DMB collections Dean Bartle review the brand new Porsche 718 Spyder

So casually keep diving into comfy sofas sweet hi welcome back is dean here at dmv collection and today we have this fantastic seven one eight gt for you can see behind me there in black it is a absolutely beautiful stunning example the specification on this is absolutely incredible and without a doubt one of my personal favorite all-time driving cars check

This out take a look at this fabulous cow just look at those humps on the back of the seven one eight spider there which of course represents that of the old 911 which of course had the old swamps which was of course the original spider and i think that looks absolutely incredible especially with it being a convertible as well of course the hoods are much more

Easier to work to operate now but as you can see this looks awesome in black especially with these satin black wheels as well yeah for your look inside the car you’ve got the lovely 9 1/8 bucket seats inside there as well and it’s been very very tastefully done inside as well with all the contrasting yellow dials the yellow claw oversee the sports corner clock

In there as well all the yellow stitching as well throughout the entire car so it’s been really really well spect including the carbon fiber interior as well but of course you’ve got bose sound system look at the headrests with the yellow stitching and the spider emblems on there as well it looks fabulous of course now they’ve made this more powerful by adding

A 4 liter engine as opposed to the the last car of course which is a 3.8 liter engine that produced 370 brake horsepower so this is now up a whole 50 brake horsepower more as well obviously can you imagine a 4 liter in a car that literally wears nixon off in and of course it’s mid-engine which of course means that the cars handling is absolutely incredible the

Porsche 7 1 8 spyder is definitely one of the best all-time roasters in the world so one of the coolest features i do like on this car is the actual gearbox on this of course it’s a six-speed very close knit gearbox but as you change here in some of these cars especially pause to seem to do it very very well indeed to me it reminds me a little bit when all the

Russian action bought right you know the overture know is that you’re getting is that click click that real show positive gear change that you get with a simple fire absolutely glorious thing is today as well it’s the perfect day take now was this so obviously because i’m exposed myself i did drive and obviously the original speech there we have one in which

Is an f registered car and i never ever figured that one is in god read became in this was probably about 2002 the curbs of brazil 35,000 pounds and it only with about twenty thousand and then when i’m trying to customer the customer but they enjoyed it for a while but for some reason he brought it back within 12 weeks and we brought it back of him and again we

Sold him that was 2002 that car today is probably worth two hundred thousand pounds how about you wish you get a kept in that’s for sure but one of the things i do remember as well of course his back is all around 2010 they brought out a first popular spider which again i’m the same homs on the back but the roof mechanism was quite difficult to assemble so it had

To be done really we saw two people again today that’s a 1987 model and that was in 3.4 i believe that one despised those so there again all in bali the residuals on any bomber spider was very very strong indeed obviously the box out then the 91 and of course a 981 spider which was a 3.8 liter 373 across power car that came out slightly better route mechanism on

That one he did have an electric lights on that one and this one is pretty much the same as the muscle really the whole mechanism is quite good what you have to help manipulating just a clip into place small we’re serving with the car so given this is obviously built originally as a convertible all the rigidity of course is put in the right places on all these

Portions which again think handling of this survive so i hope you’ve enjoyed this short little video just giving you a little bit of an insight into how fabulous at 7 1 8 spider is indeed please do remember guys subscribe we’ve got lots and lots of great content coming your way next up we’ve actually got a fabulous sls coming out as well that’s an incredible

Car – please do subscribe again and hopefully we’ll see you on the next one i don’t know if i forgive you i wanna be floating in space

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