Pulstar 2 is a good car for buy yes for these reasons i’ll explain to you why greater range and power available for long range dual engine models improved heat pump air conditioning and infotainment systems newly available ventilated front seats number one greater range and power available for long range dual engine models the pulstar 2 debuted in the 2021 model

Year and the 2023 model benefits from numerous updates the long range dual motor version gains 11 miles of driving distance on a full battery now offering an epa estimated 260 miles between visits to a charging station get the optional performance pack and this version of the car now adds 68 horsepower and 15 lbft of torque for an impressive total of 476 horsepower

And 502 lbft this is the opinion of a person who just purchased the poster too if you want more opinions on the genre into this forum link in description range the single motor is definitely more efficient than the dual motor my daily commune is about 50 50 between highway and local i get about 22 26 kilowatt hour slash 100 miles with the single engine and 29 33

Kilowatt hour slash 100 miles for the dual engine the sales rep recommends the coastline on the highway and the opd on the high traffic location which is what i’m doing to achieve the above energy consumption what is real life reach many factors inside and outside the car can positively or negatively impact its actual range these factors change under different

Circumstances which means that the real world range of each individual electric car will change as well also since you rarely drive from 100 on a completely empty battery the actual range seems to be less than the wltp range the following measures will have a positive impact on your real life decrease your average speed remove heavy items from the trunk pre-cool

Or pre-heat the car while charging check that the tyres are properly inflated and use the full capacity of your battery charging along the way also helps increase your range the google maps service on your polestar 2 can help you find charging stations along your route number two improved heat pump climate control and infotainment systems there are some perks

To this android based infotainment like wireless updates and google maps based navigation it’s all simple and works more like a smartphone than most other systems there’s not much to do right now but it has the ability to add apps from the google play store apple carplay is standard not released yet although android auto is not available some android apps will

Be available for download there are four usbc ports and a wireless charger available voice controls work well another benefit of android software in addition to entering an address or adjusting the climate control you can ask the weather or have the car tell you a joke the harman slash cardin audio system was fine though nothing exceptional for an upgraded system

Decent volume the pulstar 2 is available with a full suite of driver aids which is no surprise for a company that was spun off from volvo a company known for its safety there are some standard features like collision avoidance and lane departure warning although some more advanced systems like adaptive cruise control are tied to certain packages number three newly

Available ventilated front seats how comfortable is two comfort is one of the polestar two strengths the ride is compliant without being overly soft and better than some of the stiff-legged teslas we’ve tested polestar has done an excellent job of keeping it comfortable while also making it relatively attractive to drive it’s quiet too with only a slight amount of

Wind and road noise we like the booster seats although we would like the available nepal leather to be ventilated and heated all polstar 2 models come standard with dual zone automatic climate control and our test vehicle was equipped with heated front and rear seats the climate control system works quickly although some might not like that the controls are fully

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