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Polestar 5 Prototype Debuting At GoodWood Festival of Speed 2022, Polestar 02 Roadster & BST 270

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A prototype of Polestar’s flagship four-door GT, the 5, will be making its debut at the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard next week. The Swedish marque has revealed it’ll be taking to the Hill alongside the now-revealed 2 BST edition 270, the hotter version of its small executive EV.

Hey everyone welcome back my name is jane and i’ve got some exciting news for poststar fans pole stars attending goodwood’s festival of speed and they’re taking two of their main cars they’re taking a post r2 special edition the bts special edition that’s the limited edition run of this incredible high performance electric vehicle they’re also taking the prototype

Of the postar 5 that’s been fully camered out so we can’t really make out much of the car’s detail except from the obvious but this car is in full camo mode and it definitely looks like a prototype they released this image on twitter the car looks incredible but it certainly looks like a prototype and it’s doing exactly what it’s supposed to and that’s hide a lot of

The important details so we can barely make out anything even the headlamps are easy easy easy um no that’s a no for pull start these are not the real headlamps this is just a prototype car they’re mostly focused on efficiency drag coefficiency the electric battery they’re mostly focused on the safety aspects of this vehicle rather than just how it looks it already

Looks incredible from the render images and i hope it stays true to that but this is the big news i’ve got for everyone today so we’ll have a full look at this because it’s actually quite exciting this is not the first time poststar has been to the goodwood festival of speed they’ve been there before with the same bst limited edition post r2 and once again they’ll

Be attending this year and i tried to get tickets but personally it was all sold out so unfortunately now i know that next year i have to book my tickets a lot a lot sooner because poststar is probably going to be there next year as well and hopefully next year they can take along the post star the post are three in in full image and possibly even the the post r5

Once again but that’s next year but how about this year right so the festival of speed is taking place on the 23rd of june and we’ve got a quote from thomas ingles right here and i quote goodwood is our favorite place to show our cars in enthusiastic environment comment the ceo of postar he also said this year we are thrilled to showcase the postdoc 5 going up

The hill our uk r d team is doing an amazing job developing the car and we are proud to be able to highlight their hard work for the early stages now the postdoc 5 prototype will be stationed in the first glance paddock and completed several drive up the hill during the event post our precept the concept card that is evolving into the post r5 will be on main post

Our stan together with the postar electric roadster concept and the postar 2 bst edition 270. hold on a moment in this statement apparently the pulse star electric roadster concept will also be on showcase it will also be at goodwood oh my goodness i can’t believe i didn’t get tickets i’m actually super pissed off now now i want to buy secondhand tickets online

Specifically because i really want to attend they’re going to have the poststar electric roadster concept what an opportunity i’ve missed i can’t believe this they should have announced it a lot sooner so i could get tickets because now i can’t now i can’t get tickets this is the saddest day this is honestly super sad i’m i’m super upset i would have been able to

See all of these amazing vehicles in person including the poststar electric roadster concept now the updated post r2 will be positioned in electric venue and postal will again host its exclusive test drive adjacent to the main event at malcolm where visitors will have the opportunity to book a post r2 test drive on a closed route on site oh my goodness people can

Book a test drive on site i can’t believe i missed this opportunity i am so upset with myself let me read this once more just to see if i misspoken in any way it says post our precept the concept car is evolving into the post r5 it will be on main pole star stan it will be on main pole star stan first glance paddock and completed several drives up the hill but

The post our preset will be on the main stand together with the post our electric roadster concept oh no i can’t have this i can’t i can’t have i i have to get a ticket now i have to like i don’t even have a choice i have to buy a ticket secondhand if i have to this is a must-have i have to do this the only tickets that are left is the 47 pounds per adult ticket

That’s on thursday and i’m not even in the country on that day i’m actually out of the country on that day i’m super pissed now some other important parts that i need to add to this video is that on friday the postar 2 was awarded with auto with three prizes new car of the year most love and best premium electric car in addition eco car magazine has voted the

Poster to the best electric compact executive car doing the 2022 electrified top 50 awards now as for the newly announced suv the postar 3 that’s been recently unveiled in a few images but the full reveal the full debut is in october this year we’re still quite a way away from that but this car the pulstar 3 will feature dual motor drivetrain and large battery

Pack capable target of over 600 kilometers on a single charge wltp standards and the pulse dash 3 over time will offer autonomous highway piloting powered by the in-class lidar sensor from luminar and central nvidia compute and power they’ve got nvidia computing power and a pulse star baby that’s what we’re talking about that’s what we want to see that’s what we

Like to see thank you poster thank you for making incredible cars but we’re going to finish up on this video now but last thing i’ve got to say is that i make videos on pole star almost daily and for me not to attend goodwood where i could video a lot of poststar and post about poststar is kind of a disappointment for all of us i i strongly apologize seriously i

Strongly apologize to everyone who’s watching i really am because i really am sorry because i should be there but i’m not actually i’m gonna contact paul stark and i’m gonna see if i can get a ticket for postar a special ticket for postar because i really want to attend and report all of the amazing things about postdar i’m gonna get everyone on twitter to help

Me contact postar and contact the ceo so we can get me a ticket that’s actually a great idea that’s a great idea because i need to be there to film the post our cars to attend this event i need to be there i don’t even know if post are know about my channel but if they don’t they should because this channel is dedicated to poststar baby so if anyone from poststar

Is watching please help me out we need some help thank you to everyone who’s what so far subscribe to see more and i’ll see you in the next video okay

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Polestar 5 Prototype Debuting At GoodWood Festival of Speed 2022, Polestar 02 Roadster & BST 270! By Monument