POLICE can NO LONGER Initiate a TRAFFIC STOP on Dodge Chargers for ILLEGAL TINT or other OFFENSES

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Mecklenburg county sheriff’s office has announced that it will no longer be pulling over drivers for non-moving violations deputies said that they will not be stopping drivers for things like inspection violation driving with the revoke license having window tinting that’s too dark or having a tail light out the sheriff’s office said that this change is part of

The effort to address racial inequality that has been apparent in traffic stops officers used violations minor violations mind you to profile people of color he also said that the previous policy was a heavy financial blow for lower income citizens so all that being said police will no longer be pulling over drivers for minor non-moving infractions which basically

Means that you can do whatever the you want to to your car and not worry about getting pulled over i’m loving it man let’s talk about it what’s going on guys it’s your boy knockout360 here with another video for you guys as you can tell them in a car that makes us a car vlog you already know i was going down let’s get into a man car content car shows car reviews

Car meets anything and everything car related happens on this channel so if you’re into that make sure that you stick around because you are in the right place for everyone else hit that subscribe button as well as that notification button so that you know what’s coming out and when it’s coming out man so a huge huge blow uh in favor of the car community came down

Today or a huge uh decision rather uh basically stating that uh mecklenburg county sheriff’s office has announced that it will no longer be pulling over drivers for non-moving violations non-moving violations including inspection violations in the state of north carolina now mind you this is all specific to the state of north carolina we talked about this for the

State of virginia they actually started it first to my understanding or at least i reported it first on this channel in virginia it has now moved to north carolina uh basically we can no longer be pulled over for non-moving violations such as in space action violations so in the state of north carolina once a year we have to get our car inspected that it’s uh you

Know mechanically up to date or up to par right uh you know we don’t have exhaust fumes or anything like that coming out we’ve got headlights and tail lights that’s working uh we’ve got wiper windshield wiper fluid in the car our windshield wipers work like that but that’s going to not only cost you uh however much the the shop charges to do the inspection you

Then have to file for your registration for the car after the inspection has been passed so the inspection has to be passed first then you can file for your registration for the state so that you can get your updated sticker to put on your tag which is basically a money grab right for some i mean it’s so stupid because the first year so for instance i bought this

Car brand new in 2020 so for the year 2020 i didn’t have to get an inspection because obviously it’s brand new but literally 2021 i had to get an inspection on a one-year-old car and then of course 20 22 inspection 23 which we’re about to go into inspection so that’s literally just a money grab because like in my case my last two cars have been brought brand new

And i’ve only been given one year where i was ineligible or i didn’t have to pay an inspection fee but of course the year after that you got to pay the inspection fee which is stupid because literally all they do is look at your headlights to make sure they’re working they look at your windshield wipers to make sure they’re working they look at your tail lights to

Make sure they’re working and i think to make sure that you don’t have any sort of engine codes or engine uh engine lights you know what i’m saying check engine lights if you don’t have any of that you passed 100 down the drain uh driving with the revoked license which is interesting because it’s like if your license has been revoked i don’t know if i actually

Want you on the road but apparently they can’t pull you over that either having window tinting that is too dark which means in the state of north carolina your ass can go crazy go as dark as you want five percent all the way around five percent on the front windshield limo limo tent the whole nun they cannot stop you and having a tail light that’s out so if your

Tail light is out which honestly that is kind of a hazard like you know what i’m saying like i could see how that could pose a problem to somebody getting hit like certain stuff it’s like because you know people will drag things out let’s be honest here people will drag out like there’s people driving around right now that’s had a headlight or tail light out for

The last six months and it’s like bro like you should probably get that fixed but the police can’t pull you over anymore for that non-moving violations man a lot of police officers and police departments are moving away from non-moving violations because unfortunately there’s this thing called racism and prejudice and a lot of police departments was using that to

Essentially um profile people of color like let’s just be honest here let’s just keep it a buck let’s keep it 100. overwhelmingly there’s probably a lot of black young men such as myself that drive dodge chargers and dodge challengers and one of the first things we do is go and get dark tint loud exhausts big rims the whole nine not because now let’s you know clear

The air here and let’s just be honest like not because we’re hiding anything i’m not hiding a damn thing in this car i just like how my tent looks on my car you know what i’m saying you have nothing to worry about my car i’m a concealed carry holder i keep my concealed carry permit on me at all time uh if you are a concealed carry holder obviously you’ve got to be

On the up and up as far as the police concerned in order to uh qualify for that so everything that i do is on the up and up but i like to have my tent dark and it just it’s a dope look i like the look of it personally and honestly i don’t want anybody looking inside of my car and because normally i’m riding with my camera equipment thousands of dollars worth of

Camera equipment i don’t want your punk ass peeking in so that’s you know the reason too um but on the stereotypical side people think that people have dark tint because they’re hiding something some something illegal guns drugs that’s not always the case in fact that’s probably not even 95 percent of the cases there like 98 two percent probably so but the other

98 they just want the look of it everybody in my car club that i know that has dark illegal tent you know it’s one of those things like it’s just for the look they’re not hiding anything these are family men and women that have family so on and so forth so it’s like we’re not hiding anything let’s just keep it real but police officers have used that and police

Departments have used that as a reason to pull you over and not only pull you over but further harass you and further escalate the situation because you can imagine if they pull you over for tent like it’s one of those things like if they can’t pull you over for speeding they look at your car and they say okay he’s got illegal tent so that’s my that’s my gateway

Into pulling him over and seeing what’s in his car so that i can be nosy and stick my nose in there and smell around and stick my flashlight in there and harass the driver and see what i can basically find you know what i’m saying it’s one of those things like if you go looking for something you may find something and at the very worst or at the absolute worst if i

Can’t find anything i can still hit you with a 180 tent ticket you know what i’m saying which in the state of north carolina if you get uh pulled over for tent that’s considered uh i think it’s like hazardous driving equipment or something like that faulty driving equipment it’s something like that it’s the equivalent of like uh whenever people slam their cars and

They’re too low to drive and it’s like uh unsafe or improper driving or something like that and that’s like a 180 dollar ticket right there that you that you got to pay which has nothing to do with the safety of the car that’s strictly a money grab for the city let’s just be honest here because in a lot of cases if you want to take it to the top of the top and say

That you want to get a lawyer and fight it now you got to hire a lawyer you got to pay lawyer fees you got to pay court fees just to get a 180 ticket thrown out which from 180 dollars made you know springboard to 5 600 with lawyer fees and court costs and all that it serves no purpose let’s just be honest here that’s a money grab for a lot of police departments

And a lot of uh um you know municipalities it’s just a money grab um with that being said to my understanding they can no longer do that but there’s a caveat and the caveat is let’s be honest here let’s just be 100 percent if they want to pull you over they’re going to pull you over i can sit here and spew all of this bs that i’m reading from uh wsoc tv.com

Which is a news uh broadcasting station in the state of uh charlotte north carolina i can read all of this beautiful you know poetry here poetry to my ears poetry to your ears if you’re in the state of north carolina but the fact of the matter is is that police officers are ultimately going to do what they choose to do and when they pull you over for tent that’s

Not the time to be pulling out your phone and referencing your wsoc tv article or whatever the case may be right like it’s still you still got pulled over they’re still gonna with you you know what i’m saying like uh one of my homeboys reposted this on his instagram and he literally just got pulled over for tent now his is like limo tint so it’s it’s obvious but

He just got pulled over for 10 uh two or three weeks ago and uh you know i hit him in the dm and i was like you know this is a win for us and he was like yeah it’s a win but you know police officers are going to do what they want and that’s honest to god true um even if you don’t get a tent or a ticket for tent it’s still one of those things like i pulled you over

Roll your windows down let me see what you got in the car so ultimately police officers are going to do what they want to do uh when it comes to stuff like that there’s always a caveat to that but as far as the law is concerned as far as the letter of the law is concerned as far as the you know in writing it states from uh uh mecklenburg county sheriff’s office

That they can no longer pull over drivers for non-moving violations so if you’re speeding obviously you can get pulled over if you’re reckless driving doing some stupid obviously you can get pulled over because that’s a hazard uh to you know pedestrians drivers what have you but if you have a tent on your car uh underglow on your car because i think in the state

Of north carolina we can’t have red or blue underglow because that’s the fire department and the police department you can’t have those two colors obviously you know every uh rgb uh uh board or whatever that comes with the lights and like that has those colors it’s just you can’t get caught with those colors on you know because that’s illegal so i’m assuming

That falls into that category tent obviously um headlight tail light out obviously um those things fall into that or fall under that uh that statute where they can no longer be pulling people over but like i said let’s just be honest here they’re gonna do what they want to do so it is what it is man on paper idealistically speaking this is dope you know what

I’m saying but whether or not this is going to fly when you get pulled over by a cop i don’t know good luck uh this is specific to this may only be specific to charlotte to be honest with you because uh it just says mecklenburg county sheriff’s office then that’s specific to charlotte so this may only be specific to charlotte not even north carolina but it’s a

Small step in the right direction we talked about a video like this uh probably last year where virginia was doing this virginia had uh adopted this kind of you know uh uh principle or whatever where they’re no longer pulling over people for non-moving violations in effort to thwart uh uh prejudice you know racial prejudice um because overwhelmingly these police

Officers were sitting back and looking at cars and saying looks like a thug car to me let me pull it over and see what’s got to see what’s going on on the inside let’s just be honest here chargers challengers durangos scat packs hellcats rts you know there’s a there’s one particular group of people that drive those cars overwhelmingly you know black so you know

You could be a cop and it’s like okay let me pull that charger or that challenger over and see what’s going on it’s probably some drugs and there are some keys and it’s like it’s not like it’s a family you know but uh they’re stopping that in the city of charlotte or whether the case may be because of that uh stopping in virginia hopefully like this will spread

You know city-wide statewide country wide because at the end of the day let’s just be honest here i mean it’s a money grab because people aren’t because you just got to think about it like if someone’s got a legal tent on their car and you pull them over and hit them with the ticket that’s 180 for the ticket or whatever that you got to pay you know or they

Can choose to well you got to pay the ticket regardless or and they want you to take the 10 off well that’s going to cost 100 150 plus to have the tent taken off so you got to take it to a tent shop and then have the tent taken off that’s 180 plus 150 on top and then if you decide that you want tent again on the car because nobody wants to drive around in a damn

Fishbowl that’s another 200 plus dollars that you got to have so it’s all a money grab at the end of the day i mean certain things i can understand honestly i can understand the headlight and the tail light thing i can understand being pulled over but i can’t understand why you would you know give somebody a a a a ticket that would be some sort of financial burden

To them because it’s like just give them a give them a warning let them know hey listen get your damn tail light fixed get your headlight fixed uh otherwise you know the next one is going to be maybe i just contradicted myself on that i don’t know i don’t know but it’s like you know some of the stuff that that you get pulled over for is so minor and so just kind

Of petty it’s just like you’re really gonna charge me 180 for tent in some cases it’s more than that i think uh one of my homeboys got hit in uh in uh what part of north carolina was that harrisburg north carolina which is like right outside of charlotte like not even outside of charlotte like it’s on the damn outskirts of charlotte and i think he paid like 280

For it it’s just like bro come on come on i’m not hurting anybody with tint on my car i’m not bothering anybody i’m not you know uh uh disturbing the peace i’m not affecting anybody like come on bro you know this looks good on my car i’m not hiding anything i’m not a drug dealer it’s just a nice car i want the tent to look dope i’ve got the stripes on it i’ve

Got the rims on it you know i just want my car to look good man like why you hit me with a 300 tent ticket and i’m sure there’ll be some of you out there that’s like well it’s illegal if it’s illegal then you can’t do it well you got me there i have no argument for that but it’s a step in the right direction hopefully more police departments and uh um you know

State troopers highway patrol departments all that will start to take heed and take notice of this you know what i’m saying just because uh i personally think it’s a step in the right direction now mind you my opinion is biased because i’m a car guy and uh you guys know the type of car that i drive but i mean some stuff is just minor and petty and uh i do think

That in some cases it does lead to uh um profiling especially when you look at the type of car and you sit back and say okay so this car looks like it’s probably going to have something in it well that’s not always true i understand the police officer using his instincts and stuff like that but that’s not always the case a lot of times it’s just a situation of i

Know what color person is driving that car and there’s a chance that there’s something in there that’s illegal i don’t know but uh literally on the wsoc page and i’ll put this uh link in the description for you guys that care uh they’re stopping this and a lot of departments across the country are stopping this i mean a lot of departments and even in greensboro

Greensboro north carolina they stopped this a while ago they stopped this uh right after the uh philando castile situation that took place in uh i believe it was minnesota and that was in like uh 2015-16-17 because of stuff like that like they just don’t want police officers to have unnecessary interactions with the public because things get escalated and then

Before you know it a pedestrian is shot and killed all because of a traffic ticket or a traffic stop that went south now granted some of you will say that that’s on the pedestrian for escalating it not always the case if you ask me i think it’s it can go either way i think some police officers escalated just as much as pedestrians do but a lot of departments are

Trying to protect themselves and uh no longer be culpable or liable for uh what could happen or the the possibility of the fact that things could escalate by limiting those interactions between uh pedestrians motorists and police officers if it’s a non-moving violation you know if it’s something petty and simple and and kind of silly to be pulled over for but if

You are speeding reckless driving out there crazy you can bet you’re going to get pulled over you’re going to get hit with the ticket um sheriff uh mecklenburg or whatever the case may be they’re taking a step in the right direction hopefully you know every police officer will adopt this but uh you know you know how that goes it’s you know you just know how that

Goes maybe they will maybe they won’t but there’s always ways to bend and break the law uh when you really want to get something or get somebody so it’s a step in the right direction i with it i like it because obviously i live in the uh in the city and this benefits me so uh you know i can keep my windows rolled up when they pull up next to me instead of rolling

Them down and it’s six degrees outside looking stupid but uh you know you know the protocol everybody does that whenever they pull up next to you sunroof roll the windows down it’s five degrees outside you’re sitting there looking stupid with your hand on the wheels like that yeah i’ve been there too actually i was there today now that i think about it but uh as

Always guys like subscribe comment talk to me uh is your police department doing this is your jurisdiction doing this have you heard about this how do you feel about this do you like it i think it’s a trend in the right direction just because it’s limiting those interactions between police and the people and i think the less that they deal with us and we deal with

Them i think we’ll be okay especially for the for the small petty stuff but um you know not everybody feels that way so talk to your boy man like subscribe comment it’s been your boy knockout360 i’ll see you in the next one peace

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POLICE can NO LONGER Initiate a TRAFFIC STOP on Dodge Charger's for ILLEGAL TINT or other OFFENSES!! By Knockout 360