POLESTAR 3 – Einzigartig und 100 kWh Batterie

Von einem Elektro-SUV namens Polestar 3 ist schon lange die Rede. Im Oktober 2022 feiert es aber endlich seine Premiere.

There has been talk of an electric suv called polestar 3 for a long time. in october 2022 , however, it will finally celebrate its premiere. everything you need to know about polestar’s new electric car in advance can be seen here on project drive! with a new teaser image, the volvo subsidiary is fueling further anticipation for the brand’s first electric suv, the polestar

3, which is scheduled to celebrate its premiere in october 2022. according to the latest information, this will be built in the usa and china and is part of an ambitious growth plan. polestar wants to launch a new vehicle every year until 2024 and sell it in at least 30 markets worldwide by the end of 2023. this suggests that the polestar 3 should also come to europe to

Contribute to the brand’s projected tenfold increase in global sales from around 29,000 vehicles in 2021 to 290,000 vehicles in 2025. the developers attached great importance to aerodynamics – the polestar 2 with a drag coefficient of 0.28 leaves room for improvement here. accordingly, the first photo of the brand’s second all-electric model shows an suv coupé with a low

Front and a flat, stub-end rear end. the similarity to the polestar 2 is also unmistakable. the relationship can be seen most clearly in the front headlights in the angular “thor’s hammer” design. at the rear, too, the well-known lighting design runs in a straight line as a continuous band across the trunk lid. the front end looks tidy, while a sporty, sloping roof line

Can be seen at the rear. the aerodynamically shaped air inlets, which were placed on the bonnet , are also striking . along the side we can still see the door handles. there are also some strong creases in the lower area that make the car look more muscular. the spokes of the alloy wheels are slightly wider to improve aerodynamics. at around 4.80 meters in length, the

Polestar 3 will be slightly shorter than its volvo xc90 counterpart. the trunk volume is estimated to allow a maximum of 1800 liters. the polestar 3 (2022) will be based on the scalable volvo modular system spa2, which gives the 3 more than 100 kwh of battery capacity. this enables ranges of up to 600 kilometers. it is powered by two electric motors, one for each axle.

Equipped with the luminar lidar sensor and a central computer from nvidia, the electric suv is said to be capable of level 4 autonomous driving on the freeway. according to polestar , it also offers 360-degree environment recognition and a driver monitoring system. as usual from previous polestar models, the interior should be high-quality and luxurious. it differs from

The xc90 with a maximum of “industry-leading connectivity functions” with the android automotive os infotainment system from google. the question of price remains. the polestar 2 costs from 45,000 euros in germany, while the polestar 3 could start at 70,000 dollars in the usa. it is still unclear whether and at what price the brand will offer the us-built polestar 3

In germany. but the german polestar boss may not want to do without the premium market in europe . however, this would be just as contrary to the low-co2 on-site production as the sale of the polestar 2 produced in china. in view of the possible performance and size, the price for a polestar 3 will then have to be expected to be more like 80,000 euros – which closes the

Gap to the up to around 60,000 euros expensive polestar 2 would be quite large. the polestar 3 will be launched in october – the model can also be ordered this month. what do you think of the new polestar 3? what do you think it will cost? tell leave a subscription and a thumbs up. don’t forget to check out my instagram too. the link to it is in the video description.

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POLESTAR 3 – Einzigartig und 100 kWh Batterie! By Project Drive