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Porsche 718 Cayman Full Tour Plus Start Up

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Foreign so what is happening guys i do welcome to my channel it’s your boy and i’m back again to sunday so you know it’s all about cars today we happen to have a porsche 718 cayman 2.0 petrol this is the v4 or the four cylinder which comes in this beautiful crayon color and it’s got some black walls that pick up the color as you guys can see the color under

The lights is beautiful it’s a 700 pound paint option and whatever expect this car done a good job so the wheels come in that black which is kind of got a bit of a matte to it and you’ve got the still brakes and the black colored paws as well i think i’d prefer the red calipers if i’m honest then as we move towards the front there you guys can see you’ve got the

Uh um you’ve got the lights as well which are the zen lights with the led daytime lights as well then you’ve also got the vents at the front there as you move along as well you’ve got the beautiful porsche stick as well and the key as well which is the same as the car itself as well as i just popped the boot open there this car happens to have a front and i think

I did struggle to open it as you guys can see there you can fit quite a few bags i’ll probably say maybe four travel bags it’s quite deep as well you’ve got your porsche tire repair kit then you’ve also got your other bits as well in case you break down as well and then you’ve got your your water which goes in there for the wipers as well then you’ve got your oil

For this car it’s a mid-engine set up as well which means it’s a very good car for pushing it on b roads it feels agile it’s small it’s got a very s it’s got a small body printer which means it doesn’t take much even the wings as well the wing mirrors just seem to be designed with everything all of our air and that’s the air intake as well for the engines there

Which channels all the air to the mid engine which is set at the bottom as we move back into ourselves here you’re able to take in the shape of the car as well that’s the back wheels there which are 265 profiles on michelin sport then you’ve got the smoked lights at the back there you guys can see the lovely you know um design then you’ve also got your spoiler

That’s been raised which looks nice in that position and you’ve also got porsche as well me myself i think i prefer the 2.5 liter you’ve got the twin exhaust in the middle section as well and this car also has oh i think i was trying to uh open the boot here so this car also has a boot as well so which means you’re able to carry more luggage space as well and as

We open it there you can see it’s about 250 liters of space there which is enough to put at least maybe one medium size suitcase you also have that part as well over there so you’re able to also lay other things such as toiletry bags as well and as we move back to close it it’s a very impressive little car i like how they’ve managed to use such a small car in a

Smart way and find spaces of storage as we close out nicely and as we move back as well so this car has got um foreign so what is happening guys i do welcome to my channel it’s your boy and i’m back again so guys here we are today you find me again in lucas premium in shieldfield shout out to them so today we’re looking at the porsche

Cayman the 718 the two liter this is the base spec and i’ve got to say to you the colors you guys have seen the color is beautiful it comes in this crayon porch which is beautiful it’s glossy it shines beautiful under these lights of the showroom and you know the car’s got a lot of space in terms of height when you’re sitting you feel like you’re sitting low

There’s i’ve got like loads of headroom legroom is fine as well i would love a bit i suppose a bit more like legroom but you know i can’t really complain i think the only thing with this car is um the chairs are thin and it’s designed for a smaller person if you look at my shoulders i’ve got very broad shoulders and the chairs are very narrow and you also feel

Like you’re sitting shoulder to shoulder if i was another person as big as i am next to me would definitely be sitting short of the shoulder so i think this car is designed for smaller people that are shorter and if you want to get like a a much more bigger car from the porsche brand then you’re best getting me 911 as well and yeah it’s a beautiful car i love it

So what we’ll do is guys i’ll turn the car i’ll turn the camera around and i’ll show you guys the interior and we’ll just go from there right guys so after revving the car i’ve got to say the car does sound nice and fruity you can buy a customized exhaust and you know make the car a bit louder though i think with the porsche you don’t want to do that unless it’s

Got like a a v6 or an inline six engine so in terms of the car overall what do i think about the car the car is capable of i think putting a smile on anyone’s face i think if you don’t drive a fast car i don’t drive a fast car my car’s only 150 horsepower so going from that to this i think it will definitely feel fast 5.3 seconds is still pretty quick what i

Like about the car is it’s got like um the red line at 7 500 revs per minute which gives you that natural aspirated um characteristic which you know um is nice because then you can let the engine scream and also also after revving the car i’ve got to say the throttle response is very good the way they’ve calibrated the throttle response i put like probably like

15 percent you know of my foot down and the rev candle is just spiking up so quickly so it’s nice to see that as well and also it doesn’t have a soft limiter so you can still rev it up to i think four and a half thousand revs at idle and in terms of the cabin itself the cabin is is very economical everything is within my reach i love the uh the view from inside

Looking outside i don’t feel like there’s any obstruction the car is just beautiful it’s got that sports dna and you can feel it when you look at the the cabin when you touch the materials everything has kind of got that sporty um dna about it for example if you look at this tannin over here you know it’s got that sportiness you know just the the shape of it

Like it’s designed with purpose and even the cup holders and just everything even the screen itself as well like it’s it’s it’s just mechanically sound i cannot really fault this car whatsoever the case is now the infotainment does feel a bit like danger i’ve got to say but apart from that you know um i can’t really complain it does feel responsive um i think i

Might have to come off there so it does feel responsive but at the same time it feels weird because then you’ve got to you know you’ve got to um you know press the buttons i’m not using like just touchscreen but you can also like do it as a touchscreen so for example you can go into car you can configure the car because the car is not turned on that’s why i can’t

Select quite a lot of things but you’re able to you know uh configure quite a lot of settings here you’re able to change the car’s um characteristic from comfort to sport you know um but yeah it does feel a bit dated when you look at that but then again nowadays you’ve got apple car placed so you can just probably just use that and what else man what else one as

Well as what else so i forgot to nav it gives you that it’s not bad to be able to go online as well if you want to but apart from that setting up feeling a bit dated everything else feels nice i love these buttons on the steering wheel they’re nice we’ll come outside and look at the lights as well how they look like and just yeah thanks for watching guys just

Want to say appreciate all the love make sure you guys subscribe for some more content and i will see you guys soon god bless man love

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Porsche 718 Cayman Full Tour Plus Start Up By Kona85