Polestar 2 – Tesla (3) Killer ? #polestar #ev #tesla

Polestar 2 unusual test drive.

Some time ago i had the pleasure to take a part in the pollster to test drive a fully electric car a car that exceeded my expectation hello from autostar test and welcome to my unusual review of all new porstar 2. so the first thing that takes a bit of getting used to when you arrive at the car and you have the key in your pocket or the mobile phone happens all

You have the mobile phone app now is launched as well there’s a pressure pad within the driver’s seat so when you sit down in the car the pressure pad registers that the driver is present and the car is now active so there’s no ignition barrel there’s no start button or on switch it’s literally all you do is just put your foot on the brake clip the selector in

The center into drive and the car’s ready to go takes a little bit of getting used to because you’re used to telling the car to turn on and that sort of stuff so you can see now it’s in drive so if you then press the p at the back that’ll put it back into park yeah and you can see on the dashboard on the left hand side all right so you know that you’re in park

And then it’ll go orange with d orange with r or neutral that’s it and then just park is at the back again and the reason that’s blank on the 360 on the right is because the doors obviously open okay perfect so to change the settings on the car if you press the car icon at the top of the infotainment system so the one next to it yeah press again at the top that’s

The maps there we go so we tend to say if you start in standard on the steering feel and standard on the one pedal drive okay and standard in one pedal drive is the maximum regeneration so obviously as you come off the accelerator it will then reverse the polarity in the motors to harvest that energy back with it in standard it’s the maximum amount of regeneration

So if you’re preparing far enough in advance and you’re using the observation you can do the entire drive without touching the brake pedal at all okay obviously the brake pedal is there to use if you get in an emergency but if you’re looking far enough ahead and preparing when you come to junctions and traffic lights you can just come off the accelerator and the

Car will regenerate the energy all the way back down until the car comes to a stop you can then also put the one pedal drive into low or you can switch it off completely and then it is essentially just an automatic where accelerating and braking is done like any other automatic the creep mode in an automatic uh combustion engine vehicle when the car’s in drive

The transmission will gently let the car roll forward when you come off the brake obviously we don’t have that in an ev so unless you accelerate the car won’t move at all some people don’t like it because it’s a bit unfamiliar so if you put creep mode on the car will essentially become like an automatic so when you’re holding on the brake it will stay stationary

And when you release the brake the car will gently roll forward if you do have it switched on just make sure that when you come to a stop you’re going to have to use the brake like you were doing an automatic yeah it’s preference if you want it on or off but it’s entirely up to you but that’s how you change it from there inside the car we also find lots of head

Room and legroom for both the front and the rear but the wide of the real seat should be slightly larger the interior is made of high quality materials the interior of this car is better made than a tesla model 3 or mercedes e-class in my opinion anyway glass roof very comfortable seat the only drawback is the one of the cup holder is hiding under the armrest

And then with the infotainment system as well if you press the four tiles at the top that’s how to get back to your app home screen so there’s your google maps radio spotify all of that can be controlled by google as well and it’s all you do is hey google take me to work navigating to work and that will now navigate you to the changeover point that we’re going

To drive to on the steering wheel on this side you’ve got the manual assistant to talk to google at the top the one here is to change the display on the dashboard as you said so you can have full navigation or you can have a mixture of power and charge those kind of things it won’t change until you drive oh okay and then this is your media so volume up and

Down skip the track left and right and your pilot assist with your adaptive cruise control and your lane keep and everything is on the left hand side there so that’s the charger yeah yeah industrial charger with the usbc what about that usb save and now for the most important part driving experience the power of over 400 horsepower is waiting for us from

The first second of our drive the car reacts very quickly to every touch of the accelerator pedal we have an option of the so-called e-pedal which works very intuitively the steering wheel is very precise this is probably one of the better driving car i have ever driven i have no idea how they did it but this car does not tilt slide ways i have never made

Corners as fast like with this car and the body felt like it was mounted on the big gimbal the suspension is still but very comfortable at the same time the price of this car starts at almost 40 000 pounds but if i had to buy a car at this price today it would be a pollster too for me at the moment this car is without any competition in its class i call this

Car tesla killer charger yeah well most of the floor plans the battery okay yeah yeah i’ll show you three options for the boot so you’ve got a button there okay just here yeah if you have the key on here okay oh it’s five spaces how many liters i don’t know milliliters you can hide dead bodies and you have to chop thursday yeah oh gorgeous and you have

Space for two chinese takeaways okay so you can hook the bag over and keep it so you just put a clever yeah you don’t get the food smell in the car i was joking about the dead bodies as well oh really how and then for this one there’s like a little rest for you as well just there okay as he said you can fill up normally split seats as well sort of ski hall as

The color so when we close on the same way yeah with this yeah we just go straight in tonight and then obviously there’s a button as well and that’s all for today please let me know in the comment below what you think about the car please subscribe to my channel thanks for watching and see you next time

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Polestar 2 – Tesla (3) Killer ? #polestar #ev #tesla By Auto Start Test