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Polestar 2 Single Motor EV Arrives in The USA, Polestar 3 Will Be in US Market By Q1 2023

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Swedish electric automaker Polestar is bringing its most affordable model to the US. The long-range, single-motor Polestar 2 may not have as much performance as the dual-motor variant, but it will certainly be more accessible.

Everyone welcome back my name is jane post our most affordable ev is coming to the us that’s the single motor pulse r2 and it’s now available stateside for the first time so this is obviously big news for pulse star and it’s been making quite a few headlines so today we really want to understand what does this mean for the u.s market will more people buy postar

Will post outbreak their target for 69 000 vehicles built and sold this year so swedish electric automaker postdye is bringing its most affordable model to the us that’s the long range single motor pulse r2 now it doesn’t have as much performance as the dual motor variant but it will certainly be more accessible so the single motor was previously only available

To pre-order in the u.s starting this week deliveries of this variance are beginning interested car buyers can also test drive the ev if they wanted to so at post.2 dozen retail locations around the country the single motor post r2 starts at forty five thousand nine hundred us dollars as compared to the fifty one thousand two hundred dollars for the dual motor

Version poster says the price can get down to thirty three thousand four hundred dollars after qualified federal and state incentives the federal ev taxes credit is 7 500 us dollars while some states like new jersey offers as much as 5 000 in additional incentives the environmental protection agency estimated that polstar 2 long-range single motor has 270 miles of

Driving range it has the same 78 kilowatts per hour battery pack as the dual motor version sending 231 horses and 243 pound-feet of torque to the front wheels and when it’s time to charge the pulse r2 can adapt to 150 kilowatts per hour of dc fast charging meaning that an 80 charge is possible in only 40 minutes that’s quite impressive i won’t lie that is quite

Impressive so as for postar which started out as the performance sub-brand of volvo they have emerged as one of the most interesting ev companies on the market in recent years the company which is jointly owned by volvo and volvo’s parent company gilly recently announced plan to go public by merging with a special acquisition company known as gauze gookanim this

Pack merger is estimated to be anywhere around the next two to three months but it definitely sounds like it will be before the start of summer poster has only released two vehicles so far the 155 thousand dollars hybrid coup post r1 and the post r2 the lineup will grow to release the post r3 and that’s an suv in 2022 that’ll be late 2022. the postal 4 compact

Suv in 2023 and the post off 5 inspired by the postar precepts sports sedan in 2024 the company also unveiled a sleek roadster concept called the post r02 and this is just a roadstar concept just like the postdoc precept sports sedan something that started out as a concept now as for the o2 postar has no immediate plans to build this vehicle but i am confident

That postal will build the postal 02 or they will build something very very similar to that vehicle this is to help them compete in the supercar market and i think it will do well especially competing against porsche and tesla especially in the electric market so the single motor post r2 looks indistinguishable from the dual model version postar is offering two

Package option plus and pilot the plus pack 4 000 features a new mechanical heat pump to extend range a full length parametric glass roof a 13 speaker harman kardon auto system and weave tech vegan interior up holsters the pilot pack 3 200 us dollars offers drivers assistance features like adaptive cruise control and blind spot detection pulsed i believe also

Has a factory in the us in either south carolina or north carolina they do have a factory which means that they will be expanding on this factory and possibly even building more factories in the us and possibly even more factories in europe but because poststar also has but because poststar is partly owned by gili and volvo this gives them a huge advantage to

Expand it quite rapidly and quite easy which is why i think poster is one of the best ev companies to invest in right now now that’s not financial advice this is just for educational purposes but this is just my opinion as well now in other fantastic news pollstar 3 will hit the us market in q1 of 2023 that’s next year this time we’re one year away from getting

This car in the us this car will launch at the end of 2022 hopefully around europe and possibly asia posta also plans to bring a new large retail format to the us this summer so the company also announced that it will build the vehicles in the united states and this is the post r3 this is a big step for poster the americans do really love suvs and it’s a big

Statement from polstar it’s a big statement of intention postdoc plans to manufacture the postdoc iii alongside volvo models at volvo car first u.s plant in ridgeville currently the third gen volvo s60 rolls out of this facility the first prostar suv will hit the production line at the end of the year volvo cars is a large shareholder poster and so the latter

Benefits from its technology and financial and industrial synergies the pulsed r3 production will take place in china as well as the company’s shenzhen plant as the local production can also allow pricing of the ev attractively and making regional adoption autocar has reported that the european unit of the three will come from the chinese plan not the american

Volvo cars the shangju plant has an annual production capacity of 150 000 units and volvo cars operate this polestar isn’t just building the post r3 in the us but it will arrive in the early part of 2023 so i hope you’ve enjoyed this video thank you for watching subscribe to see more and leave a comment and let me know what you think about what’s going on in the

Poststar ecosystem thank you for watching until the end subscribe and i will see you in my next video you

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