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PRE-OWNED 2018 GMC CANYON Crew Cab Long Box 4-Wheel Drive Denali (U4654)

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This Used Onyx Black 2018 GMC Canyon is for sale at Whisler Chevrolet Cadillac; featuring a V6 and 4D Crew Cab body style. Compare our pricing to other auto dealers; give us a call at (307) 448-2968 if you have any questions; then pay us a visit to see why we are a premier Cadillac, Chevrolet dealership near Vernal, UT and Lander, located in Rock Springs, WY.

Good afternoon this is shane mcurtin with whistler chevrolet cadillac i just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to show you this gmc canyon denali beautiful black i got most all the snow off of there i apologize for the little bit that’s still on there but very clean vehicle like brand new i’ll walk around and try and give you a perspective as if you were

Here with me sitting on good tires funny a tread they look like brand new the nice gmc wheels go ahead and walk around it you got the step up bumper here as well as the lockable tailgate which is also lined the bed is lined then you got the nice steps here as well it is a crew cab and then being the denali edition it’s going to have everything on the inside try a

Better view here on the outside then i’ll give you but you have the inside and show you some of the amenities in here so once again everything looks like brand new in here as well it should so you’ve got your trailer tow mode traction control of course your cargo light heated and cooled seats also got a heated steering wheel your forward collision alert go ahead

And turn her on for you it’s got 28,000 227 miles you can charge your cell phone just by setting it on this guy right here and then of course you’ve got all kinds of cool detecting lock technological amenities there’s your xm comes with onstar of course they’ll go ahead and turn this air off it’s plenty of funny cool we don’t need air conditioning but you still

Have full factory warranty on this guy got your true nav so you don’t have to have your onstar for the navigation upgraded stereo system you also have the ability to have your own hotspot for wi-fi just a lot of really cool features that come standard on the denali and you can pretty much you can do things to customize the vehicle more to your liking so there’s a

Lot of different modes like your valet mode rear seat reminder you can set it to warn you if you’re speeding to show you the speed limit where you’re at all kinds of cool stuff i just want to give you kind of a view of the inside as i drop the phone i apologize but everything is flawless as far as the seats go front and back and you have your hands-free calling

As well and pretty much everything that you can control here you can also control from the steering wheel which is really nice as well and then of course you do have your four-wheel drive you can put that in auto or or go ahead and put it in on the fly as well so that’s the interior i’m gonna get out and pin around the external so anyway just a beautiful truck

Inside and out all the goodies that you get with the denali and once again my name is shayne mcurtin if you have any other questions i’d be more than happy to help or you can continue to correspond with candice thank you very much and have a great day

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PRE-OWNED 2018 GMC CANYON Crew Cab Long Box 4-Wheel Drive Denali (U4654) By Whisler Chevrolet Company