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Polestar has very recently launched in Ireland, and we’ve been lucky enough to test drive their new Polestar 2. It’s a fully electric car with a range of up to 551km. It’s got a 78kWh batter which can charge from 10-80% in just 35 minutes. It’s available in all-wheel drive too, as well as with a performance pack which boosts it to 476bhp! It’s fun and agile to drive, has a respectable range and is very eye catching. Check out our full review Prices start at €51,135 including grants, however the press car we had on test was €74,000 as it has the long range dual motor as well as the performance pack. The performance pack includes 20” forged alloy wheels, Brembo brake callipers, some yellow seatbelts as well as a few other small bits. Polestar was what to Volvo, what AMG is to Mercedes-Benz. They have now gone out as a stand alone brand (like CUPRA), and will be focusing on making EVs. That said the platform the Polestar 2 is built on is the same as the Volvo XC40 Recharge – which is fantastic. We hope you enjoy our review, and thank you for watching.

Oh that does give a little pinch i still have an arm hello and welcome back to the dundee youtube channel i’m david rossi this is bob flavin and today we’re checking out the new pulse star 2 which is a new brand in ireland it is and it certainly looks well it looks very nordic right so it’s a very very vulva look and there’s a damn good reason why it looks like

A volvo because it’s based on the volvo they’re the same company they’re using the xc40 chassis and underpinnings to make this paul’s r2 but it’s still very unique still one of the prettiest of the cars available right now it really is and driving this for the last couple days it turns so many heads people trying to figure out what exactly is it and so if you’re

Watching at home polestar was once upon a time essentially what amg is to mercedes now they’ve gone out on their own and it’s basically now become their ev brand now obviously vulva are doing fully electric cars the xc40 is actually one of my favorite fully electric cars i think it’s brilliant so a great starting place for the pulse r2 it’s an amazingly big car

On the inside and out now but it just it’s something entirely different your brain changes when you get into it because it’s totally different very seldom here there’s not a whole lot going on there it’s very dark in there very quiet very minimalistic yeah it is it’s a positive it’s very modern it reminds me of a cool swedish home now in this review we’re gonna

Be checking it out talking about the different models that you can get because there’s all sorts of different electric motors range power and also we’re talking about prices but quickly on the price point they start at about 51 000 euros which is great now that includes your grant and everything so i suppose they start 5000 or more than that but then you can

Spec it quite substantially off this one it’s the long-range dual motor it’s got the performance pack which bumps the brake horsepower up to over 460 horsepower and this has a starting price of about or not starting price this is an on-the-road price of 74 000 euros but i actually think you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck try and find a petrol-powered

Car with that much horsepower for that money yeah that also will go 400 kilometers yeah yeah anyway this is the donedeal youtube channel and today we’re reviewing the post r2 so there are a couple different variants there’s single motor versions which have a range of high 400s then there’s the long range version which goes into the mid 500s and then there’s

The dual motor in terms of battery size tough one to figure out bob what sort of battery size is it it has a 78 kilowatt hour battery and what about the size of the electric motor the moon motors 300 kilowatt handy that they put that on the side it’s handy that it’s written there yeah remind me a little bit of a courtesy card though like this car is supplied to

You by pull start but that said it is perfect as well charging time is great you can go from 10 to 80 in about 35 minutes so pretty quick and then at home you just charge up overnight ideally i actually like to avail of the night race bob not so much and not so much on the night right now i prefer the uh just having a straight up day race for the 24 hours the

Boot actually quite spacious i really like the huge amount of storage in here you don’t get a spare wheel though that’s a lot of the ways with new cars seats do fall down it’s swedish so yes there is a ski hatch which is very handy very important also has this little thing in the middle which is sort of a barrier between the two so you get hooks on it elastic

Bands to strap things down with it’s kind of a clever yoke i haven’t seen that in other any other cars it is it’s obviously this is the thing about scandinavian countries they’re very practical i think our key is a good example pulse star is a good example volvo has something very similar as well that works really really well i just like the hooks and things it’s

All very secure locks up as well we’ll have to test the boot though close us oh yeah completely forgot we got again this is where my uh some sort of hairless is going to finish man putting it i’ll be putting my hand up here but let’s see what happens there oh that does give a little pinch though small pinch i’m getting confidence it’s got it’s got quite an edge

To it that there but it does stop so that’s okay not going to kill anyone i still have an arm so back in the pollstar and the first thing is really noticeable is the doors are actually quite small but there’s a really solid toad off that door and the whole car feels pure solid inside you do get heated seats in the rear of this and a 12 volt socket back here

No usb ports oh sorry there are two usb ports but it looks like a 12 volt socket thing and two air vents back here as well no way controlling the temperature little nets on the back of the seats and the parents the back and seats are plastic that means when the kid puts a foot in there you won’t be pressed into the back very nice i love the orange seat belts i

Don’t know if it lifts the collar enough in here because it is actually quite a dark uh area to sit in without that glass up here it’ll be very dark so the interior well to begin with i love how minimalistic it is in here it is very volvo in particular this steering wheel the heads-up display again quite like a volvo board whilst there’s not a huge amount of

Adjustability i do like that the maps are there and you can see obviously your range how much battery percentage you have the infotainment system brilliant really really like it and as an apple user as an avid apple user it pains me to say i do think it’s probably one of the best ones i’ve used in a while google maps is inbuilt it connects up very very well my

Only bone to pick with it is that it’s not wireless apple carplay only android auto so i need a wire if i want to connect my phone up to it but as a whole really really good then when it comes to being out on the road the driving position’s glorious right now despite it being quite sunny it’s a little bit chilly of the heated seat and the heated steering wheel on

But i want to show you when you click this driver icon here you’ve so much maneuverability and adjustability it’s incredible so to begin with i can play around with the steering feel and that makes a big difference i personally just like it on standard but then it’s more down the bottom here so you’ve got the one pedal driving now i’ve got that on standard which

Is full blown so when i take my foot off the accelerator look at that from 60 kilometers per hour to nothing very very quickly it’s really really good it’s also better for your efficiency but it’s really easy just driving with one pedal and then it has what on another car would be called auto hold it calls it creep and which is kind of just a cool quirky name

And i think that’s a little bit of the theme of this car so that is all the things with this car as a stand-alone pulse r2 now this particular one well it’s a little bit more than that because it’s not only the dual motor long range but it’s also got the performance pack and what that means is instead of 408 horsepower in the regular dual motor version this

Has 476 and that is quite a lot more it is blisteringly quick and this car weighs over two ton and as i drive it around now on these glorious irish country roads it feels like it weighs 1200 kilos it’s so light it’s so nimble and it is outrageously quick like phenomenally quick very recently i drove the e-tron gt or s i spent a few days in it and that thing

Was hilariously fast and this is about half the price and about 70 or 80 percent as quick it’s so fast and it’s really really good the way the power is distributed to all four wheels it’s grippy it feels tight it’s just phenomenal so that performance pack it doesn’t only include a software update that gets you that more horsepower it doesn’t only include these

Trendy goals seat belts which actually brighten up the interior substantially it also gives you some brembo brake calipers which mean that whilst it accelerates quick it stops just as quick too and i have to say it’s amazing to drive do you need all this power probably not do you want it definitely but as a whole if we wind back the polestar 2 what’s it like

To drive well as a whole very very nice i really like the frameless mirrors visibility at the back isn’t great but there’s a fantastic 360 degree camera on it and it’s a nice size it’s not too big it’s a weird one in terms of height because it’s a car that’s built on an suv platform so it sits a little bit higher but it’s quite nice and as a whole i can really

See myself living with this day today the range over 400 kilometers that’s enough for me real world 400 i’m never gonna do more than that in a week realistically so that’s enough um so yeah as a whole to drive lovely and if you can afford to go for the performance pack one then definitely so there you have it that is the pole star ii overall brilliant question

For you bob would you go for this one with the performance pack the dual motors well what would you do i think you will never use the power in this country particularly that this car actually has it’s so fast it’s so quick you’ll get over that after a while and you just end up driving like a normal family car i would go for the entry-level rush of this i actually

Completely agree then you’re availing at the grant which means you’re just getting more value for your money now this is brilliant and if you have the money and you want one then by all means go for it but the base entry level one is fantastic as well and looks the same so you’re not really gonna you’re not gonna get different allies i mean the 20 inch forged alloy

Wheels do look great but you don’t need them another great thing about polstar so you’ve got your three-year servicing plan that comes with it but a big thing that i really like is you get lifetime over the air update so it’s kind of like your iphone or your samsung or your android in this case uh you just get updates and so that might be to do with some driving

Aids or whatever it might be the technology always improves and i quite like that and we know that some brands are talking about having a paid subscription for that or only lasting two years or one year you get one year of updates and you’ll pay for the rest of us yeah so a lifetime of that is a good good point to make now thank you so much for watching thank

You to bob for joining us today and we hope you’ve enjoyed the review if you are interested in going to test drive one then we’d suggest going down to your local dealer and getting to grips with it there because it does have to be something that you experience yourself with any electric car in particular and if you have any questions let us know in the comments

Below but for now thank you so much for watching you

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