Porsche 718 Boxster Review- NEW BOXSTER

The Porsche 718 Boxster and Boxster S is the latest evolution of the mid-engine sports car from Porsche. After 20 years, Porsche has replaced the flat-six Boxer engine with two new 4-cylinder turbo engines, producing 300 or 350hp. This latest Boxster has better handling a new suspension and steering to make it feel even better. the biggest change is the sound of the engine. The new Boxster or Boxter is now called the 718.

This is the latest boxster now called the 718 boxster why is it called the 718 well because porsche had a race car back in the 50s and 60 was actually their very first custom-built race car built on the 550 it was called the 718 and it had a four-cylinder engine in the back and it won all kinds of races over a thousand races for porsche so when porsche decided to

Take the boxster and put a four-cylinder turbocharged engine in the back of the boxster they thought while we might as well name it after that famous race car so 718 boxster or boxster s now these cars have four-cylinder turbocharged engines and they’re different from each other we’ll explain that in a moment now the car looks similar to the existing boxster but

There’s really only a few items that have been held over the hood in the front and the convertible roof everything else is new in the front you see a much more aggressive spoiler it’s a deeper spoiler it has bigger air openings the headlights you can get the quad led daytime running lights which really do look smart around the back maybe a little controversial

Porsches going to this way of basically naming everything on the back of the card says porsche says 718 it says boxster a boxster s i think what’s going to eventually happen is they’ll take all of that off and just put the price that you paid for the car on the back that’s really what all that advertising is about you’re paying for the more expensive model you

Want everybody to know much more muscular looking at the back the wheels have been pushed out to make room you would think it would be less room for a four-cylinder turbo but not the case this engine is actually takes up a little bit more space than the outgoing six-cylinder so we’re here in portugal we’re going to take it for a drive and find out if four cylinders

Is up to the job of an old six-cylinder the adaptive chassis of the higher performance and the higher torque of the new engine concept and so we need a better suspension and for a better performance for white and chemically and that was an engineering goal to go in a performance and driving performance with a new generation now before we get driving i just talked

About the inside quickly not many changes here the 718 gets a different pcm porsche communications management system there’s two levels of connectivity it comes with a new seven-inch flush mount screen which looks a little bit better comes with apple carplay but no android auto and not sure that’s ever going to come different steering wheels as well and there’s

A new dial here for the different sport modes if you get the sport chronos package and we’re going to test that out so really nothing much to say about the inside other than the screen and it’s got a new connectivity and even available lte connection inside the car to put your device on – so let’s fire this thing up and the first thing you’ll notice is a different

Sound now you have to give portia credit for being able to take either a 2-liter or a two and a half liter four-cylinder and make it sound as close as they could to the old six-cylinder now nothing is ever going to replace the sound of a flat six porsche engine but this car after a couple of hundred kilometres especially driving on beautiful roads like we are here

In portugal you kind of forget about the old car and just embrace what they’ve done here and it has a throat enos to it but as i mentioned it’s never going to be like the old car so just embrace what’s new and there’s a lot to enjoy here i mean a lot so just like that 718 race car that had a four-cylinder engine that was only one and a half liters way back in the

Late 50s early 60s this is either a 2 liter on the base 718 boxster and it has 300 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque or you can get the s which is the one i would always go for it has 350 horsepower and 309 pounds of torque and the nice thing about both engines is maximum torque comes on around 1900 rpm all the way to 4500 rpm and that’s what they’ve been

Able to do with this car is to provide much more usable and tractable torque through a wider range i’ve had a chance to drive the s today with the manual which is so buttery smooth and it’s still the six-speed they didn’t go to the 7-speed like in the 911 which i prefer the six-speed over the 7-speed all day long it’s so buttery smooth and you can actually when

You’re driving and we have in the city at sort of 50 70 kilometres an hour you can just leave it in one of the higher gears and it does a fantastic job now i’m in the pdk car and you drop a gear and you give it a kick and it just sounds fantastic and is lightning quick but it gets much better fuel economy which is really the whole exercise here this portion needs

To improve their fuel economy and they’ve done that now let’s talk about the weight you would think with a four-cylinder cars got to be lighter right not the case this car is actually five kilos heavier because they had to add in all the cooling and everything for the inner coolers for the turbos and the packaging of the engine is just a little bit bigger than the

Six cylinder and because of that they’ve had to modify the rear suspension they put in wider wheels they’re a half inch wider in the back and they modify the overall suspension even though the platform remains pretty much the same the steering is much quicker 10% quicker than the older car and they’re using in here the same setup that you get in the 911 turbo is

The same steering setup here in the boxster so that’s pretty good company pasm is a suspension system you can get which drops the suspension down by 20 millimeters and that definitely gives the car a more muscular look but also some great handling as well so that’s available in the boxster or the 718 boxster for the first time also there’s a button here on the

Steering wheel and when you push that for a short period of time 20 seconds it keeps the turbochargers at the optimum pressure for that 20 seconds and also optimizes the transmission to give you the best passing power now this car is quick it can go to 100 kilometres an hour in the base engine in 4.7 seconds and with the s model it can get to 100 kilometres an

Hour in just 4.2 seconds so the big question is this an upgrade over the existing beautiful flat six engine that’s in the current boxster and boxster s well yes it’s better it’s more powerful it has more torque it delivers a much more enjoyable driving experience the only knock against it is the sound and you’ll get used to that in a hurry once you start throwing

It into corners like i am now it really is wonderful and it’s amazing that they can actually make it sound like it does it’s pretty good stuff so this porsche boxster starts at roughly $64,000 for the base unit you want to get the s which is the one i recommend you get starts at 78 now anybody that’s ever shot for a porsche online or in person knows you have to

Add on all kinds of extra features and they can get quite expensive now granted this is not an inexpensive car but in reference to the 911 it is quite a bit cheaper porsche boxster s i think is the best value in the porsche lineup you get two trunks you get a convertible all the standard equipment and if you go for the s you get all kinds of power it’s amazing

What they’ve been able to do here kudos to the engineers that pull this off three hundred and three hundred and fifty horsepower from a four-cylinder turbocharged engine with amazing torque and a quicker steering ratio the car feels lighter on its feet and it does everything well the exhaust note does take a little bit of time to get used to but after a couple of

Hundred kilometres you forget all about it and just enjoy what is still a fantastic product thanks for watching and please subscribe if you’d like to watch an interview with walter rule legendary wrc champion and porsche development driver click the picture on the left you

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