Polestar 3 Performance Design vs Model Y & Its Way Better

Polestar just revealed their upcoming car, the Polestar 3. It’s marketed as a Performance SUV so perfect to compare next to the Model Y from Tesla.

Hey guys john here so we have some pretty exciting news from pole star they are releasing the pole star 3 very soon 2023 is their unveil date and that’s just about a year off and this is going to be exciting because it is the suv version of their ev you guys know that the pole star 2 is out right now and it looks fantastic the thing that strikes me the most is

Probably the thor hammer in front with their headlights holy that looks sexy but let’s talk about their suv and why is such an important car right now so as you guys know the model y is the best selling ev suv at the moment from tesla and that is about to change because there’s a lot of different companies coming out with their versions of cars suvs but i think

That postar is currently in the lead because they are pumping out cars like no tomorrow literally going off the line whereas companies like rivian are lucid uh they’re still under the 1 000 mark and this is with them having recalls on a bunch of different issues so pole star like i said is ahead of the game i know it’s an international brand but they are doing

So well that it’s hard to be underneath the radar with this one so let’s talk about what the specs are and what we should be expecting with this suv here all right so first things first they are marketing this as a performance suv not just a simple suv this is going to be the one where you want and it has it all so you can track it if you want to track it you can

Drive really quick in the city if you really want to you can take your kids to soccer practice you can do it pretty much all here so husband and wife you guys can share the same car and do different things it’s just going to be the best of both worlds all right so this is coming directly from pole star ceo i’m going to plop it right on the screen here but pretty much

What he says is that pole star 3 is the suv for electric age our design identity evolves with this high-end large luxury suv ev with a strong individual brand character so just to sum it all up because i have no idea what the hell he’s really saying here it’s just that the car is freaking good so yeah if you guys are interested and in the market for an electric suv

Ev i’d wait out until next year because that’s gonna be the best time where more evs availability is gonna be out there’s no chip shortage there’s more options and just overall much better than we are in the situation right now where a model y would take you approximately next year to pick up anyways so why not just wait until next year and see what’s out there so

First thing is that this car is going to be a dual motor so not front wheel drive not rear wheel drive all-wheel drive is going to make things a lot better for families and suvs you have the front as well as the rear traction so snowy days and rainy days you guys are going to be feeling very safe there and on top of this they are announcing that they’re releasing

A large battery pack version i’m not sure what large really means but it’s gonna have approximately 600 kilometers and you guys can do the conversion yourself if you live down in the states because i’m not gonna do it for you 600 kilometer is pretty long to be honest so if you guys are in the market for a 600 kilometer car this is it all right so last thing here

Is that production is going to start in 2023 and the car is gonna come standard with autonomous driving in the highway so that’s gonna be very exciting it’s gonna be coming with lidar uh that’s gonna be powered by nvidia hardware nvidia hardware if i’m saying it correctly so yeah it’s gonna be exciting exciting exciting so if you guys are waiting for the perfect

Suv i’d wait out to see what they have to offer anyways guys this should wrap it up for this video hope you guys enjoyed it should be it once again peace out

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Polestar 3 Performance Design vs Model Y & It’s Way Better! By John Ee