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What is going on guys welcome back to man like ricky and you join me back at the unit with the man himself sydnor third episode can you believe it come down for the first time i drove again again and i had to turn around mate i’m gonna i keep trying to say something if you just hang around for an hour or two yeah get a few done but you know me i just yeah he’s

Quick he’s good pretty quick i thought today we’ll do a police chase reaction so guys we are going to react to a video called brand new lds3 police chase 165 miles per hour on the m1 so enjoy the video can’t slow me down light speed hum now keep up when i speed up see your future that’s my part see the smoke when i drive guys remember sunday 10 30 something’s

Gonna be winning this audi rs3 for one pounds 99p that’s either tonight at 10 30 or tomorrow at 10 30. it’s finished in nardo gray it’s running 550 horsepower stays too tuned it’s got the lightweight motec alloys with brembo brakes all round panoramic roof virtual display it’s got the flat bottom steering wheel you can see full maximum body kit with the gloss

Black grilles we’ve got forged upgraded intercooler forged upgraded turbo elbow we’ve got eventually intake system and apr spark plugs guys this is an unbelievable car and somebody will be winning it for 1.99 so i’ll see you on the live draw at 10 30. these cops from six forces he’s caught on a 100 mile chase do you say right i thought it was going to be a gang

Gang one did i mean yeah some maybe didn’t even get away your ends isn’t it traffic cop stuart smith receives a call about a suspected stolen car this is 340d or something has he got his in-cabin from 150 to 160 miles an hour stewart joins sergeant scott riley to form a blockade on the m13 is atm machines or high-value robberies so we’re thinking this is

Gonna be a big job well them guys are trying to get away is thus with the audi forcing its way past stuart needs to stay behind the car until desperate guys yeah if he gets caught big big bird is this car is going so quickly i can hear on the radio they’re talking about putting stinger sights up in the next county and i’m mentioning her within minutes it was

Really passing through the next county the whole time i’m hoping this car stays on the motorway all the way into london and we can get more units behind it and you’ve got to do a backlash the risks go up so i’m backing away now i’m dropping my speed off still maintaining a high speed so i’m close to it should it come to a stop or or something to happen but

The main observations at this point from the helicopter and helicopter will take over hey turn you’ve still got uh yes um oh the helicopter tracks the runners with i’m in the dark a little bit i’m in leicestershire now this is a different character i’ve never been here before so i’m running into the unknown yeah we’ve got the units now arriving stewart helps

Coordinate officers on this come on quickly look at him all that chasing and you’re not even grabbing him as soon as you’ve got a helicopter you may as well just stop there’s no chance of getting away from the helicopter especially with the thermal imaging even through trees you can even see where you’ve been with the heat signatures that you leave on the ground

It’s there’s no escaping it’s peaking it’s like what’s the point right what is the point yeah but why are they sneaking around just run through the fields yeah they probably don’t even know the choppers above i don’t know yeah but they should have split they’ve i went and arrested done person some of them were a bit lippy towards me the full suspects are all

Teenagers moments later the police helicopter spots another heat signature go across the garden he had no idea how close to death he was they didn’t see the reasons why we were arresting him he didn’t understand or seem to think it was that much of a bigger deal through 50 grams of drugs out the window like you know no insurance absolutely ridiculous the

Lives you put at risk all these occupants himself he could have watched every occupant of that car all of that for none just because he didn’t want a 200 pound fine with his car seat i mean i don’t condone it they should have deserved what they got but at the same time if you’re going to do a runner from the feds like they just all stay together you should’ve

Gone male 1 yeah about the figures you’re in that unknown area right bro they already know it’s done isn’t it like you’re getting caught in it they’re just running for the sakes of it it’s just you know just stuff as i say look they stayed up apparently they dust because of no insurance like look at that all those lifestyle risks yeah the point i’m trying to make

Is look at what people are willing to do anyone who even attempts or thinks about doing that well there you go there’s the consequences yeah did it say they went jail or anything or i think i read up about this i think that you’ll think one of them did go joke that’s not a community service thing no police chase in west midlands march 25th 2020. oh lockdown man

Had enough of staying in his yard sounds like a fake siren didn’t it then laser guns okay wrong side of the road in that yeah oh we’ve got a smart one isn’t it this guy should just be on the ground you know like green lanes yeah oh he’s going around the estates there’s stitches yeah oh oh feds are moving oh i bet he’s near his house 140 bikes no he’s

A dead rider yeah yeah my damn i’ve never seen a spike strip used on the mic that’s what i would say i’ve he just wasn’t wise enough so guys i’m gonna end the video there’s always if you enjoyed it hit the thumbs up subscribe if you’re new and make sure to check out syd north on youtube got a sick sick car channel if you like fast cars and you like sick driving

This is your man yes check them out thank you thank you for having me on i’m on bro that’s fun until next time until next time ladies when i speed up see your future that’s my past yeah see the smoke when i drive fast living life fast see ya she’s in my car oh well that’s your girl in my hotel that’s five stars disappear

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