Porsche Taycan 4 Cross Turismo Review (Too Good To Be True?) & Idiots Go Car Shopping Pt.2

Today we take the Porsche Taycan 4 Cross Turismo for a test on the road to see what it’s like, what we thought on the rear wheel steering and what the optimum Taycan actually is. We also vicariously go for some window shopping at Porsche to see what’s on offer!

Cruising like this that’s when you blacked out cruising like this through sloane flipping sexy with whatever wheels i want to do and jet black this is chrome that’s what i like about porsche you can actually customize everything i think this is ultimate this is ultimate what’s going on people and welcome back to the channel today you join me at porsche center

Whatever we are here because today we are being given a porsche taken to borrow for the next couple of days just to see how i find it because i’ve been thinking of ordering one so i’m just gonna flip the camera now and show you guys what it’s like i’ve got kyle in the car ah it’s not even across turismo yeah it’s a customer isn’t it yeah yeah so yeah this is the

Take on four cross charisma decent spec i love the wheels first of all it’s currently a lift mode i prefer to drive it that way oh ah got a beautiful 911 coming i’ve got something considering that above that oh you see the charging point over here have you noticed that they’ve actually got a charging point here and then they got one here as well so basically it

Means if your cable is too short then it’ll stretch you know because you can do it both sides it’s kind of lit this one’s got the crayon interior with the black inserts which i think looks lovely it’s also got the air suspension it’s got the bone sound system it’s got the pan roof i want to find out if it’s got this whole electrochromatic thing but i think it

Has got chrono as well already taking it for a quick drive i’m going to take it for an extended drive now it’s got the pdls plus i’m pretty sure um and yeah overall it looks pretty sick we’ve currently got the car on 191 miles range so i’m going to take it out for the next couple days and see how we get along with the whole range thing just open the group for

You now lovely boot i will not be getting across tourism by the way i’m not a dad and i do not have kids so i would not be getting one of those nor my builder but um yeah look i think this looks overall good i’m gonna let this guy drive um you know and tell us what he thinks you know what so far were you thinking on the outside man i’m not a fan of the estate

But the wheels are hard those are harder than that material combo is nice yep would you go for the crayon just the crayon or would you go for the crown with a knack inside this is it so not just all ground same for the 911 what about the 911 but for this you like it is a bit more modest yeah man okay okay fair enough yeah yeah now that’s this is sick man um i’m

Sure we’ve got loads of other features that we haven’t actually covered it’s got folding mirrors i’m pretty sure i’ve already checked it it’s got surround view you know honestly i find it’s insulting when i see people order it without i’ve actually not even checked what’s in the front what’s in the front front the front it’s got a boot what’s it saying on the

Front and actually go frank how do we know i know you can press some button on the inside there so if you go inside press that button there we’ll just open it up for them now you already opened it yeah yeah sweet let’s check it let’s see what’s poppin that struggle right there i see your struggle still raw okay so we’ve got the charging kit okay so basically

If i wanted to charge it at my yard i could have done that yeah the whole charging thing wow that is flipping lit oh so basically you can just go to your yard plug it in once i’m slow charging that’s all right and they’ll come off your your mom’s bill so man them you know just letting you know it’s got the onboard charger that you can inspect from factory and

Obviously you could just charge it home i mean look i don’t know i want to get on with the take-hand on a long-term basic basis just because as you guys know i’ve got svr right now which i will be leaving here but this just looks so good and you’ve got a little insert spider on relaunch as well there’s some hard as well right by the way oh yeah you get that you

Get something like that in the gts oh this let me see that 290k probably see the finance figures or coop with the error like this is obviously lit but just imagine this with a wing and and in my desired color with the center lock wheels we’re jumping into a race car taken i’m pretty sure about kind of like i think it looks flipping sexy with whatever wheels

I want to do and jet black color black or black black on black for right interior yep it’s cold it’s cold nicer than the panamera yep i think this is just a guy it’s a guaranteed winner it’s hard i’m glad you say that glad you say that glad you say that it’s hard in it no doubt about it lastly we move on to this turbo essay in a more muted muted but there

You go you see baby yes but you see even this gives me gts with aero kit vibes jim’s in and it just makes me feel like i’m jumping into a cooler car it’s a cooler car it’s a cooler car the tiger’s cool it’s hot in this color though amir wants 10 grand on my money today i think this is ultimate this is ultimate no but of detailed just look like this see i’ll

Be honest it’s a lot better than i thought it was going to be a lot better especially this taken it drives very similar to uh engine car yeah much energy car even though when you come off the pedal there’s that engine braking um steering is nice and precise it doesn’t really feel that heavy as well it disguises weight probably gives it a real steering white the

Sky just went very well yep um i’m not the live of it and i don’t like electric cars that this car is just very responsive as well i will say when you take when you’re taking off from standing you need the fastest electric cars to really feel the same eventfulness as like a m4 onwards that performance cars c63s that kind of thing it gives you a bit more like

It’s more of an event when you take off unless you get a turbo f7 you say yeah but when you’re rolling it sleeve it’s like it’s insane it feels like when your turbo spools up but with no turbo like that and give it some whiplash that is it’s crazy but um fingers though the only thing i say about electric cars or cars like this is that the price of getting the

Electric car you want is the price of buying a supercar yes that is true however when you look at it from a business perspective you can kind of buy it on the business keep it vat qualified some people will obviously claim that on it i probably will not claim about it against all my other costs for the business um so you keep it back qualifying and then when it

You send it you know you can offset the depreciation against the company you know rather than splunking out on company card on on on corporation tax yeah you know um which to me sounds more efficient and also 200 pounds a week on an svr that’s ridiculous i’m saying i can’t do that man jumps in so it’s like i need a car that is as interesting and as cool looking

As the svr without the fuel build and i feel like that only comes in this form right here electric form so you know that is what i’ve been feeling and then it’s got the electric sound in it it is pretty cool um yeah i kind of like i love this electric sound this is oh you see what’s mad here yeah i think it’s a good driver but where the car is silent to a

Car that’s next to us he doesn’t give that’s gonna pull out it doesn’t give them that warning that we’re coming so if i’m in a lambo and i’m about to squeeze parts you know there’s a laminate coming in when i’m in the m4 yeah you just put it into m2 mode you put in the small class and it’s in this loudest setting and therefore you’d be stupid to move over this

Car with electric cars all the time it’s only when i start kicking it and i’m not getting any closer to them i think right i’m blowing i didn’t realize how they’re blowing until you try and catch them and you realize that you’ve gone there’s no sound so you have to actually pay attention more than if your window’s down it’s not gonna help me yeah yeah the car’s

Also got sports chrono which i think is nice as well you know when you wanna adjust the settings you use the chrono to put it into range normal sport sport plus which i think is nice that forward drive will definitely be helping us around this roundabout right now and one thing we’ve also got which i didn’t mention is real steering which i think oh yes oh yes

Oh yes blasting to the future man oh oh my god nice wow but that 911 flicking amazing and no lights can get you no no yeah like if in doubt put your foot down that’s the way i see it if it doubt drag it out jim said and that’s something i love about this car as well you know the instant torque compared to the normal combustion engine um is what i just love

About this car as well you know currently 168 miles i think this would be suitable for me on a day today you know i think as a town driver most of the time you know you just do your blast and about up and down up and down up and down and then you go home charge up for the night and you come around next day you know and i think that’s what’s kind of cool about

It really um so me personally i’m feeling it that room of steering was mapped oh my gosh that rails that rear wall steering was so much confidence like i literally feel like the nightiness of my mini is a thread on just getting that right that’s believed oh oh oh my these almost done the launch is decent like this that is the rolling speed the rolling

Power is like real normal terms or i think it is a bit more than this yeah but not much i’m not much more now i’m gonna expect the gts and see what it comes out to and i’m gonna set the forex and see what it comes down to because obviously you know where you’re going for the gts some of the stuff you would want on the 4s which is getting the gts um that’s why

I found the 911 things like the sports exhaust things like chronos can’t sell the gts okay so if you expect one look well guys i’m going to end this video here hopefully you guys don’t liked it just a short video just to show you what this car is really about because we haven’t had any electric car content let me know in the comments should i order a course

Take can what variant should i order it in and also do you guys want to see me do a spec video on this youtube channel so if you can spec it together and submit it to porsche who then order the car it’s gonna take about 14 months for the car to arrive guys let me know your thoughts in the comments below if you don’t follow me on instagram please do follow me on

Instagram my instagram is d10yam and if you’re looking for your next part definitely get in touch with me at the vehicle scout on instagram as well but for now that’s all if you haven’t subscribed to the channel please do subscribe and if you haven’t liked this video definitely smash this like button smash the like button all the videos and i will see you guys for now you

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