PRE-OWNED 2018 FORD SUPER DUTY F-250 SRW XL 4WD Crew Cab 6.75 Box

VIN: 1FT7W2BT4JEB26155

What’s up jacksonville it’s augie here at george moore chevrolet super excited to show you we got this 2018 ford f-250 it’s a lariat it’s also the guy harvey edition that’s right this thing is special uh it comes in the white color you got your led headlamps you got your daytime running lamps right here you also got fog lamps down here tow hooks to help you out

Right there you can see that there is a camera so that’s going to tell me that this is going to have the 360 camera angle you got your forward hex pollution alert beautiful 20 inch rims that go well with this guy harvey edition i’m telling you i’m i wasn’t kidding it’s the guy harvey edition you got your special badging right here you got your guy harvey over

Here with the little fish scales uh this is this does have a 6.7 liter in it this is a diesel uh you got 450 horsepower you also got 935 pounds of torque and this bad boy can tow up to 12 000 pounds a quick look inside you got the guy harvey signature badging right there you got memory seating for up to three different drivers as you can see it’s got a nice wood

Finish in it black leather interior you got these assist steps that come up when you open the door and then when you close them they’ll go right back in this is a 4×4 that’s a blind spot radar right here you got your backup sensors tailgate comes down real nice and easy you got a hard roll the tonneau cover that comes with the guy harvey edition rolls back nice

And easy spray in bed liner you also got this right here you pull this out and you’ll be able to get into the bed of the truck nice and easy because this is high up so it’s always easier just come down that way so inside you got your power mirrors you can even extend them outwards like that and even fold them in if you’re going into a tight spot you got your uh

Cruise control settings here a button down here to adjust your pedals uh leather wrapped steering wheel come over here got your infotainment screen you have your am fm satellite radio capabilities also has a cd player and you also have your bluetooth capabilities you got dual climate control heated and vented seats it’s really hot outside so i got the ac vents on

You got usb ports right here you got storage for knickknacks cup holders if you need more cup holders bam now you got four cup holders and look at that more cup holders plenty of space for knickknacks with a nice divider here you put your change in there you can lift it out so you can grab the bigger knickknack it’s nice and easy got a 12 volt and 110 volt power

Outlet right here you got your two wheel drive your four high and your four low you got your uh towing brake there as you can see you got your backup camera and you got your 360 uh camera view so what are you waiting for come on by to george morris chevrolet again my name is august be more than happy to get you in this truck and once you buy this truck it takes

Me out to go fishing with you all right y’all have yourself a great day

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PRE-OWNED 2018 FORD SUPER DUTY F-250 SRW XL 4WD Crew Cab 6.75' Box By George Moore Chevrolet