Polestar 2 Review: Prepped for launch

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23 seconds out guidance is internal we’ll start the countdown in 10 seconds break check flightcheck on the spec sheet this thing might look like your average saloon car it’s only got 50 kilowatt hour charging you know it’s a four-door lots of space it’s got that crossover stylings that’s definitely cooler than what most companies doing but we both know north

Americans are gonna go wild for it but once you get in it it is so much more than that it’s fun to drive it’s really cool it’s got an awesome android infotainment system so if you want to learn about it let’s let’s let’s i don’t know i only have time for this one more take we’re going to learn this is the pull start too well not many people know of polestar the

Brand began as volvo’s performance arm before being more recently spun off into its own high-end ev manufacturer the polestar 2 that i’m sitting in has been the flagship car so far and while i’m driving a performance package trim from 2021 the 2022 trim is out now and there are a few more motor configurations and it has a slightly longer range but as far as i can

Gather those are the major changes so everything else i talk about will apply mostly to both cars i was also able to get this review unit thanks to a fun partnership with the car rental app turo but before i get into that and how i feel about android automotive the backbone to the infotainment in this car let’s talk about what it’s like to drive this machine

Stepping into the polestar 2 it’s a weird mix of sportiness and electricness that i haven’t really seen since i got to sit in a mustang maki a few years ago this is by no means a bad thing because the car handles more like a sports car than a traditional gas guzzling crossover that you come to expect with a lot of weight and not a lot of engine to push it around

This one is very snappy with great acceleration it’s a little weird having like the ride height of a crossover with all of this sports car acceleration but you get used to it pretty quick and i actually kind of like it now that i’m used to it once you slam your foot down on the accelerator though you can tell that this is a sports car not a family crossover it’s

Zero to a hundred time will range between seven seconds to i think four and a half depending on what trim you have i’ve got the faster one here and well it’s not nearly as fast as the porsche tycon that i was you know screaming around toronto in a few months ago it is still super fun and that instant torque makes me feel like i’m the fastest car on the road and

Nobody can keep up with me even though in this one i’m sure a few people could on the con side of things there aren’t many but the suspension’s a little stiff for my liking i generally like things to be a little smoother a little more comfortable i don’t know maybe i’m a baby but this has got a bit of a stiffer suspension at least in this performance model and

Well some people maybe like all-wheel drive sports car subaru drivers or somebody that wants a bit of that stiffer road feel a bit more race feel will enjoy this it’s something to take account of if you’re not really looking for that i guess it’s not terrible i mean no means at no point is this a bad ride it’s just something to be aware of because you know stiff

Suspension isn’t exactly the best when i was driving it the car also felt like it was kept going really straight and really true sometimes with my older jetta and i know this is a pretty terrible comparison but you know the wheels get misaligned and the weights change and the cars start to pull left or right a little bit and in the pulsar it just felt so dialed

In it felt perfect like the left and the right was not there it was just straight it was true and combining that with the lane keeping assisted adapter cruise control it felt like this car was very capable i mean it’s not driving itself but it’s taking a little bit of the pressure off you and that adds to like a much more pleasing and a much more relaxing driver

Experience than i think you might be used to if you’re coming from a much older vehicle for the lane keeping assist it’s pretty subtle you got to keep your hands on the wheel but if you bump towards the left or right lines it will give you a little buzz just to let you know hey pay attention if you start to veer too much it’ll beep a bit but i found that that buzz

Was enough to make me snap back to attention and just straighten up any time that it started to go a little off course overall i found that the car did a really nice job of just pushing its own weight around and even though it’s like two tons the torque was snappy and the brakes were responsive and it’s pretty smooth on the acceleration when you want it to be it’ll

Shoot you back in the seat other times like this whoop that’s sorry bad idea bad idea either way you kind of get the point either it’s you know it’s an electric car it’s a great driving experience i wouldn’t complain about a thing and i honestly would i would buy this car i have no real complaints about driving it it’s great oh and the range i think i already said

It but you’re looking at around high 300s to low 400s kilometer wise in range so if you’re a techie like me i think the real draw here is the android automotive infotainment system backbone while it doesn’t immediately solve all the problems i have with in-car software the polestar implementation is probably my favorite infotainment in any car i’ve ever been in

To take full advantage of it you can sign into your google account and then you can access google maps google assistant youtube music i mean you can access those things without them but then they’re personalized to you like you would on your google nest devices at home or your phone it really makes that car reach its full potential it’s all i’ve wanted for a car in

The last 10 years without knowing it and it’s beautiful these big squares they do look a little large at first but once you start using them they do provide good context as to what’s behind them and whatever square is showing your media also has playback control so you play skip you know you can search for gas stations or charging stations here it’s all laid out

Pretty well it’s designed you know smart and it looks aesthetically pleasing at least on the main page the other drawback with android auto is that you can’t run apple carplay with a bluetooth connection you can still make calls and playback songs really easily off you know your iphone through bluetooth but it’s not exactly what people would be expecting coming

From carplay or the traditional android auto that runs off your phone that being said with google maps and the spotify have baked into the car i didn’t really miss it that much i’ll also say you know people expecting this to be like a larger better version of the existing phone based android auto will be in for a bit of a shock you know it’s got a pole star you

Know design to it and well google maps spotify and other apps are good and better here it’s a bit harder to send texts and you won’t get notifications for your turn-by-turn navigation or what song is about to play anymore that being said i think it’s a wordy trade-off just to be able to ask google to turn on the seat warmers overall the infotainment system handles

The new age stuff a little bit better than old school stuff so well my experience with google maps and spotify was pretty seamless controlling you know fans and the radio we’re a little more convoluted than i would have wanted still doable not super hard but not as easy as google maps and spotify the other sort of dark side with this android infotainment backbone

Is that you’re probably going to start seeing it in a lot of cars from gm and ford and other large manufacturers as they move to adopt it i could see this upsetting quite a few iphone users that are used to carplay however i don’t really want to sit here and complain about google maps being built into a lot of cars because like i said that is awesome kind of i

Will mention here that we had an issue where the gps wasn’t really tracking us for half a day but i think that was just a glitch moving over to the second screen behind the driver’s wheel is where the instrument cluster would be so on the left hand side is where it will show your speed if you’re in park or drive along the bottom here is where you’re gonna see if

You have any driver assistance programs active and then on the far side over there is your range and your power meter and then the whole thing is taken up by a google maps and this will show you your turn-by-turn directions as you’re driving along the top is where you’ll see some traditional car icons like you know your fog lights and the parking brake and stuff

Like that since this is the screen it also changes depending on what you’re doing so if you’re charging the car it will sell some charging information and if the car is just sitting idle and you hop in it will just quickly show you your estimated range and how much battery you have left overall i find it super easy to use and very easy to read as well which is

Nice in a car the rest of the interior model i was driving was made of this really pleasant looking material you’ve got like wood and nice chunky fabrics and this nice vegan material on the seats and these awesome like yellow seat belts and if you look up to this glass roof there’s even a reflection of the logo a tiny one near the front it’s these tiny touches

That really give it this premium feel and this premium look that i think helps it compete with you know teslas and other high-end cars it’s it’s just a really nice interior i don’t really have anything to complain about it did i mention these awesome yellow seat belts you’ve also got a decent amount of storage around the car for each passenger which is nice to

See and most of the areas have lots of space but they don’t really pass the above average water bottle size test the last two spaces to talk about with the interior are the front and rear trunks the front trunk which you saw me sitting in earlier very small not a lot going on up there but some spare tire stuff that being said the back is quite large and even has

A false bottom so you can pack away even more stuff underneath it once you get around to the outside of the car you can see its stunning scandinavian design the ceo of polestar thomas engel ingellath i’m sorry if i mispronouncing that was the vp of design of volvo so i’m really glad the geely group gave him his own brand because the overall look and just the tiny

Details of this polestar are phenomenal i mean if you look closely at the headlights or the tail lights notice tiny little logos within them and if you have the performance upgrade you get yellow little dust valves on the on the wheels that just look awesome i mean it’s super cool they’re tiny fine details but i don’t think you get things like this from tesla or

Even legacy brands like volkswagen or gm and even with all those tiny details the car still has this really pleasing minimalist look so taking a step back so you can kind of take in the whole car you can see this awesome fastback design it’s got this sort of boxiest shape that to me looks like a futuristic version of a muscle car rather than the curvy lines you’d

See on a tesla or what you know volkswagen is doing with its id series another oddity for this electric car is it has a front grille polestar currently houses some of its driver assistance goods in there but realistically i think it’s just for looks and you know what i guess that’s okay because it kind of looks cool and i think the people i showed it to liked it

More than that flat front on a tesla i’d also be remiss not to mention these sweet frameless mirrors which i don’t know don’t add a lot when you hear about them but when you’re driving they look awesome they just look like they’re floating up there and even the center mirror look through the the back window is frameless and it’s it’s a really nice design without

Me waxing on too much more i’ll just mention that all the panels seem well aligned with consistently close gapping all around the vehicle you know the fit and finish is really nice on this two ton monster so in terms of build quality i think it’s probably going to be crushing most teslas that are coming off the factory line the other thing that i want to mention

Is that it only has a single css charging port on the back quarter of the car this is probably the same spot as where the gas tank is on your current gas car but i kind of liked it when i had the porsche and the plug-in was right up here in the front it was you know it was just cool felt new and it’s an electric car i’m looking i’m looking for newness it’s not

That big a deal what’s you know a bit more of a pain about charging is that in terms of fast charging this car only goes up to 50 kilowatts an hour well this does make finding those elusive fast chargers a bit easier than the 150 to 250 kilowatt hours that i was looking for when i had the porsche it does take a little longer to top up so with a charge from 15

To 90 taking me about an hour this isn’t the end of the world but you know it’s just not the fastest charge out there and there’s not as many chargers as there would be for a tesla that said once you do get it to 90 percent you get around 360 to 390 kilometers of range although you can push it to that full you know 100 of battery to get a little closer to 400

Kilometers of range however i’d save that for a special trip since polstar recommends that you only charge to 90 to help retain the battery you can set the car to stop charging at 90 on the inside display so it’s pretty easy you know i guess even with flash chargers being a little easier to find it’s still not easy to charge compared to getting a tank of gas

In my time of the car i’ve had a few charges we’ve broken i’ve had to go to different ones and you know charging at home is is still slow it works for you if you can do it overnight but charging is still a year or two away unfortunately i think before i get into my conclusion i just want to say the reason i was able to demo this car was because the car rental at

Turo reached out and offered it as long as i did a little bit of talking about what it was like to use the service that seemed fine to me good trade-off and basically the service was as you’d expect the app was pretty seamless even if there was a little bit a lot of info packed into such a small space and the driver i rented from also seemed to like the service

And was finding it helpful to find you know a little bit of extra revenue to help pay for the monthly cost of the pollstar that being said this isn’t the cheapest rental service around but you are getting a cool car from friday morning to sunday afternoon this was a little over 600 plus a fifteen fifteen hundred dollar hold on my credit card still you get to rent

Some of the coolest cars and there are other cars that you can rent for much less so if you want something you know a little bit luxury or maybe a tesla or a car you just wanna demo before you buy it you can do that and turo makes it pretty easy they take care of the insurance and the rentals as well as if you wanted to put your own car on there you can do that

Too and they make it fairly easy so if you have a desirable car and you’re not using it that often you could list it on turo and make some side cash overall it seems like a fine service and i’d expect most car owners and renters to be fine but as with all online platforms i’m sure there will be the odd horror story it’s like airbnb i’m sure most people here have

Done an airbnb but i’m sure everybody knows somebody that has that one weird airbnb story i’ve already said so much about this car so i’m gonna cut right to the chase well it’s fairly well priced against its competitors like tesla it starts for around fifty thousand dollars in canada so it’s a little out of reach for most people i believe the model i’m sitting in

Even goes for closer to seventy five thousand dollars canadian because it’s fully loaded i guess on top of that i i wish the suspension had a little more give and the battery could accept maybe a bit of a faster charging speed but there’s no real denying that it’s a fantastic little electric crossover with a lot of personality and a very sporty sole and anyone who’s

Really into tesla or really i guess not into tesla and wants a high-end eva this could this could be a better option than even the volvo xc40 which shares a lot of similarities with the pulsar you know same battery same android infotainment either way this is a great little ev one thing i did notice that i kind of should mention i guess is well teslas there’s a

Big group of people online that own tesla’s and people hate on them but at least they’re there so you can go into message boards and forums and if you have an issue lots of other people will be having that issue and you can you know chat about these things online when i reviewed the porsche i found a little bit of that was you know available too and some people

Were chatting online but still not anywhere near a tesla and with the pole star i i don’t know i was finding i was struggling to find like chat rooms and form polish about people with issues with the pole star which i guess is a good thing but if you’re looking for that ev community aspect you’re not going to get it with the pole star in the same way you would

With with the tesla unfortunately anyway i’m brad bennett you can reach out to me online at any time at the bradfad if you have any questions for me feel free to reach out and follow mobile syrup 2 at mobile syrup or check us out over on mobilesyrup.com for all kinds of other great tech news thanks for watching you

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