Hi everybody welcome to george moore chevrolet my name is sam martin i’ll be showing you this 2017 nissan frontier sv this is a um you know your medium sized uh colorado kind of uh similar vehicle these frontiers are built kind of as a direct uh competitor for a colorado for example they do pack a 4.0 liter v6 under the hood as we know of course nissan and toyota

Are known for the reliability these vehicles are no strangers to that this is a crew cab so bigger you know you have space in the back for your passengers not going to be collapsed sanders in the double cab or a single would be um coming around the back over here we can see in terms of the bed how much space you’re working with this is also a nismo so the nismo

Package improves your handling kind of when on your daily drives you see how much space you’re working with in terms of the bed overall these have solid towing capacity um you have those hand cooked tires and your nissan silver rims but overall we’re going to move over to the interior of the vehicle to talk about its more interesting features of course all right

Everybody now on the inside of our frontier a few things to go over of course we’re going to start off here at the infotainment unit we can see of course this is your standard infotainment unit access to fm am as well as media control uh xm connection as well down from that you have your ac control of course frontal vents foot feedments your heated front and heated

Rear for the mirrors beyond that you have your traction control button right here small space to put your phone right over there extra space down here of course this one has a slight speed uh automatic but it does have a semi um kind of manual one and manual 2 mode you have your parking e-brake right over here center console does have a 12 volt outlet charger

Connector in terms of the steering wheel you have your menu controls voice commands right over here as well as your um your acceleration and your mode shifter right over here you have power windows on both sides as well as a window lock um that is also thanks to it having a fob for lock and unlock from the key taking a look at the back of the vehicle we can see

How much space you’re working with we have a cloth interior in this vehicle this is a completely clean um car so this truck has no accidents damage reported or you know rebuild title nothing like that is completely clean so overall you know it’s a reliable well-priced uh medium-sized nissan truck packing a pretty hefty engine out of that 4.0 liter v6 so overall a

Very nice deal for one of these vehicles this one specifically also having a three-month 3000 mile powertrain warranty provided by us hi everybody so this was our 2017 nissan frontier sv nismo um if you’re looking for a reliable well-priced and overall you know well used and clean uh medium-sized truck uh and you like you know nissan for their products and their

Reliability come down to george moore chevrolet and see me san martin hopefully we can have you drive this baby home

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PRE-OWNED 2017 NISSAN FRONTIER Crew Cab 4×2 SV V6 Auto By George Moore Chevrolet