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Positive things about the X4 All the best options of the Bmw x4 full reviewed

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Positive things about the X4 !All the best options of the Bmw x4 full reviewed !What to Know before buying one, Bmw X4 M sport! In this short little video I am talking about the things that I like about the Bmw X4. #bmw

My hello everyone and welcome back in today’s short episode i’m gonna talk about five things that i like about the bmw x4 and just to say from the start i’m just gonna talk about the things that i like about this car specifically not about all the range of the x4 because you know that every card differs from one another and i’m just gonna talk about the model

That i have here today the car that i have right now so first of all i’m going to talk about the elephant in the room the first thing that i liked and i like about this car is the shape i’ve always liked bmw’s even in the beginning i’m a bmw fan uh i had a couple of them over the years and when the x6 appeared on the market i was like wow i need to have one

Someday and uh well when the x4 appeared uh in the beginning i didn’t like it that much but it grew on me and uh after driving it it’s a really nice car to have and it’s a really nice car to own um so the shape of the car the shape of the car is great i like this sport coupe suv style i think it um it’s making you feel young again it’s it’s a car that is worth

Having and i do encourage you to get one the second thing that i like about this car is the sound system and this car has that amazing sound system from harman kardon now even if you’re not a music fan or you don’t like music or well if you don’t like music there’s no point getting a harman kardon but if you are a little bit in uh in the music thing and you like

Music and you like to have a good quality in your car good sound system well you will go for the harman kardon because bmw has that standard sound the hi-fi and the harman kardon and this one is top of the range it sounds so good it’s so so incredible uh in sound quality so that’s the second thing i like the third thing that i like about this car is the engine

And i know that you’re gonna say well if you would have got the 2-liter engine you wouldn’t have enjoyed it the same and the answer is yes and no you can enjoy this car with a smaller engine i totally agree with that you get lower fuel consumption lower taxes lower insurance but if you want to have fun and i know it’s a cliche but if you want to have fun you’re

Going to buy a car with these engines the three liter uh like this one that i have with a 35d which that one is incredibly fast i never drove uh 35 deep and um that one has 306 horsepower so imagine that if i’m having a lot of fun with this one who has 2 200 sorry 255 horsepower that one at 306 wall that’s insane and yes you do have a lot of fun driving this

Car with this engine it’s quite agile it’s quite fast and when you press the gas pedal it goes like a bloody rocket so there’s incredible um torque that this car has and being a four wheel drive it’s right there it’s the perfect combination now the fourth thing that i like about this car is the steering wheel and of course i like it is the big m5 steering wheel

Which it’s quite good looking uh it’s it has this soft leather and um i don’t know it’s a nice feeling when you’re driving this car with this steering wheel i had different bmws that had different steering wheel like the standard one and honestly i do like this one better the fifth thing that i like about this car is the sunroof and i know you’re gonna say well

Why do you like that sunroof so much and well it’s quite obvious in summertime you can open it and i don’t know you can enjoy the wind in your hair and you can enjoy the sky above you which is quite nice the sixth thing that i like about this car is the fact that it’s been blacked out and uh i do like uh special cars you know it makes you stand out a bit and

Well you want to drive a car that stands out if you didn’t want to stand out you would have gotten a bmw x3 but even that if you if you game if you get an x3 and if you do some subtle changes even that car looks good but the x4 looks a bit better so the blacked out uh wheels the blacked out grille and all the chrome elements that this car had being blacked out

It makes it more fun to look at and i think somehow it’s more aggressive than usual so that was it for today guys i hope you enjoyed this video if you liked it press the thumbs up and subscribe to my youtube channel and uh well as i usually say life is short enjoy every moment of it and well i’ll see you very very soon with a very very different cars stay

Safe all the best to you guys and well enjoy the life that you’re having see you soon

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Positive things about the X4 !All the best options of the Bmw x4 full reviewed ! By Albert Alex