Polestar 5 Precept Aerodynamics Development Updates / From Concept to Car 2 GGPI/PSNY

In this video we asses the new updates from the polestar precept, now known as the Polestar 5.

Everyone welcome back my name is zayn and today we’ll be having a look at the pulse star precept this is being turned into the pulse style 5 a luxurious sedan that is built by postar specifically to compete against the likes of the tesla model s and the porsche taikan now recently poster has released a video footage on youtube and this basically details the development

Of the poststar 3. this vehicle is currently going through aerodynamics efficiency they’re basically building real models of these vehicles and putting them into wind tunnels this is to determine how the normal air outside will affect the car this will help to determine if the car is designed to be its most aerodynamically efficiency as can be as possible almost

Every formula one team they do wind tunnel testing almost all year round when developing new parts and new cars for new season and of course is very popular in the road car industry as well especially with evs because the more aerodynamically efficient your ev can be simply put the longer range it will accomplish which in turns mean that customers will be happier

With a car that can last longer in terms of mileage air dynamics have played a large part in the automotive world one takes on even more importance with aspects like drag having a subsequent efficiency on range given poster aerospace influences and a design language that optimize aerodynamically efficiency from the beginning it’s no surprise that posta has boasted

Impressive airflows credentials the drawing board is where the elements are created the wind tunnel is where they’re tested see them fire up for fans in episode five of the pole star precept from concept to car and right now this vehicle is in development within the uk a well detailed blog post on the aluminum unibody of the post r5 this car is in development in

The uk and are working on everything from the chassis the interior of the body the exterior of the body they’re working on everything and they’re keeping us well updated which is something i do appreciate and back when they published this article they essentially said aluminum doesn’t get enough credit yes it seems widespread use and variety of everyday items like

Cans sidings and utensils it may technically be common metal but it’s plenty precious to us not least because it’s lightweight rigid and highly recyclable especially when it’s bonded like in case of the pulse r5 bonded aluminum bonded aluminum unibody does away with the mixed metal structure and the 3500 to 4000 rivets normally use in a traditional manufacturing

Making use of the adhesive and hoven kervin instead while boasting some serious advantage it has previously proven difficult for mass production both labor intensive and challenging to scale up without sacrificing quality bonded aluminum has been restricted to the rarefield airflow volume performance cars that is until the postal uk r d team developed a new method

Applying their combined experience from worlds of formula 1 and bespoke and bespoke sports car to create a process which develop both body and platform in unison now this combines pulsed r5 platform and body is predicted to weigh less than cars from smaller segments increase in range responsiveness while maintaining the highest safety standards additionally this

Is innovation allowing for a high degree of design flexibility as adjustments for factors like different wheelbases can be achieved with comparative ease now this is postar’s first in-house platform developed to the same exact in standards as everything else poster this enables the creation of production car pulse r5 that is close as a possibility to the precept

Concept car that was by poster that inspired the post r5 and this car is specifically targeting the likes of the porsche tycoon the tesla model s and the e-tron the all the e-tron gt the new car being engineered at the base in midlands where post-style is ramping up work on car and the team there it currently employs 280 people but that’s set to double in the

Uk over the coming months but they’re not just ramping up production and development of this card they’re expanding their team that’s working on this car the pulsed r5 was previewed by the precept 2022 and is set for an almost identical concept kana in our images in our pictures we aim to deliver a car close to the design concept as possible and that was said by

Thomas ingolth post our ceo now key to the performance of the new car in the uk develop bonded aluminium platform now i do hope you’ve enjoyed this video i do hope you’ve enjoyed this update on the poststar 5 development as it is right now poster is keeping up well updated which is great and i’m keeping you updated as well so thank you for watching subscribe to

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