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Porsche 718 Cayman GTS – 4-Pot But Fun | Faisal Khan

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I drive the Porsche 718 Cayman GTS on the Buddh International Circuit.

Hi guys follow me on instagram to never ever miss any of my crazy updates and this is the cayman gts gaming genius looks beautiful doesn’t it this blue color really suits it it is the seven one eight the reason four seven one eight is obvious there is some history for porsche of its seven one eight and as the reason they have seven one eight the time our honor

It took a lady to be if it’s fixed alright we are in the porsche cayman gts and i’m already at 4,000 rpm in the pitlane gearbox shifting very fast in first gear as soon as we get out of the pit lane i am going to mash this water and let’s see where it goes i think it’s going to fly and here we go beautiful exhaust note of course i have already reviewed this car

Earlier in the form of the boxster and this is the cayman the difference is well this is not a convertible boxster is always a convertible this is not what happened a check ticket 7000rpm it’s pure orgasm once you hit 7000 rpm even in a four-cylinder engine car 365 horsepower i believe and it’s a 2.5 liter engine and here we go on to the throttle absolutely

Fools yeah the acceleration is real the way this motor pose is just something else and obviously expectedly because i mean it has been tuned beautifully well now look at this fluidity it is just so freaking is higher than the car ahead hit one of the chords and this up shipping happening because of stones flying so we need to back off a bit and here we go onto

The throttle it is loud okay let’s get on to the ships our cell will be our into third gear breaking into second beautifully fluid reeks of a great amount of bite through the corner and manage the throttle the balance is just wow the way this card balances itself is just amazing i mean it feels so nimble so agile and yet it feels so communicative as well the level

Of communication from this motor as well as the steering is mind-boggling and you can feel every inch of the road that’s why even with a four-cylinder engine now i’ll tell you the story with the newer model obviously porsche has gone downsizing and because of downsizing with that is the trend nowadays so when downsizing happened six cylinders became full but still

In spite of having four cylinders it still manages to be so freakin powerful and punchy and really you know my hair is standing on my hand that is the level of performance yeah that is how good the motor is or i’ll have to all get it is now through this okay it is so fluid look at the fluidity absolutely fluid now i can obviously get hard without you but i tell

You what there’s a difference in of the acceleration numbers now if you opt for the sport chrono package which by the because a lot of money you can increase the performance and i think point to second is fast as you go into a bit of power the way cool the balance is so sensational the bridge of a showboater stopping power and through this car look at it okay

Look beauty what a beauty it just hurts in two corners there is no rose there’s no pitch there’s no your just trade the line acceleration and pinpoint accuracy through the corners that’s how it does it i mean it is absolutely wow okay now we need to punch this hard and fast then it was what a beauty what a car guys and girls this is the porsche cayman gts and

Trust me i am in love with the color but how is lamb in love with the car as well the home chips are so aggressive now i’m manually doing it of course but now in force good i don’t know why you don’t feel the wait in the car everything feels so balanced even mid corner it transfers the way it’s so beautifully well that you barely realize what is happening because

Everything is so smoothly done great job pasha a great job and here we are in the pit lane so how was the drive bumpy well obviously we are in sport over here in sport mod obviously the suspension stiffens up and then expectedly the ride is gonna get a bit of bumpy that’s it guys if you like this video you know what you have to do give it a thumbs up that’s a like

Button and also subscribe to the channel i will see you guys in the next video real soon that’s the end of this video ba-bah

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Porsche 718 Cayman GTS – 4-Pot But Fun! | Faisal Khan By Faisal Khan