you know we’re going for kill can’t save it if you’re dead buddy boy huh oh i’m just playing with him i’m telling you this is like my strategy right now oh god don’t do it come on i gotta get people to buy this bundle and i can’t do that if i lose okay all right

All right all right zero boost your boost don’t panic go back don’t panic go bang go bang bang bang bang bang he tapped me i didn’t give consent okay nice do it do it let’s i was inside the ball dude i was was inside of it let me see this oh what a stuff well ladies and gentlemen there you have it winner by forfeit is mr coral koch the season four grand

Champion himself i’m using season four because four is my favorite number and stranger things season four is out and uh you know gotta represent stranger things but uh there you go thank you guys so much for watching hope you enjoyed this quick little gameplay video you all should be going to the item shop right now to buy this car because yeah this car is the

Greatest car in the game and that’s why i’m going to use it all of the next two minutes and then i’m going to switch back to my main preset uh and not even two minutes i’m going to switch right now because uh octane for life but i’ll see you guys the next one peace you

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