Polestar 2 – FIRST look in 4K – interior and exterior | Geneva Auto Show 2019

Polestar 2 is Volvo’s separated brand focused on electric vehicles. After showing Polestar sedan, here is the 5 door space back version or just Polestar 2.

Hey guys welcome to a new look of the pulsar – this is the new electric car from volvo separated brand focus on all electric vehicles and a plug-in hybrid this is the fully electric vehicle with 500 kilometers range or maybe 300 miles something like that and it looks amazing only got a chance just to get into part two and to see this cockpit because there’s

A lot of lying to wait let’s see volvo elements of course let’s close the door have some privacy and we have this digital cockpit which is really nice there’s actually a demo mode here you have now android as an infotainment system first time in a car definitely this is the evolved of steering wheel really nice simple but the pole star star here and you have

This interesting fob here for the automatic drive of course this is an electric vehicle and just a few simple buttons with a few controls there’s a little rubber here maybe for ya usbc chargers you have your phone wireless charging on this spot so you have google maps navigation you have your charge here functions so trafficker commission speed limit warning

I’ve heard well those now thinking of limiting speed to the speed limits signs and you can turn on the originate the regen braking and control steering in some other options as well here you have like in a tesla like virtual car this screen is actually really really sharp when it comes to graphics and control your mirrors here exterior lights interior lights

I guess these features are not done yet maybe you have a 360 parking camera in the future this is just a demo and if i okay i press here yeah okay so you can have a probably a special person you can have here spotify i guess and play some music and that’s about it you have interesting mirrors i don’t think those are going to make an introduction the materials

Are fine soft i like the design the ambient lights are on the bottom as you can see here you have a lot of big storage and what i’ve heard this is a speaker behind this door is integrated really really really nice and you have a storage area here which is nice a bottle holder here and a little armrest with another bottle holder spacious and on the top you can

See a big pan on the top you have lights emergency calls basil interesting spot to a sea vents so you can open the front bonnet over here the trunk space and you can turn on the lights of the ambience here’s a little demonstration of the speakers so really beautiful and you can see some vulva elements but really really nice this gentleman is gonna enter here

Now so i’m gonna check the backspace while i was sitting on the front had enough room so if i sit on the back there’s also a speaker on the back this exactly controls for the heating you get holders you then you can also change to the eccentric but then when you fullscreen again super clean to understand and the way the google assistant works because this is

An android embedded right let’s go top you can see this little detail like google systems you get google maps takes all the data do you have any function on that where you say hey paul star and then the pole star goes into your own data no we didn’t want to do that we wanted to keep this it was like this no i didn’t recruit but any people don’t have what’s

Happened okay so some interesting background story over there so it’s not gonna be polite and he’s rough so this is the back i don’t think you can open the boot from the from the rear without remote or a button because i don’t think there is any buttons or on the bottom actually no wrong there is on the bottom so let’s just open this trunk to show you the space

Actually it is large it is large there’s a lot of storage area in here almost a flat bottom and have this volvo areas to separate luggage on the back you do have a seats knockin now for you 60 would a school whole first keys and of course you have a massive storage area in the bottom considering this is an electric car that is a lot and of course a lot of space

Over here as well talking about the design polestar has already a pulsar one in the sedan version i believe i’m not mistaking i’m really new with this and i must say i really love this design it is volvo with a pole star it’s different but with a volvo the future is you know when they volvo touch and i just love this it’s like a copay and a little bit uplifted

Actually it looks like a big sedan but it’s not just amazing and the features inside are the really interesting part these two gentlemen’s are talking about there’s a lot of android and a lot of google features inside of this car so apple fans are not going to like that but the google fans are definitely going to be interested in getting this car of course you

Can see brembo brakes here these can break and recharge the car recuperate that energy not to let it go to waste and another look at the front you can see that black roof is seamlessly integrated in this black in white contrast led lights also volvo looking like but again different you have led fog lights on the bottom and this simple design there’s a radar

There’s a camera on the front fisheye 360 lens not sure if i saw one actually i can see one on the side mirror and there’s a lot of air intake for cooling and there is a trunk space here as well kind of small just for your cables the toolkit there there’s a left area if you need to change the wheel in emergency so guys i was waiting here huh a lot there’s a

Black model just to show it to you while the doors are closed and of course they’re open now it looks really sleek i actually looks like something from the future really amazed with a pulsar but getting something from the future and then something in the present it’s like living in the future i’m just joking a little bit but the car is so nice beautiful and i

Just wanted to show you the spec which is on the floor so if we turn here you can see that the spec it’s kind of similar to the one at the tesla model 3 so we have two electric motors front and the rear axle so two all-wheel drive you have power of 300 kilowatts probably battery pack that is equivalent to four hundred and eight horsepower 660 newton meters of

Torque range is 500 kilometers or 275 miles almost 300 miles similar to tesla model 3 okay so battery pack is 78 kilowatts made a mistake so this is the power of torque and 0 200 kilometers or 62 miles per hour is 4.7 seconds and tire sizes are actually 19-inch probably on the front and 20 on the back or the rear performance package dampeners brembo 4-piston

Calipers on the front and 20 forged we 20-inch 40 forged wheels and this is the front looks of it you have also a camera for the traffic probably on the front just beautiful design simple and elegant i think a lot of people are going to love this car and it’s going to be a tesla steeler i’m gonna call it like that because a lot of people in the that are into

Electric cars especially a lot of tesla fans hate when you say it’s a tesla killer they say you know it’s not a desktop healer it’s not killing the electric cars it’s killing the combustion engine cars so it’s a daesil stealer it’s definitely going to steal some customers from tesla because this is just beautiful in amazing design i think a lot of people are

Just going to love this i’ll just show you this full star says pixel technology so there’s led lights baby matrix i’m not sure to be honest cure but definitely amazing car guys i want to hear your opinions about all-star tools i was patient enough to get a chance for you to see exclusive so give this video a like leave a comment below what do you think about

It is it a tesla stealer would you get a pole star instead of a tesla and but the prices the price is gonna be sixty thousand years these are the premium packages there’s gonna be lower packages about about i think i’m not mistaking about forty thousand euros less so it’s gonna be interesting in the developed countries with you know government supports for the

Electric cars and yeah tell me in the comments below what you think would you get one instead of a tesla and subscribe to the channel of course i mean the geneva there’s a lot of car reviews i’ve been doing today so make sure to subscribe to the channel i’m gonna see him the next time stay safe on the road as always and bye

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Polestar 2 – FIRST look in 4K – interior and exterior | Geneva Auto Show 2019 By Josip Ricov