Polestar 2 – pilot package.

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Welcome back zona bros or welcome if this is your first time stopping by uh today i want to quickly go over uh the pilot package and what it has to offer the pilot package comes with a whole host of features including adaptive radar cruise control pilot assist pixel led headlights which are not enabled in the us yet but it should be coming soon it has lane keep

And lane departure which is not the same as pilot assist we’ll get into that a little bit later it has rear cross traffic alert with collision mitigation and then it also has a collision mitigation while reversing it has automatic braking while reversing and then another really helpful feature is the auto dimming side view mirrors as well as auto dimming rear view

Mirror but that’s standard so let’s start by talking about the radar cruise control um i think it’s great it’s very smooth it um it almost resembles uh human driving it doesn’t have any it doesn’t like break abruptly it’s very smooth to accelerate and decelerate as long as there’s no car that moves in like if a car cuts you off obviously it’s gonna hit the brake

Really hard but if you’re just approaching traffic it’s not going to hit the brake you won’t even be the braking is imperceptible this is very different than the toyota system which you can feel the car breaking even if you’re really far away for some reason the car doesn’t switch from accelerating to coasting and then braking it just goes from accelerating to

Braking which uh like you you’ll feel the car move um that’s not the case with the pulse star it’s super smooth and it gives the car a more luxurious driving feel now this also applies when you’re changing lanes let’s say you have your cruise control set to 75 and the car in front of you is going 65 or 60. uh the pulsar will slow down but as soon as you signal

To change lanes it’ll check to make sure there’s no one in the lane next to you and it’ll start accelerating before you start uh it’ll start accelerating as you’re changing lanes again like i’ll keep using the toyota as a reference just because that’s the only system that i’m used to what the toyota would do is it would wait for you to completely switch lanes

And then accelerate i think the newer toyota systems do accelerate as you’re changing lanes but i i haven’t used it so i won’t be able to tell you how how comfortable it is not only does the car accelerate when you’re changing lanes it will also decelerate for you if you’re changing into a lane with more traffic what it’s not so good at is if the car in front

Of you comes to a full stop for some reason the pull start takes a really long time to start hitting the brake so it’s usually an abrupt stop and it’s not very safe to stop that way because the person behind you might not realize you’re coming to a full stop and you’ll get re-rented next i want to talk about the pilot assist feature this feature is also extremely

Useful um i was skeptical before getting the car i didn’t think it’s a feature i’d use very much but i had to get it just because uh like just because of what was available on the lot and it’s it handles amazing on the freeway it doesn’t do so well in the city i think that’s just because of the consistency of lines and in the city if there’s a turn the uh one

Side like the line will be broken and that just confuses the car but um on the highway there’s no issues with it it’s centered most of the time but then there are times where it likes to hug the right lane and then if you’re not paying attention sometimes it will exit the lane um the lane departure will start beeping or it’ll start it’ll turn orange on the dash

And then your steering wheel will vibrate but for some reason the car won’t pull you back in which is a little odd hopefully that gets fixed in future updates but that’s just how it is right now keep in mind that this is not a full autonomous driving you still have to pay attention you have to keep your hands on the wheel um there are times where it’ll be just

Doing random like swerving for no reason um even on the highway so yeah just pay attention if you do have to let go you can keep your hands off for about seven seconds before the steering wheel like the steering wheel icon and the dash turns orange telling you to put your hands back on and if you choose not to after 20 seconds it’ll start beeping at you and

The steering wheel icon will turn red and then if you wait longer eventually the car will start applying the brake just to wake you up if you’re falling asleep just to get your attention and if you still don’t do anything then it’ll come to a full it’ll come to a complete stop in the middle of the freeway or wherever you’re driving uh so make sure you’re paying

Attention it also behaves a little weird if the lane is too big sometimes it’ll find the one lane and then stay against that other times it won’t even activate another place it has trouble with is if the road forks will get confused it’ll try to usually it does end up coming back into the lane but um you’re probably going to confuse drivers around you it like it

Goes back and forth trying to figure out which way it wants to go so if there is a fork in the road make sure you have your hands on the wheel and you steer you correct the direction next i want to talk about the lane keeping and lane departure warnings um lane keep is really nice but it’s nothing special it’s the same as any other car if you start leaving your

Lane without signaling it’ll try to push you back but again if you’re trying to leave the lane like if there’s something in the way and you have to get out of lane quickly it’s not going to stop you in that in that case this is just for if you start drifting out of your lane if you’re not paying attention or if you’re falling asleep and the lane departure warning

Is actually kind of nice it feels a lot like playing a video game if you’re playing a racing game where you start as you start to leave the track or as you start to leave the racetrack your controller vibrates that’s what the steering wheel feels like it doesn’t vibrate as strong but that’s just what it reminded me of so the next cool feature is uh bliss the blind

Spot i don’t know what it stands for but it’s just blind spot warning this has some extra features like steering assist if you choose to ignore the blind spot warning or if you just don’t see it and you start changing lanes the car will steer you back into your lane if there’s a car approaching or if there’s a car already in your blind spot at first i thought the

Blind spot warning was a little too sensitive but after looking into it it seems like the car will trigger the blind spot warning even if the car is far enough even if the car next to you is far enough away it depends on the speed that they’re approaching at if they’re approaching at a speed that’s significantly faster than the speed you’re moving the blind spot

Will warn you and it won’t let you change lanes so it has cross traffic alert which is nothing special to this car a lot of cars have it but uh the pull start will also break if you choose not to brake so if there’s someone walking behind you or if there’s a car driving up as you’re reversing the car will apply the brake for you if you’re not paying attention that

Same braking concept also applies to if when you’re reversing if you’re reversing to and you get too close to an object the car will apply the brake for you now sometimes this feature can be a little sensitive uh sometimes it’ll break even if there’s nothing behind you so and that has gotten better but um it still does it from time to time but this is a feature

You can turn off if there’s a spot that’s always giving you trouble as soon as you put it into reverse you can just hit a button on the touchscreen that will turn the automatic braking off the car also has emergency stop assist so if you’re approaching a car that’s not moving and you aren’t applying enough brake pressure the car will assist you and apply as much as

It needs to to come to not hit the car in front of you or if you’re not braking at all the car will hit the brake for you the pilot package also comes with a 360 degree camera which is nice to have but not really for the 360 degree view because in this car for some reason it’s extremely distorted it’s a lot worse than a bmw mercedes it’s even worse than the chevy

Bolt but it does come in handy because you have the four different views you can see each side of the car if you need to it’s not really useful for the 360 degree view it’s just nice having the four cameras that you can look at something else i don’t really like about the 360 degree camera is that when you go from reverse to uh drive it doesn’t switch to the front

Camera you have to do that manually um so i’m not sure why it doesn’t just switch because sometimes you need to back in or you need to reverse and go back forward to get into your parking spot and there might be cars next to you so it would just be nice if it switched to the front camera it also helps show you how far you can go one feature that is nice with the

360 degree camera is if you’re taking a turn or if you just get too close to something it’ll automatically pop up on your screen below a certain speed um so that’s nice you don’t have to go look through you don’t have to go click the button manually so the next feature i’m going to talk about is side park assist which sounds a lot cooler than it really is all it

Does is it glows red on the side of the car if there’s something in the way okay so the next feature is the pixel led headlights which i mean in the u.s it’s not very useful right now um i think in europe they did get rid of it because of the chip shortage so the pilot package is a little bit cheaper there the us recently approved uh like adaptive headlights so

Once we do get the software update what these headlights will do is you can leave it on uh you can leave your high beams on all the time and it can track up to five cars that are in front of you and the high beam light will shine on everything except the cars that it sees and it can track up to five cars and if there’s more than five cars then it’ll just turn the

High beams off entirely the pixel led headlights also includes the welcome lighting so when you unlock your car the headlights do like a light sequence and the tail lights also have a light sequence for when you lock and unlock your car um this is not something you’re really going to notice if you use the door handles for locking and unlocking it’s not really

Useful it’s just a i guess like a cool way for the car to welcome you but you’ll only notice it if you use the buttons on your remote because you need to be walking up to the car to see your tail lights so the pilot package also includes uh fog lights with cornering ability um this is not something that’s really useful i don’t even notice it but if you’re taking

Turns whichever side you’re turning to the fog light on that side will turn on yeah i don’t really use it that much it’s always on but i don’t notice it very much the auto dimming rear view mirror is standard but the auto dimming side mirrors are not standard it’s a part of the pilot package and i think it’s like just that one feature makes the package worth it

Almost not really but um it’s really nice when driving at night bright headlights won’t shine into your face and another cool part of this feature is that you can adjust how dark it dims there’s three levels they’re standard dark and off i think or light dark and off and this is nice for tint if you have tinted windows if your tint is really dark then you

Might not even need the dimming mirrors this is probably one of the most useful features in this package it doesn’t dim in every scenario if they’re if the sun is shining onto the mirror for some reason it doesn’t dim in that case but it dims every time for headlights so another really nice feature about these dimming mirrors all three of them the including the

Rear view is that i know an older rear view mirror or i know in older auto dimming mirrors the mirror would have a green tint to it when it dims um not these mirrors don’t do that it’s almost like just putting sun like a piece of polarized glass over the mirror that’s what it looks like that’s it for this video i hope you found it helpful um is the pilot package

Worth it that really depends on your driving needs if you’re not driving long distances if your commute’s not very long or if you just drive entirely in the city i don’t think it’s worth it you can just save the 3200 you can get the plus package or even the performance package it really just depends on how you drive your car but for me i would say it is useful

Because my commute is pretty long uh and it can get boring so it’s just nice to have the car steer for me sometimes and the i do drive a lot at night so the the mirrors the dimming mirrors helps and then the uh adaptive radar cruise control is also amazing you don’t have to think about anything although you probably should be paying attention and thinking so we

Know that volvo is known for its safety the seat belts even have 1959 engraved on them and i think that’s the year that volvo made seep out standard in all their cars or maybe it’s the year that i don’t know it’s it’s some year it has something to do with volvo and seat belts that shows their commitment to safety and it should be no different in the poll star as

Its sister parent company is gili and volvo so we decided to test some of the rear automatic braking the i wanted to record how sensitive it was but i guess with the last few updates they’ve been making it less and less sensitive to the point where it’s completely useless now um i was inches away from the trash can and the automated and the automatic brake didn’t

Even apply i had to apply the break i know they made it worse but this shows that they are listening to feedback and making changes um so hopefully they do continue to make it better to the point where it’s useful again in future updates so that just goes to show how you shouldn’t uh rely on any of these systems not even the highway assist always have your hands

On the wheel pay attention to the road um i have had the car lose the lane at times so yeah always make sure you’re paying attention and that’s been it for this video i hope you guys enjoyed it if you did hit the like button um share the video with someone if you think they’ll find it helpful comment down below any future videos you want to see on the polestar

Thanks for watching and i’ll see you next time foreign

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