Plug-in Hybrid, Hybrid or pure Electric – which IONIQ is right for you?

Choosing a car can be a bit of a minefield, but @Electrifying are here to clear the air and help you make the right choice for you and the way you drive. So they’ll show you how to choose between a BEV, a PHEV and an HEV using different versions of the Hyundai IONIQ range.

Choosing a new car can be quite confusing you know you’ve got to think about price practicality insurance and that’s before you even get started on things like what color you want what kind of trim or wheels you’re going to go for i know i always find there’s a really difficult balance choosing what you want to what you actually need and in the world of electrified

Vehicles there are even more variables to consider most of which sound like they wouldn’t be allowed in a decent game of scrabble so how do you choose between a hev a bev and a fever now if what ginny’s saying sounds rather confusing don’t panic because we are here to clear the air and help you make the right decision when it comes to choosing a car but let’s

Start with the basics so first of all we just need to figure out what it’s all about that’s kind of a big question jenny i’m talking about electrified cars obviously and obviously these three hyundai ionics now they look identical from the outside but they actually have three different forms of motivation so how can we tell the difference i just look at the

Badges apart from by the badges and they’re different colors apart from the color as well they’re all different let’s start with an hev or hev otherwise known as a hybrid electric vehicle that means it has a traditional petrol engine an electric motor and a small battery pack which work together when you press the brakes to slow down the energy is recovered by

Turning the motor into a little generator which tops up the battery then the power is used by an electric motor to boost the petrol engine and you don’t ever have to plug it in the car becomes more efficient especially in town because basically you’re not wasting as much energy now a good hybrid will generally use about 20 less fuel than a traditional internal

Combustion engine but it’s also worth remembering that a hybrid isn’t an electric car in the traditional sense it’s more of an extra efficient petrol or diesel this on the other hand is a fever or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle it has a larger battery than you’ll find in tom’s car and it can be plugged into the grid to charge the battery that substitutes

Some of your fuel mileage for electric running which makes it cheaper to run since electricity is cheaper than petrol or diesel in this case it means that you can run on pure electric for 32 miles now most of us drive less than 20 miles a day so that means you can do the bulk of your journeys in full electric mode and if you’re doing longer trips and the car

Automatically switches to its petrol engine okay my turn onto a bev also known as a battery electric vehicle so just like this ionic it doesn’t have a traditional engine at all instead it has a big battery pack with an electric motor so you never fill up with fuel instead you plug it into a charging point at home or use a public charger it also produces low

Localized emissions i.e nothing comes out of the tailpipe it is almost silent and if you charge it up at home it’s also as cheap as chips to run the hyundai ioniq will do about 36 miles on a single pounds worth of electricity which is about the quarter of a cost of running a petrol or a diesel engine sounds like we should all just go out and buy pure electric

Cars then right except it’s not that simple it never is because there are pros and cons with every style of dry frame i’ll start a hybrid is basically exactly what you’re used to except a little bit more efficient you use it exactly like a petrol or diesel car you can fill it up at a normal petrol station and you never have to worry about charging or range

Anxiety a hybrid will always be less efficient than a fev or a bev but a hybrid is also cheaper to buy so you have to do some math to figure out what works for the way you use your car lots of long journeys to towns across the country then a hybrid might work for you but i think the normal hybrids are starting to look a little bit old-school these days a

Fav is more expensive than a straight-out hybrid but it can run for much greater distances on electric power only and if you’re a business user then a plug-in hybrid can attract some serious benefit and kind advantages it’s also as convenient as a hybrid because if you can’t charge all you’re doing longer journeys just uses the engine in a lot of ways it’s the

Best of both worlds but is it the best well besides all the environmental benefits a pure electric car is better for you it’s quiet it’s calm it’s quick yes charging takes longer than going to a petrol station but if you’ve got home charging then you wake up every morning to a full tank of charge think of it like putting your mobile phone on charge before you

Go to bed and then you wake up and you don’t have the stress of worrying about it on your commute to work and pure electric gets all of the tax incentives you don’t pay congestion charges there’s no road tax there’s a government grant to help with the initial cost and company car drivers will pay almost nothing in tax which could save you thousands every year

The problem with electric though nikki is if you smash it up and down a motorway for any length of time your range drops dramatically true pure evs are more efficient in town and short hop driving even with a possible 194 mile range you will be stopping more than a hybrid or plug-in hybrid and stopping for longer and nikki they do cost a lot more to buy than

A straightforward hybrid the prices are roughly similar to my plug-in hybrid okay at the moment yes that is one of the biggest issues with pure electric vehicles batteries are expensive so a pure electric car will usually cost more than the more traditional counterparts however most perhaps not all of it is clawed back with lower running costs depending of

Course on how you drive so the real issue here isn’t which version of the ionic powertrain is better than the other in terms of what it does or how it drives it’s about how you use your car you know exactly it’s horses for courses you’ve really got to think about with electrified cars what your lifestyle is like how you use a car in order to get the best out

Of it that’s it exactly you know i look at my driving style i live in london so for me i think electric is the right choice i won’t have to pay for things like congestion charge and if i look at the whole cost of the car over the lifespan then it’s definitely going to be cheaper for me than driving any engine car here he is that is worth remembering when doing

Your sums but there is one thing you’ve forgotten that hybrid costs way less than your ev which would leave me with a massive budget for fuel in fact that thing actually does 625 miles to a tank and it also manages 62.8 miles to the gallon okay but can i just bring up the whole point of the plug-in hybrid okay so you’ve got the range there when you need to do

Longer journeys if you’re doing a lot of motorway driving but if you have access to charging at home you also have the option of running on pure electric as well so you know see the problem with is i’m leaning towards agreeing with you could you repeat that well i just you know short journeys those little pops to town it’s all electric and then when you do the

Longer stuff which is obviously important to me it’s an engine that’s quite efficient a hybrid possibly still has a place if you’re banging it up and down a motorway but i think i’m leaning towards fev and ginny yeah but also let’s not forget charging is only going to get faster and more convenient there are loads more public charging stations popping up all

Over the country so i think overall for me it’s got to be electric you know what i think you’re convincing me particularly when i consider that these two the full battery electric and the plug-in hybrid are actually quite close in price and that does have an excellent range i’m going electric too that’s both wrong it’s the plug-in hybrid because you get best

Of both worlds i can’t win in this place just it’s not wrong or right it’s just what’s right for you you

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Plug-in Hybrid, Hybrid or pure Electric – which IONIQ is right for you? By Hyundai UK