Pre-Owned 2016 GMC Sierra 2500HD 4WD Crew Cab 167.7 SLE Mills Motors Buick GMC Oshawa ON

View photos and more info at This is a 2016 GMC Sierra 2500HD 4WD Crew Cab 167.7" SLE with 6-Speed A/T transmission Black[GBA,Onyx Black] color and Jet Black interior color. This video is recorded and uploaded by cDemo Mobile Inspector

Hey gary how are you it’s just the landry here at mills motors we’re located at 240 bond street east in oshawa my friend dougal has asked me to help him out with some photos and i’m also going to send along this video for you the z71 addition the ground effects edition of the 2016 sierra sle 2500 heavy duty crew cab 4-wheel drive shown here in a gorgeous onyx black

Under the hood it has the vortex 6.0 liter flexfuel v8 engine with 6-speed automatic transmission it’s obviously a very special truck look sharp i’m going to show you inside but look at the look at the wheels the rims there they’re 20 inches polished aluminum and you do have that tube the matte black tube assist step and the bars in the back of the bed so nice

The camper lights yeah you’re going to love it let me show you inside all right gary as we look inside the interior you can see that the upholstery sailcloth there the buttons for the 10-way power adjustable driver seat including lumbar support there’s lots of room and storage in the door you do have your power windows power locks and power mirror for the driver

And passenger you have child safety lock here for the windows and locks again there’s this door to door mat black tube assist step which looks very sharp get you in and out of the truck with ease trailer brake integration 4 by 4 in lighting you have cruise control right on the steering wheel bluetooth hands-free communication and tools to navigate through your

Menu and sound system on the back of the steering wheel chair you do have toggles on this side for volume and toggles on the other side for memory presets here’s your signal and lighting and wiper operation and your tow haul mode on the bit see i’m going to go ahead and start up this truck show you the beautiful 8 inch color touchscreen as you know this is a very

Powerful truck it’s going to be great for a four-top i was going to say hauling anything or towing anything but it’s also pretty luxurious inside and you’ll see that as we go through the features here this 8-inch color touchscreen becomes an 8 inch rear view color camera when you put the vehicle in reverse so that’s going to be great it’s going to make backing up

A lot easier and more safe you have the time the temperature audio phone projection which is a really cool feature if you connect your smartphone to this truck anything on your smartphone screen is going to be projected onto this beautiful 8 inch color touchscreen you have your onstar navigation settings texting irregular onstar features you do have a slot here

For cds you have dual climate zone which is really nice power pedals i’m not sure if you’re familiar with this but it is what it says it is power pedals come back and forth and that combined with the 10-way power adjustable driver seat makes it so that people have any height can drive this truck traction and stability control lighting for the bed of the truck here

Ultrasonic park assist sensors so when you’re backing up you’re going to get an audible warning as well as being able to see on the screen here what what’s happening behind the vehicle and your hill descent button there’s also storage and power down here you do have an auxiliary power outlet and a 110-volt there and some storage ranked beside in the console here

Besides storage and cupholders you open it up and you have more power and connectivity you have two usb ports and a jack for headphones and you do have another auxiliary power outlet so as i said it’s a very powerful truck but there’s lots of connectivity tech to it there’s a dual glove box top box locks storage in the passenger side door if you look up you do

Have sunglass storage here you have a button here for your power rear sliding window so if you look to the back that rear window will slide open at the touch of a button and there’s defrost two on the windows so that’s a really nice feature you have your garage door opener overhead lighting and onstar buttons right on the rearview mirror alright gary you can see

Those rancho brand twin-tube shocks this is the z71 off-road edition again they’re behind the 20-inch polished aluminum wheels looks very sharp with this truck again there’s the assist steps the bed rails the two bed rails that match the tube assist steps the corner bumpers here have the steps when you put your foot in there into the bed of the truck you go with

These your ultrasonic park assist sensors all along the back bumper gary and you do have the rearview camera so again the sensors the camera it’s going to make attaching a trailer or just backing up more safe and easy speaking of easy the easy lift and lower tailgate descends nice and slowly people love that it’s going to save yourself from injury it’s going to add

Yours of life to the tailgate and there’s so much room back here so nice lighting again in the bed of the truck lots of hugs and to put the tailgate back up very little for so much room in the door lots of storage you do have your power windows they are tinted storage behind the seat storage down below this is an unbelievable truck you know it’s a crew cab people

Love a crew cab because there’s a ton of legroom there’s the center seat armrest look at all the desk there there’s some work going on in the shop so i’m going to close the door soon but center seat armrest has cup holders that stows away nicely there again is your rear sliding window yeah just just awesome and you do have these custom floor mats with the ground

Effects logo on them so that’s another bonus feature to this awesome truck all right gary there you have it what an awesome truck you can see those camper mirrors they do extend the other very sharp they have lights if you turn the lights on in the truck they do have a light here let me show you in fact going to walk over here and you might already know this

But there’s lights here if you turn the lights on in the bed of the truck these lights come on to which is really helpful people who do a lot of trailering appreciate that sort of detail people obviously toe and hall without these cam premieres but if you’re going to do it right might as well do it right right this drug does have 4g lte wi-fi all throughout its

Equipped with a safety and connectivity of onstar you do have that rearview color camera the color touchscreen the ultrasonic park assist that gives you the audible warnings it’s fantastic seat six it’s obviously a very powerful truck 2500 heavy-duty 2016 sierra sle 2500 crew cab four-wheel-drive shown here in onyx black it’s got the vortex six point 0 liter flex

Fuel v8 engine with 6-speed automatic transmission gary if you wanted to come on down we’d love to see a dugall would love to see you we are again located at 240 bond street easton oshawa our number is 9 05 436 1500 that’s 90 5 4 3 6 1500 we’d love to see you and we’d be very happy to show you that we will do whatever it takes see you soon gary

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Pre-Owned 2016 GMC Sierra 2500HD 4WD Crew Cab 167.7" SLE Mills Motors Buick GMC Oshawa ON By Mills Motors Buick GMC Ltd.