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Porsche Taycan Turbo EV Review: Join Top Gear Magazine’s Ollie Kew as he dons his 100%-acrylic lab coat to test the Porsche Taycan Turbo in a range of real-world scenarios. What’s the range if you need to use the heater and put your foot down? How does it stack up against Elon’s offerings from Tesla? How long does it take to charge? Find out in episode two of TG Tested…

So what do we have here it’s nothing less than the first ever fully electric porsche in history at last stuttgart’s rival to the tesla model s and that’s about it until the bmw i4 and the mercedes eq finally get their act together in the meantime welcome to the thai cat what is it now this is a turbo which is somehow slower than a turbo s but quicker than a 4s

And porsche says oh it’s definitely a sports car even though it’s got back doors and they write turbo on the back even though it hasn’t got any turbo chargers so is it all just load of marketing guff prices stretch from a 70 grand base spec to almost 140 000 pounds or even a little bit more than that if you want that ultra cool new cross turismo wagon if you’re

As outdoorsy as you are wealthy what does it look like well i think it looks fantastic it’s sort of like an angry fish or a lizard that’s mated with a pebble it’s all smooth and curvy and it’ll age beautifully i love that porsche didn’t just paste a big lazy fake grill all over the front and it gets extra credit for that huge lightsaber that stuck to the back

How big’s the battery well as standard slower thai cans have a 73 kilowatt battery but this turbo and the turbo s get a 93 kilowatt hour performance battery plus which sounds jolly nice except that it’s heavier and if you want it on a slower thai can porsche is going to help itself to 5 000 of your pounds claimed range for this car is 281 miles wltp but we’ll be

Seeing how accurate that is later where do i put the cable well this will feel familiar to any 911 owners pop the front bonnet and we find a hidden storage locker perfect for keeping your leaf mulch covered dog poo encrusted cable now charging if you can find out there in the wild a 270 kilowatt rapid charger you’ll go from 5 to 80 charge in just 20 minutes if

You pay porsche for the optional wall box then you can get a full charge of about nine hours from your home electricity supply and then there’s this the three pin socket connector now this will give you a full charge but it will take 43 hours and you haven’t got time for that what’s the gimmick well the tie can has ticklish ear lobes if you stroke the bottom here

Then the charging flap glides silently into the body work and again back it comes now being a porsche obviously this is an optional extra if you want ticklish earlobes on your electric super saloon that’s going to cost you 400 quid how else do you think porsche affords all those gt3s what’s the tech like inside well all of this touchscreen stuff is straight out

Of the 911 and the panamera so it’s a doddle to pick up your smartphone and look you can even check the weather if you can’t be bothered to look out of the window but because the thai can has to be more future than a 911 it’s got this silly touchscreen window down here for running your heated seats and your aircon and that’s just a fingerprint magnet there and then

There’s the gear selector they’ve hidden that behind the steering wheel to make room for these delightful cup holders so you bash your hand on the cruise control stalk every time you want to select reverse how fast is it now this is important i’m testing this like a normal person like you okay there’s no multiple attempts here there’s no pit crew there’s no

Best case scenario i’m just jumping in mashing the throttle any time of day any type of weather we’re in england so it’s raining obviously but just like you’d have to one attempt and then we see what the magic box of time spits out assuming it’s still pointing in a straight line at the end now porsche will sell you a thai can turbo s and that’ll do naught to 60 in

The same time as a lamborghini aventador 2.8 seconds this i’m afraid is merely a tycam turbo a slower one this apparently is going to take 3.2 seconds to go from north to 62 but porsche always do add on that little bit of time in case there’s a headwind or you’ve got worn tires or you’re a bit of a rubbish driver so sport plus mode left foot hard on the brake

Floor the throttle i guess wow tiny bit of wheel spin and then there’s a kick there’s the second gearbox the second ratio comes in at the back of the tie can and it really just punches for the horizon that’s 120 miles an hour indicated 130 i think we’ll leave off there it’s so effortless but i wouldn’t say undramatic there was definitely some wheel spin there

That’s going to have cost us some time so we’ve done naught to 60 in 3.6 seconds giving away about four tenths there but it is raining and not to 100 miles an hour in 7.8 seconds not bad for the slower one hey is it practical not really despite porsche digging out divots in the battery to make room for your feet there’s not a lot of space in the back the boot

Is pretty much the same size as the one you get in a ford focus and the rear visibility is brilliant if your daily driver is a lamborghini countach how heavy is it whoa porsche claims over two tons for this sports limo hold on a sec so it turns out this tycan turbo weighs in at 2 370 kilos and that makes it exactly twice as heavy as the average porsche owner’s

Wrist watch at least porsche has finally managed to put the weight down nice and low in a sensible place that only took them 70 years what’s it like on a motorway right that’s 70 miles an hour english motorway speed what’s it like it’s freakishly good i think because the tycan is lower than a panamera it’s punching a smaller hole in the air and of course there’s

No big gurgling v8 up front or quad exhaust pipes out the back it’s actually a little bit quieter than porsche’s luxury sports limo you can cruise in tranquility from here to the next charging station so that’s an english motorway sorted but what about in das alto’s homeland motorways okay so here we are in pretend germany just settled down at 105 miles an

Hour how is it that’s exactly the same really it’s stable comfortable quiet i can steer it with one finger and over a ton it’s completely undramatic now i could romp on right now to 161 mile an hour vmax but there’ll be no point because someone smug in a tycan turbo s would whoosh past me at 162 miles an hour because of course the more expensive top dog has to

Have a top speed bragging right but even so over 160 in a battery-powered car you are gonna need one heck of a tesla model s plaid plus ludicrous elon edition or a very strong flavor of rimac to go quicker than this thing without burning any fossil fuels is it comfy now i’ve been lucky enough to test lots of different tycans on lots of different roads and i’m

Always impressed at how imperiously they ride despite being so heavy and having 21-inch wheels so i thought we’d give this one a bit of a tougher test and bring it to what appears to be the surface of the moon i have to say though that even here it’s not doing too badly at all and it’s because all tycans apart from the basic rear wheel drive cheapest one have

Standard adaptive air suspension and that has some clever tricks you can wind the stiffness up through sport and sport plus if you really want a corner as flat as possible i’ve just got it in the normal mode here and seems to be making sense out of this crazy paving now the other party piece of course is that the air suspension can lower the car hunker it down

Tuck it in at speed like a ski jumper trying to cut aerodynamic track so that means that even the suspension of this car is doing its absolute best to preserve your range what’s it like in a corner it’s flat and composed and completely undramatic really next is it good fun on a b road there is no electric car i’m sorry there is no ev no tesla no audi frankly

Nothing on four wheels with a battery this side of a tamiya remote control buggy is as fun to drive as a thai can but what’s genius about it is that you’re so unaware of all the really clever stuff it’s doing under your backside to get you through the corner as quickly as possible and disguise all that weight it’s using adaptive suspension and torque vectoring

And hogwarts magic spells as far as i’m concerned but from where i’m sitting all i’m thinking is hmm this steering it feels like it’s come out of a 911 it feels world class but don’t go thinking that this icon is just serious that it’s just a maths lesson it can also have a bit of a sense of humor for example as we come out of this hander here foot hard down

Sport plus mode can you hear that that is porsche’s electric sport sound very tron very futuristic isn’t it now of course that is this being a porsche an optional extra you want your tie can to make this noise that’s 354 pounds please what’s the verdict i guess we should do the awkward range question then shouldn’t we well since this morning when we started

Off with 180 miles showing we’ve done laps of a bowl at 130 140 miles an hour i’ve even had to have the heating on at certain points because it’s rather cold today we’ve covered just under 70 miles and we’ve got 65 miles left in the battery if you just happen to really like cars and you can see electric cars as more than just a binary range number the ti cam’s

Probably the most complete sorted all-round impressive electric car in the world right now it can play at luxury gt and still be a proper porsche sports car when you want to get stuck into it the thing is though unless i was addicted to that kick in the back i’m not sure i’d go for a turbo or a turbo s i think a standard rear drive car or maybe a 4s sneaking in

Under a hundred grand that might be the smarter buy i mean goes further on a charge looks the same still has this gorgeous exquisite interior which knocks tesla’s build quality into a cocked hat and yet you’ve just got that little bit extra pocket change to throw on a few of those optional extras that you’re almost certainly going to want if you take nothing else

Away from this then take it from me this is a proper porsche the thai can it just happens to run on a slightly different fuel from the one that you’re more used to

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