Porsche 718 Spyder Joins INSANE SUPERCAR Lineup – Rally to ROAR Before Rolex 24 Races – Long Version

The peeps from @GTRallyOfficial and I meetup and rally to Roar Before Rolex 24 in Daytona Beach, FL. Joining us were some amazing cars such as the Aventador SV, Ferrari 488, Mclaren 570s, Porsche GT3, GT3RS, and Toyota Supra; along side many other awesome cars.

Good morning youtube heading out to gt rally five a pretty cloudy day today so it looks like it’s gonna rain see you guys there i was surprised because even though it was a rainy day it was a really good turnout for the rally what’s up man i think the combination of lava orange carbon fiber and black on this gt3 rs looks really good and i think that the canards

Get a very aggressive look hey guys i should probably record more but it’s really cold and windy up here so i’m having trouble recording guys so this sv just showed up ceo danny’s mclaren looks like we’re heading out so all the cars are lining up oh yeah got the rigged car here getting those shots the whole crew’s out danny’s car got the sv got the

Miata weather’s not stopping us today guys whether it’s not stopping us today got my car out here looking clean got these guys gt3 rs lava orange it sounds really good yeah man i’m i’m in love with that exhaust it’s all exhausting that uh what what brand is it so salt salt salt yeah so that’s a soul exhaust that sounds crazy man jesus christ yeah especially

When you get up at the 8 000 you know rpm everything on the side you’d be surprised like if you look at a regular multiplier and see i was thinking about getting a the sound you jcr yeah through speakers and stuff it’s totally it’s always totally different in person so yeah i watched the video and they went over like seven or six different ones and like it’s hard

To judge i was going with either jcr or akakovich yeah but i mean i hear the soul that he has and it sounds crazy yeah even though it’s a different engine so i don’t know like if it’s really going to be like the same results because the spiders have the stone yeah it’s a flat six it’s the carrera engine yeah how long have you had the car uh since september okay

Nice check it out yeah yeah i have like seven thousand miles on it already man oh wow yeah did you buy it new yeah oh nice yeah what year is it uh the part that sucks about the market right now on most you know sports cars collector cars whatever is that people are everybody now because the prices have went up so much in the past like you know 12 to 16 months

Like everybody’s just like oh my the value of the car yeah oh you know it’s went up so much but i mean ultimately especially courses like they’re built to be you know made to be driven so i don’t know in my opinion people that don’t put miles on the car like you’re gonna regret it and you’re gonna you know but then i look at the prices like i saw the department

Thing and i saw some guy selling um one that had a similar respect to mine except that he had pcc bees for 169. one so yeah might be at the gt4 coming out oh yeah i can’t wait to see those i prior to that one or no that’s my first one before i had like a miano it was fun to drive but yeah yeah were you able to order that car yeah i ordered i waited a year oh nice

That’s awesome it was hard to actually like get the allocation to i went to like three different dealerships what yellow is that uh racing yellow racing out okay yeah cause i didn’t think it was speed yellow out of kind of all the stuff that’s on the market how did you decide on that one i just first of all i always liked the spider the corvette c8 everybody has

It supra no there’s no choices there are really no choices yeah yeah um the other thing maybe like put 40 what 50 000 more dollars and get like a mclaren like uh five what is it yeah 570. but i don’t know yeah so we have arrived at daytona getting our tickets checked and we’re about to get into the uh speedway hey what’s up youtube i went ahead and switched

Cameras more cars rolling in so here we go matt what up lewis what’s going on this is crazy is thank you for watching feel free to leave a comment subscribe and hit the bell for notifications you

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Porsche 718 Spyder Joins INSANE SUPERCAR Lineup – Rally to ROAR Before Rolex 24 Races – Long Version By Scott Leonard