Had to take the GTI on this road, it was so good in the Golf R. Is slightly shorter due to traffic conditions but when the road opened up so did the car!!

I’m glad i got around these other cars oh yeah oh i want another gear look i’m looking for another gear a bit slow yeah okay evening everyone welcome back to the channel so as promised in the little shorter i did earlier on i have been out now and i’ve done the drive in the gti now i thought i’d do the intro like this just so that i could give you an idea of

What the drive was like and then i will flick you over to me doing the drive so as you’ll hear me saying the driver is saturday night and it was busier with traffic there was definitely more cars on the road i had to do a little bit of waiting about but it was a lot of fun i was going really really quickly 63 a lot of the way around even though it was a 50 road

I was going at least 63 but you’ll see that on the speedo i’ll set it to a maximum of 63. so i will have put a couple of little clips in at the start of this video so you can see what the drive was like and as you can see now it is getting dark any quarter past seven i think i was out for about 40 minutes and if you are new to the channel then a picture of the

Cart will flick up in front of you now this is the car that we are driving in it is a mark 7.5 2018 golf gti performance it has been remapped at 315 horsepower of torque about 487 newton meters so remember to much to the end because that’s the very fast bit on the way home or if you just want the fast bit just skip forward to that but remember hit the subscribe

Hit the like and the video sent around is free to subscribe over to me in the cart driving about like a madman so here we go everyone again a little bit later in the evening ti this time oh i’ll try and pick up the same roads again i did the last time let’s see how we get on so it’s saturday it’s not sunday i did the drive in the hour on a sunday so we’ll see

How we go it might be busy with traffic it always seems a bit busier on a saturday well we quarter to seven so this is where we start everyone the blast oh no there’s a legend i just got down in front of us we should be able to get them quick learner okay so here we go then just around a learner there see heavier with traffic already i would say this is a hard

Right yeah bouncing around there good in the bend so definitely gonna be more difficult i would say i keep having to try and let them get away so we can get a bit of footage here two cars to get around now isn’t there so okay we can go around here are you gonna stay over a bit so i can get around you thank you okay down wait for lots of dead animals on the

Road there’s been lots of things here telling i can porsche going down there oh it dragging me about there there’s a big bump no change don’t yeah this was the right pretty hard i would say yeah foreign again sticking forth sneaky one here i’ll get down oh okay round somebody come in so i need to ease off a little bit here okay oh six that i think

I’ve ever been in six in one of these pov videos oh big bumps yeah uneven he’s off a little bit oh i’m glad i got around these other cars oh yeah oh i want another gear look i’m looking for another gear a bit slow yeah okay down again in and then we’re into this 40 again so this is where i would say i will turn around and come back very shortly okay

Everyone so we’re gonna head back down definitely a few cars gone down in front of me and there actually was just an ambulance as well that went down so i think we’ll probably run into them but let’s see what we get let’s see there’s the ambulance i think i’m chasing it oh yeah good brakes subscribe follow on the gti i’ve done a little off-road special

Here just to get the road clear a little bit so look at these roads anyway we’ll come back to the main road in a minute okay everyone let’s get back onto it and see what we get oh dear yeah hard right third oh up and over i can’t see a little left can’t really see where i’m going here this is a little right into a left hold on we’re here this hold

On through through the end oh i miss smokey yeah they’re bloody hell fighting the bumps as i’m trying to change gear that’s my excuse anyway okay a little streaky left here third okay into our right down left and meet up with some cars okay i’ve let the cars get away a little bit they’re coming to these hard ends staying third for these pull it in go

Around with it oh yeah good okay and then down again for here same again go in with it accelerate through stay there for now yeah and then dab oh yeah the heavier the heavier are definitely plants you into that corner better then down that’s a bit of a longer one i think i remember and then this is quite a long one don’t change just yet we’ve got to go into

This bit and then we’re away to a bit easier okay third and around we go okay everyone last blast to home then let’s go the brakes are so good on this car i forget i’ll press them the same as i press the r i don’t know why they seem to be a lot more responsive in this car so hit the subscribe everyone hit the like thanks for everyone that’s done that in

The last few weeks been brilliant you can get me on instagram as well sdw77 underscore remember it’s free to subscribe everyone okay then last bit here we go i’ve switched off but the car that was in front of me moved oh right everyone next time thanks for watching 6 a.m and i’m up again i got tired eyes needed

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