5 Reasons To Buy an 2023 polestar 2

Five reasons to buy in 2023 pollster 2. the first reason is the price before i reveal the price the pullstar has the following advantages fast and pleasant acceleration nice balance of precise handling and a comfortable ride and stylish interior second reason is comfort comfort is one of the poster two strengths the ride is compliant without being overly soft

And better than some of the stiff legged teslas we’ve tested pulstar has done an excellent job of keeping it comfortable while also making it relatively attractive to drive it’s quiet too with only a slight amount of wind and road noise we like the booster seats although we would like the available napoleth to be ventilated and heated all polstar 2 models come

Standard with dual zone automatic climate control and our test vehicle was equipped with heated front and rear seats the climate control system works quickly although some might not like that the controls are fully linked to the touchscreen you’ll appreciate the booster seats that continue a decade-old swedish love affair with comfort and the ergonomics are

Largely flawless there’s terrible over the shoulder view though thanks to the notchback silhouettes pillar box rear window but a standard rear view camera and three well placed frameless mirrors mean you never have to worry even when parking the panoramic panoramic parking camera really helps here our only other serious complaint is the center position of the

Cup holder okay it’s not like it’s a manual that needs frequent gear changes but a tall glass of milky oat milk will prove to be a pain in the proverbial whenever you want to touch something south of the main screen if you need two cup holders you’ll have to open the center armrest depriving you and your passenger of a place to rest your elbow the third reason

For you buy is technology there are some perks to this android-based infotainment like wireless updates and google maps based navigation it’s all simple and works more like a smartphone than most other systems there’s not much to do right now but it has the ability to add apps from the google play store apple carplay is standard not released yet although android

Auto is not available some android apps will be available for download there are four usbc ports and a wireless charger available voice controls work well another benefit of android software in addition to entering an address or adjusting the climate control you can ask the weather or have the car tell you a joke the harman slash cardin audio system was fine

Though not exceptional for an upgraded system decent volume the pulstar 2 is available with a full suite of driver aids which is no surprise for a company that was spun off from volvo a company known for its safety there are some standard features like collision avoidance and lane departure warning although some more advanced systems like adaptive cruise control

Are tied to certain packages what is posters google android os like this works fine pulstar’s infotainment system is a radical departure from the legacy volvo setup mapping is much better with clear and simple cartography and smart integration of charging point information while the overall interface and screen layout is straightforward and easy to use on the

Go voice recognition isn’t perfect but it works 70 of the time for us and it will improve over time promises poster your kids will love the opportunity to yell ok google tell us a joke fourth reason performance on the road regardless of the model that awful cheap black key can stay in your pocket as you approach the car and unlock automatically more impressive

Is the total absence of a stop slash start button i just sit down slam on the brakes select t on the cute stocky gear selector and that’s it it’s a wonderfully simple startup routine that will make you smile every day a bit like a tesla step on the gas and it’s immediately obvious that the twin engine variant with the performance package is a very fast car the

Pulstar 2 0 to 62 miles per hour time of 4.7 seconds says it all really there’s instantaneous fixed acceleration in the seat of the two 150 kilowatts motors one on each axle for all-wheel drive that’s a combined total power of 300 kilowatts or 402 brake horsepower and coupled with a brutal 487 lbft of torque there’s an exhilarating fast and strong push available

At all speeds all electric cars perform well in the traffic light gp but the pulstar 2 is suitably fast even for a burst of speed on a highway incline it’s all highly repeatable at 221 brake horsepower regardless of battery the single engine 7.4 second zero to 62 miles per hour time isn’t nearly as impressive there’s still ample pacing in most scenarios although

A base model 3 would destroy it in a straight line passing on back roads shouldn’t be a fear although acceleration will decrease as you approach the national speed limit while we have few complaints about the acceleration the way it’s delivered isn’t ideal torque steering is always a flex of the right foot on the pulstar 2 with 2wd

Transcribed from video