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Porsche Taycan 4S walk around

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Hi scott this is paul from klingcard i’ve turned my phone on flight mode now so it doesn’t ring because it keeps me half another video and here is the the takeout for you i’m just going to do a video walk around so you can get a really good feel for it and the plates coming off we’re just in the process of taking that off um it’s literally just come in and had a

Washing hoover for the photos purely because of the booking at porsche portsmouth so it hasn’t had a full valet yet but i’ve been at this sort of mileage you can see it’s actually really nice anyway the paint works in lovely shape get the passenger front wheel i do like those um surface coated discs they look a lot nicer than the standard ones i just putting

My finger into the tire there no pressure will wear at all a good seven millimeters and you can see the rim there is is in excellent condition i do love these wheels i think they were a very good choice for the shape of the car now i’m just going to run the camera down the side of the car so you can see there’s no pendants no interruptions in the panels door

Mirror it’s a lovely shape and just scanning down through there as you can see you can see these these cars here completely clear so the paintwork is absolutely superb she would hope a portion of this age or the chrome is all perfect you’ve got the little stone carter there moving onto the rear wheel again all the way around the wheel no curb marks put my

Fingers in the tread stuff there’s so many miles there’s not going to be anywhere on those tires coming nice and low into that rear bumper you can see there’s no red marks all the way around it’s nice you can see it was just spitting with rain where it came in but of course one beginning back prior to hand over it’ll go for a fair tower no rubs no marks the

Paintwork across the top is lovely glass roof again let’s get back into this corner get around this wheel arches all very nice again another one of those wheels completely unmarked tyler is like new and looking down the side you can see no interrupted at all in that in that reflection so there’s no pendants no creases no chips no nothing going on there at all

You can hear a little fan or something going on because i see it popped it open and it does that the charger is down there you can see i’ve unplugged it we have everything on charge here because we always like to have everything on charge rather than not there’s nothing worse than going to a car so just pop the front open and again there’s nothing toward at

All you’ve got another charging cable in there screen wash in case out of my hand before i close that come around to the back of the car and of course you can do this on the key just press that and actually pops and then you’ve got the two buttons there to lock it or to uh to close it okay focus and again any any hatchback or anything with a boot this is the

Area that generally when a car starts to wear it’s over here where people putting things in and out of the car there’s nothing as you can see it’s all just lovely all the way around as your box with all the charging bits came from and the instructions is what have you in there and then there’s your secret cubby hole quite secret because it’s there we go charging

Port there moving to the inside to start at the back it’s nice frameless doors you know where around the hand holes no chips now dinks no nothing going on there at all fire from the other door a little bit a little bit more lighting from both sides and i can show you the condition of the leather a bit better because we do have privacy glass in here again just

Lovely seat backs they’re like new the seats in fact looking at those look at the um the hoover marks there that looks very much like whose marks have come out when the car’s brand new no marks at all their marks nowhere come on camera wake up no marks anywhere on the inside it’s just lovely into the passenger door and all that leathers in lovely condition

But also guards are lovely condition carpets are excellent seats going from dark to light my phone camera can sometimes get a little bit confused i’ll come in from the other side as well no marks no marks on the dashboard okay there’s another lamp all right focus come on focus there we go my god’s hilarious lovely enough marked steering wheels in my shape no

Hand creamy marks all over the moon which is nice just outside can see that chrono clock let’s head to console is just there yeah i did a really nice as new as it gets car so the update this this book just booked in for the 17th of this month apparently it’s 15 hours um they plug it in it’s a bit like a software upgrade on your computer the takes 50 an hour

So it takes up a ramp for a reasonable amount of time so it’s not something we can just sort of drop down and say can you do this tomorrow we actually have to make a booking for it but if you prefer to have that done yourself then please feel free it will just let me know really just everything i think and hope you would expect

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Porsche Taycan 4S walk around By DrivewithPaul