Porsche Boxster Spyder review – see why its the most fun Porsche EVER

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Forget everything bad people have said about the boxster it’s such a hairdresser’s car it’s poor man’s 911. its engine now only has four cylinders and a porsche is supposed to have six because this is the very special spider version and it is quite possibly the best sports car porsche currently makes and in this video i’m going to explain why buying a new car

Head to car wow to get offers from the uk’s top dealers car wow dot co dot uk the car buying comparison site the normal porsche boxster and boxster s have four cylinder turbocharged engines which are powerful but a little bit bland and not very porsche like really this though has a new four liter naturally aspirated flat six it’s the same engine that you get in

The new gts only in this is tuned to 420 horsepower and 420 newton meters of torque and that torque peaks at 5000 rpm which means you have to rev this engine in fact it redlines at 8 000 rpm top speed is 187 miles an hour whether the roof is up or down according to porsche’s car did not 60 in 4.4 seconds i’m gonna see what i can do with my specialist timing

Gear yeah but the car stability control and traction control off so it’s all down to me come on man you can do it watching good be proud lots of revs it’s not to 60 4.7 seconds i don’t think i’m gonna be able to launch any better than that if i had a pdk i bet i could do less than 4.4 seconds but i’m having to do the clutch and gears and stuff and i’m not

Water roll the spider get some big brakes you’ve got 380 millimeter discs at the front and at the back you have six piston calipers at the front and four at the back this one is fitted with the optional carbon ceramic brakes which are a five and a half thousand pound option and this one has the gloss black caliper paint which is an extra 500 quid doesn’t make you

Stop any quicker though i’m going to use my specialist timing gear again to see how quickly this car can break from 70 miles an hour i’m going to measure the distance hopefully it’s going to be less than 50 meters in front of me there’s a code laying down i’m going to reach that i’m going to full emergency stop and the cone at the end is 50 meters away i need to

Stop before then otherwise not good porsche let’s find out what it can do here we go there’s the 17. here’s the code before that one stop before the other cow this took 46.3 meters to break which is actually pretty good and it’s a little bit better than this car if you click on the banner you can see which one i’m referring to this is a third generation box to

Spider but it is the very first one to be built by porsche motorsport so they’re the team that build the gt cars and this car actually has subframes which suspension from the gt3 in fact underneath the skin this is exactly the same as the cayman gt4 just without a roof this car has variable ratio steering it’s not too responsive when you turn the wheel a bit

So it doesn’t feel too edgy and jerky when driving along in a straight line but the more you turn the wheel the more responsive it does get so it gives you that proper sporty feeling yeah don’t worry dry steering’s like dry humping it’s not my back yeah you get active gearbox mounts as standard which help hold the gearbox nice and tight when you’re accelerating

Hard for precise changes if you want to you can adjust the car’s toe and camber angles for the wheels obviously and the stiffness of the anti-roll bar so you can set it up just perfectly for you you want to go on track speaking of going on track it’s got the right task for it as well you’ve got michelin pilot sport cup two tyres as standard the spy doesn’t rated

Suspension over the normal boxster and it gets adaptive dampers as standard you’ve also got a two-stage traction control system one with the stability off then one with the stability and traction off if you want to do some skids there’s also an auto blip function for the gearbox so it’ll rev match as you shift down and you’ve even got the all-important exhaust

Button to make it louder or quieter the spider has porsche torque vectoring which is essentially a limited slip differential which can send power to the rear wheel with the most grip okay let’s see what these chassis upgrades do to this car thank you you can feel exactly how much grip you’ve got lovely stuff whoa sorry i was just too busy enjoying myself but

I guess that says it really doesn’t it actually there is one thing i should just check let’s turn the stability control off if it let oh yes the spider has some serious design upgrades over the normal box but most noticeable is the bigger front bumper with huge air intakes there you’ve got this front spoiler as well with spider written in there it’s like

Embossed in looks really cool this actually helps reduce lift you’ve also got this intake here which is classic for gt cars for the radiators and it comes as standard with bison on headlamps but this has the upgraded full led matrix headlamps which are a 1400 quid option then there’s these air vents here which i can prove with the carbide stick of truth as being

Real you know they exit there as well to smooth airflow over the front wheels in fact you will not find any fakery on this corridor so don’t need this second go other sides you’ve got 20-inch alloy wheels as standard and they have the porsche crest in the center as well the air intake for the mid-mounted engine has just one strike in it rather than two on the

Normal cars you’ve got spider written here but the big difference obviously is the rear deck which has this double bubble effect on which looks super cool it’s even nicer actually with the roof up because then you’ve got these flying buttresses it’s a stunning looking car from the side this oh and of course it sits 30 millimeters low to the ground than the standard

Boxster which makes it look even more sporty at the back you’ve got a slightly redesigned rear bumper it says 718 spider which is very important obviously you’ve got a bigger rear spoiler the rear lights they’re smote and they’re all led you also have the exhaust which are wider apart normally they’re centrally mounted on the boxster but the biggest difference

Is this diffuser and like i said earlier there’s nothing fake on this car this does actually serve a purpose and overall this car produces 50 less lift than the standard boxster here on the inside of the spider there’s the usual boxster lovely nurse so you’ve got a fabulous driving position really clear nice dials everything is really easily laid out simple to

Use and build quality is exceptional now this car though obviously has the upgrades including extended leather that you get with the spider up here and up here you get sports chrono as standard but then there’s alcantara for the gear selector there’s alcantara in the center of the seats stop you’re sliding around and you go around corners really quickly but

Most important of all there’s the gt steering wheel which is rimmed sorry another thing to remind you that you’re in a gt car is this look you’ve got a strap instead of a normal door handle because that saves weight and i actually find it a little bit more awkward to use than a normal handle so i’d probably rather just have a normal handle there’s also some spider

Badging here and here to remind you you’re in the spider and up here on the headdress embroidered in which is nice so this car has some upgrades over the standard spider including these fabulous racing carbon fiber back sport seats which cost 3800 pounds it also has the classic interior package which includes the red leather extended alcantara serve it here and

Here as well you’ve got some shiny aluminium pedals and of course that lovely red roof the boxer spider may be a focused sports car but it does have decent practicality look underneath this kind of oop whoa yeah i want to open that on a windy day it might damage the mechanism anyway underneath here you have room for 120 liters here in the front boot also known

As the fruit you have 150 liters of space and if you’re this talk of liters means nothing to you it does mean that there’s enough room for a fully grown car reviewer as i’ll illustrate now i hope i can otherwise it’s going to hurt yeah i can wait a minute i don’t really like it in here i don’t like it let me know oh i managed to escape so now i can show you

This find a bit of practicality in car storage is pretty decent as well so you’ve got some storage here got some storage here you got a little bit of storage under there even a bit of storage there maybe for your coins a glove box which is an alright size and the classic porsche cup holder solution we like this look at that yes there it is means that if you put

Your cup there there’s another one actually for the passenger they will only ever spill over the passenger not over you the driver very well thought out that now then it’s time for the car wow five annoying things about this car being a flat six naturally aspirated engine it definitely sounds better than the flat four turbos you get in the normal boxsters have

A listen to this thing is though they’ve had to fit this thing with petrol particulate filters which does mute the noise somewhat and it’s got a soft limiter as well like all modern cars so it still doesn’t sound as good as the older porsche flat six naturally aspirated engine so you’re gonna end up having to fit an aftermarket exhaust with sounds because it’s

Good the infotainment system is pretty decent but while it has apple carplay doesn’t have android auto i just don’t want it the spider’s roof is a bit of a faff to operate so let’s say it suddenly starts raiding you’ve got to stop the car press this button to release the rear deck hop out run to the back lift this up carefully so you don’t break it come back

Here flip that out stop raining i’m gonna take it back down again the last price of this car is 74 000 pounds which is pretty good value when you consider what you’re getting however the options are rather expensive for instance porsche will charge you 345 pounds if you want folding door mirrors which you of course do because otherwise people will knock them off

230 pounds if you want cruise control it’s 236 pounds if you want speed sign recognition which you get pretty much standard on every single car and a reversing camera that’s 825 pounds the thieving buggers means the list price of this car you see here actually works out when you had all the options together at 92 grand so it is starting to get a bit expensive

The rear spoiler deploys automatically at speeds above 74 miles an hour which means technically it should never deploy automatically in the uk because if it does it’ll be a sure sign to police that you are indeed speeding thank you very much for that porsche great idea however not everything about the 718 spider is bad here’s five good things about it which i’ll

Describe using classic motoring journalist cliches the breaks are easy to modulate which i think means they’re not jerky oh that’s like a bolt action rifle how many journalists will have actually used a bolt action rifle well unless they’re american i think what they mean is it’s short and snappy bit like this segment the steering is telepathic actually it’s not

My hands are definitely controlling it that’s just like a automotive ouija board it’s not supernatural in any way shape or form but the steering is of course very very responsive a lot of controls for easily to hand no they don’t they’re just easy to reach if things are falling that would be a bad thing and a warranty claim the driving experience is accomplished

And refined what does that even mean i’ve absolutely no idea probably does relate to this car but i’m clueless maybe if you read auto car you can let me know in the comments below now you might think that a car built by torch motorsport is going to be hard to live with every day but actually i’ve got the suspension in the softer setting i’ve got the exhaust noise

Toned down i can hear quite a bit tire noise though and it’s a bit noisy in here they’re normal boxed up the suspension’s a bit firmer as well but actually have a bumps for such a sporty car it does a good job and these tyres as well even though they’re sort of like track daddy ready when they’re cold they seem to grip well enough they’re not super scary i thought

I’d be like skitting off the road if i put my foot down and that’s one thing about this you put your foot down it does pick up nicely straight away so it’s responsive which makes it easier to drive one thing that is a bit annoying though is the viewer the rear window it’s tiny another thing that’s interesting about this car is the long gearing so all right i’m

Going to second gear i’ll show you how fast we go in second gear there we go that’s the limiter 85 miles an hour on the limiter it’s second gear so it’s quite tall gearing and i don’t think that you’re just putting it around it in gear this has quite the same low down punch as the boxster s with its turbocharged engine that’s the only thing you do need to rev

This engine a bit more now this engine is actually quite unique in the way that it’s the first ever porsche engine to have cylinder deactivation so when you’re just pooping along six gear it will actually only run on half of its bank so greece and does it once after 20 seconds it runs on the opposite bank and it switches backwards and forwards so that you’re

Not just running on one bank and destroying that side’s catalytic converter now all that’s designed to improve the economy this thing is supposed to average 25 miles per gallon though this one’s only doing 21. not terrible really for a car like this with its performance but not brilliant either not sure how far we’re getting these seats though about the race

Truck but after a while i think they’re a little bit on the firm side so then what’s my final verdict on the porsche boxster spider should you avoid it should you consider it should you shortlist it or should you just go right ahead and buy it well i reckon you should avoid it and get a duchess andero instead excellent just talking rubbish of course you should

Go right ahead and buy it well that’s if you can stand the waiting list for them because they are in short supply if you can’t be bothered to wait i’ll send you this one right here for a hundred and fifteen thousand pounds just contact me through my instagram page at matt watson cars i’m just joking i’m just joking i’m gonna keep it for myself do you agree with

My verdict let me know in the comments section also please subscribe to this channel for more videos and if you click on the deals box to the right you can see how much you can save on a new car at carl wow or click on the video windows to watch another of my videos

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