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Porsche Taycan Turbo S Cross Turismo – AutoWeek Review – English subtitles

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Net als bij de Panamera heeft Porsche nu ook voor de elektrische Taycan een praktischere carrosserievariant: zie hier de Cross Turismo! Gaat de grotere koets ten koste van het rijplezier of is dit win-win?

Just like with the panamera, porsche has introduced a second body for the porsche taycan. this is the new taycan cross turismo. we already drove the prototype in february, and now they’ve given it’s a cross turismo, instead of sport turismo, like it is with the panamera. this car has some rough edges, and it’s a tad higher on its wheels. however, porsche hasn’t ruled out

That there will be a taycan sport turismo eventually. they have the body, so they only have to remove… the rough edges, and it’s done. it’s very clear that the cross turismo is aimed at people with an adventurous lifestyle. getting into this car is a really pleasant experience. the interior looks exquisite. the finishing is good, there’s lots of leather and big screens.

The design is exactly the same as in the saloon-version, and the same goes for operating all of the functions. it’s all done through the screens, so a lot of functionality is literally hidden behind glass. if you ask me, some physical buttons would’ve been nice. anyway, the most important physical features are still present. the big party piece in an estate car like this

Is the cabin space. in the front, it was already good, but the additional centimetre of… headroom is always welcome. the additional space is mostly found in the back, because it has a whopping additional headroom of five centimetres. that makes the second seating row a whole lot more usable. also, this bodyshape is incredibly handy if you need to carry a lot of luggage.

The saloon is able to hold 366 litres, whilst this cross turismo is able to cary 405 litres underneath the parcel shelf, which can be removed. if you remove it, the luggage space increases quite a bit. just like and if it’s really necessary, you can store up to 84 litres it’s still not the most spacious car ever, but it can porsche only supplies this car with four-wheel

Drive, so there’s no rear-wheel drive option anymore. also, you can only get air… suspension. no regular springs anymore either. you can’t choose between battery packs as well, because it only has one option. there are four versions, and i’m driving the most powerful one; the turbo s. this produces a whopping 761 horsepower in overboost. additionally, it produces

1.050 nm of torque. you can pull down trees in one… two… three seconds, you’ll get from 0 to 100. porsche themselves state that it does 0-100 km/h in 2,9 seconds, sure, the saloon-version is quicker by a tenth of a second, but this cross turismo has an additional weight of 25 kg and more wind resistance. however, the great thing is that you never have to set the

Battery to reach performance like this. it just always goes like hell. the moment you reach a traffic light and you feel like it, you can line up and just go. it’s not like a tesla. it’ll keep accelerating until you reach 250 km/h, or until the battery runs out. this beast has a wltp-range of 388 kilometres, if you keep it in range-mode, that is. if you use other modes,

It uses way more electricity, so you won’t go near those distances. the big party button is here on the steering wheel, and it lets you choose all kinds of driving modes. it’s mostly the same as in the saloon, to go off-road, because it’s still the cross turismo. in that gravel-mode, the throttle response isn’t as sharp and the that’s to make sure that the car doesn’t

Intervene constantly when there’s sand or gravel shooting away underneath the wheels. also, the driving forces are divided in a different way. the rear whilst the electronics act like there’s a central middle differential. but there isn’t one, because both differentials act independently. but it virtually blocks them so that all wheels will turn at the same speed.

That way, you’ll be able to cope with dirt surfaces. sure, this isn’t porsche’s solution to conquer dunes and such. they have different cars for that, but it’s still pretty capable on sand and such. that’s partly because the ride height increases with one centimetre when you put it in gravel-mode. that’s on top of the already raised chassis… in normal-mode, it’s like

You’re driving on rails. there’s so much grip, because of that, it becomes an incredibly comfortable travelling machine. the big party piece in this car however is the sport-mode, or even the… sport plus-mode, because the electronics will allow you to do much more. most of the power will be sent to the back in sport plus. it really becomes a playful machine then. the

Great thing about that is, i mean, the electronics are one thing, but it has to feel good. the mechanics need to be perfect, and i can assure you that they it feels incredibly precise, so it offers a lot of certainty and trust, and that’s never broken. it’s a real party to drive this car. the steering is nice and direct, there’s more than enough feeling in it as well, the

Throttle response is incredibly good… of course, it’s not a 911, but it most certainly isn’t a panamera and sure, it’s 25 kg heavier and it’s a few centimetres taller. you can’t fool nature. and you’re right, but you’ll have to be a real… princess on a pea to feel that difference on the public roads. right, time to talk about the general things we haven’t addressed yet.

Charging for example. you can do that up to 11 kw at a regular charger, but for an additional price, you can order some additional charging power. then, you can charge it up to 22 kw. however, most charging point don’t support that output, so why bother? if you’re in dire need of electricity, you can quickcharge it as well. despite the rugged looks, it really prefers to

Party on smooth roads i only have a few drawbacks to talk about. the lack of physical buttons for example, something the saloon-version lacks in as well. other than that? nothing. the additional weight and height mission e accomplished.

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