POLESTAR 2 mi ha stregato TESLA ADDIO

Io come sapete ho una tesla model 3 performance e fino ad ora ho ammesso che è anni luce avanti rispetto alla concorrenza … fino ad oggi … Polestar 2 fa veramente una bella figura ! guarda la mia recensione e capirai il perchè ! ah ps. Polestar è un marchio Volvo, quindi non sono gli ultimi arrivati … Sicurezza , prestazioni , batteria, prezzo … tutto è veramente curato al dettaglio ! Complimenti Polestar !

This car has a lot of lovers and a lot of haters, and polestar worked a lot on it the motors generates up to +400hp and +600nm of torque, the battery is up to 78kwh and the wltp range is 540km there are a lot of versions, from 64 to 78kwh single or dual motor polestar 2 is 4,6m long, 1,8m large and 1,47m tall, the performance version is just 5mm lower compared to similar cars

This is higher and more comfortable in the trunk you can fit 440 liters, and the shape of it it’s good there are a lot of cool design features, like the front, the headlights are amazing and looks perfectly integrated in the shape of the car the rear view mirrors are frameless, i’ve never seen these on other cars! the side view has a line that gets all the air and makes

The car more efficient, on the back you notice the long taillight with 288 led’s that changes brightness based on the outside lightning inside the seats feel very comfortable and the design is ok also here the infotainment system is powered by android automotive, this is the first car that has this system with the complete installation this car looks to be maded for me,

I’m very comfortable, btw, the gear selector is very small and cool on the central tunnel, i tought that the vertical screen would have been less usefull than the normal one, but it’s not tha cockpit screen is also very cool, the quality is high and there are all the informations that you want the steering wheel is very direct and the accelerator is resposive, the handling

Is good, also the brakes are good this is the performance version with +600nm of torque, i think that the peak is 1.000nm, i onw a model 3 performance and this one is way similar i tested it for 1,5 hours and the range seem to not be too low, probably i’d average 450km of range in an average situation maybe 400km on the highway, i would be very happy to do more tests on

This car i’m now heading somewhere with hairpins to see how it handles in that situations very good, the handling is ok and also the turning radious is good, the performances are very good and i love this sound i was wrong, the turning radious is perfect, btw, the dimensions are very european! not huge at all, good and easy to drive the prices goes from 45.000 to 60.000€,

The version with more range is the 78kwh with single motor on the back this version is the performance one, it has a 78kwh battery pack with two motors, more direct steering wheel, stiffer suspensions, and that’s what i just noticed, i hope that in the future i’ll be able to test it more the infotainment system get a lot of software updates, and it’s already very good, not bad at all!

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