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Pre- Hurricane Special: Snorkeled The Lexus Part 1

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Broken when you cry there you go you may have heard there’s a hurricane coming to central florida area so i had to prepare and by prepare i mean snorkel the lexus so i ordered a snorkel a long time ago and it turned out i ordered one from a stupid company that’s shipping from overseas and hasn’t come in yet so i had to take matters in my own hands so i took off

The front bumper which takes like two seconds to headlight which takes like three seconds and the front fender which takes like you know the passenger fender takes like maybe five minutes and then i used some leftover boost tube that i had from snorkeling the yxz if that looks familiar and i snorkeled it a few issues with this design that could be improved upon

Uh you can’t open the door because it sits down on the mirror for support um that’s okay because i’m going to telepod tomorrow by myself most likely so i don’t need to open the passenger door and this is just temporary until my real snorkel comes in but let me talk you through how i did it so this is just an elbow like the elbow right there and what it does is

It slides all the way in here and then there’s a piece of pipe on it and it slides into here that piece of pipe has a rubber coupler like that on it and that seals into the air box itself then there’s this factory boot piece that seals it to the fender i left that there added a hose clamp to it to make it fit tighter to the air box and then on this side i wrapped

With electrical tape so it’s kind of double sealed the pipe sealed inside of the air box and it’s sealed there so between those two seals it’s definitely damn near 100 i bet the lid to the air box will leak worse than that but this is just hopefully let me dunk through a few puddles if necessary so then it goes to a straight piece a rubber coupler and this is a 45

I only put this here to protect my paintwork and then this is an old spinner style snorkel top i’ve had sitting around you know it’s got the spiral thing where the air goes in there and spirals then it goes down a cone and the idea with the snorkel pop is that uh it keeps you from uh getting sand in your snorkel which isn’t really relevant for what i’m doing but

It’s something funny to put on top of it and it’s on there pretty good because of the strap obviously the strap is temporary i’m out of big zip ties i’m gonna buy some right now i’ll just put a couple zip ties to this inner fender wall to here so i’m just strap one all the way across the engine bay but this will get me to the store i know i could drive something

Else but this is hurricane ready it looked pretty mean without a fender on it or a bumper i’m gonna leave the bumper off for sure because why wouldn’t you so yeah looks like a total tank um follow me for more tips and tricks on how to ruin things um i already did snorkel my breathers and stuff up pretty high in here so those can those have a little one-way valve

Flapper things on them so they can dunk under for a second so as long as i don’t get stuck in water you know too deep i’ve always got my maintain forward momentum i should be able to get all the way around hola paul tomorrow in the rain stand by for that video this thing might just get left out there the clock this is the first day of hurricane ian you see the

Clouds swirling a little bit at holopaw obviously because why wouldn’t you be so the trails out here are actually rivers now it’s flowing much like river ranch and you can feel the little ripples on the bottom under your tires pretty cool look at that i haven’t seen it out here like this in years this is what smooths all the whoops out makes it nice and premium

There so you’re pretty much just going for it just praying foreign main trail just past gun range it’s a lake but that was before you got out here robin all right i gotta get some beans here guys sorry had to be done you feel a bottom out yeah another tree floated out sad yeah they both floated out yeah that one was loaded out on saturday all right guys snorkel

Time you feel the water hitting the floorboards the wind’s picking up the trees are starting to whip around you got like the ripples coming across the yeah that when it came out oh yeah look at the trees oh i love it take that jim cantore look at that if you don’t know where you’re going out here you’re screwed dude you’re in trouble especially over there where

It gets really deep oh yeah look at the cranes so the same way we went on the way in look at that that’s gorgeous that’s a pretty bird the whole place himself this weekend river it’s rutted up too wow well i’ll do my best here we go good job check out this washout right here you really gotta thread the needle there’s even caution tape up that’s oddly civilized

For holopaw oh pretty bad in it yeah someone’s just an offender excellent yeah based on that logic it should get windy now it’s probably hurricane warning look at other of those cranes they’re all over the place today completed a run from whole programs road all the way to the back of holopaw to recover some generators and the starlink in preparation for this

Storm pretty outstanding performance from the old uh gx only truck we saw out there anywhere in the parking lot and never really came close getting stuck pretty running up although it could just be the 10 000 pound truck in front of me cheese so i got the variety to fly my drone around in a hurricane um i have this old drone that the gimbal doesn’t work on that’s

Why it’s so shaky but i just want to see how flooded my property was and see if the drone can handle the rain and wind it did really well until about right here when i got above my tree line and uh that’s that’s what really slows the wind down around here is the trees once i got up here i really couldn’t i had no control over it um i just started blowing it south so

I’m not really sure why the wind’s blowing south based on the way this hurricane’s spinning but clearly it is because i’m trying to flow at full forward right now and it’s still pushing me backwards i put it in sport mode still couldn’t get it back the sky looks crazy and then it went into return home mode and luckily the wind died down it was able to get itself

Back but he’s like these horses they don’t give a but you can see everything’s pretty flooded out here in saint cloud and the rain really just started you can do it little guy you see the let’s see what his track looks like that’s it trying to go straight the wind is that strong it’s really far away though it’s uh you know a thousand feet away obviously you

Can’t see through these this rain in the clouds strong wind warning come on where’s the video we should get video or not that far away now oh there’s the video there’s it fighting its way back it’s set 34 meters see it’s barely making any progress come on little guy hang in there pretty impressive it’s flying through this rain though all right so i was able

To drop it down and put it in sport mode got the power to make it back as you can see my pond is totally connected to the ditch of the road kind of my by design you can see the ditch i dug so it’s flowing good and my house is up another five six feet from that so i should be fine if you’re watching this video that means i got the starlink set up because we already

Lost um still a power we already lost internet out here in saint cloud xfinity you suck uh but yeah it’s pretty cool i’m about to take the drone out again and say oh hi i can get it i’ll post another video that should be neat to see the clouds swirling

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Pre- Hurricane Special: Snorkeled The Lexus! Part 1 By Mud Puppy