Polestar 3 SUV World Premiere Live Event Announced 12TH October 2022

1. / The electric performance brand’s third-ever vehicle, the aptly named Polestar 3, will come standard with adaptive dual-chamber air suspension and active dampers

Everyone welcome back today paul star teases new details about the electric suv ahead of the october 12th launch this will be postal’s first suv and it is the post.3 now posters teased everything with a new image post i will be live streaming this entire event it’s the post i3 world premiere on the 12th of october 2022 now the event will be live streaming directly

From copenhagen thomas english post our ceo and maximilian miss sony will present the suv for the electric age to the world during our live stream event this will all be broadcast on youtube so it’s actually quite exciting now unfortunately i won’t be able to attend the event in person but i will be conducting my own live stream to the full event reacting to

Everything that pole star is unveiling on that particular day now and more information on this vehicle the electric performance brand third ever vehicle a a few things to be aware of is that the polestar 3 will come standard with adaptive dual chamber air suspension and adaptive dampers now additionally the poster 3 the aptly named third vehicle from the swedish ev

Company will be officially unveil october 12th at an event in copenhagen the company announced ahead of its launch pole stars teased in a few new details about the all-electric suv the post i3 marks post our attempt to break into the highly competitive and highly lucrative suv market in the us when it does eventually come out it will slot in the premium category

Putting it in direct competition with evs just like the tesla model x the aldi e-tron mercedes-benz eqe rivian r1s fisca ocean and of course don’t forget the porsche cayenne now the poster will be assembled at volvo factory in charlatan that’s in south carolina giving it the distinction of being the first company’s ev that is made on u.s soil well the post i3

Seems like it will be another demonstration of the company’s performance brand it will come with a rare bias dual motor powertrain with electric torque vectoring via a dual clutch system under rear electric motor adaptive dual chamber air suspension active dampers will come standard allowing the post r3 to switch between comfort and firm suspension dynamic while

Adjusting to the road condition once every two milliseconds now additionally postal will offer optional performance pack which provides the pole star 3 with 510 horsepower and 671 pound-feet of torque along with poster engineered chassis tune in for the active damper and air suspension the pulse.2 performance pack is included for an additional 5 500 and something

Even more amazing that i think the pulstar fans will really appreciate of course this car become a poster signature swedish gold details as include it in the valves cap seat belts and and a laser edge interior light strip at launched the posters we will come with a sport dual motor drivetrain and a large battery pack with a range target of over 372 miles that is

600 kilometers in addition to be a higher riding vehicle than the post r2 fastback sedan the post r3 will also include a partially autonomous driving system for highway driving that’ll be thanks to the inclusion of lidar sensors from suppliers luminar which is also providing components for hands-free driving to volvo as well as nvidia which provides the onboard

Compute and hardware as for volvo themselves which jointly owns polestar along with its parent company geely i said that it will roll out hands-free highway driving features as part of the next big platform update the stable product architecture the spa2 which arrives in the next generation ex90 suv and the post r3 in 2022 now now post i went public this summer

By merging with a special acquisition company that was called gluconheim that was with a spac merger now the company is officially listed on nasdaq under the ticker symbol psny which i’m happy to say that we talk about psny on a regular basis now previously we’re aware that post are only released two vehicles so far that’s the 155 000 hybrid coupe that’s the post

Out one now in addition to the post.3 the company is also planning to release the compact suv that’s the post are full it’s more of a coupe suv in 2023 and the posts are five fastback and a pole star 5 the gt fastback sports sedan in 2024 the company will also unveil a sleek roadster concept of the o2 vehicle now the o2 is officially transitioned to the post r6

And is planned to put this high performance version of the post r2 into limited production the company also unveiled a sleek roadster concept called the postar o2 which will become the post are six officially in 2026 it will be in production and post are is also planning on putting the high performance version of the pole star 2 into limited production so that’s

Actually quite exciting lots of exciting things to post are around the corner so just to finish up this video i will be live streaming my reaction to this full event and my thoughts and my feedbacks since i can’t be at the event in person this might as well i do a full live stream for everyone on the youtube channel for the support that everyone have subscribed to

This youtube channel still supporting us still watching our videos yes this is the moment that we’ve been waiting for to see the post.3 world premiere on veal and we’re going to be there to witness it the moment to live stream on youtube and you’ll get to see my fun reaction so remember to join me on my youtube channel at that time 12th of october starting at six

O’clock uk time and seven o’clock i believe central eastern time that is c-e-s-t not sure what that means but i think it means central eastern time i could be wrong though but nevertheless it will be at six o’clock uk time but for me personally i will begin live streaming at least 30 minutes prior to the event just to get everyone excited just to get everyone start

Talking about the post.3 and just to get us prepared for that on veal so thank you for watching the video subscribe to see more leave a like leave a comment and of course i will see you in our video

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