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We last gave you a glimpse of the BMW i7 when it was first unveiled in Munich, Germany. Now it’s here in Singapore to preview, before the first units arrive here towards the end of the year.

Hey everyone, so right now i am directly in front of ion orchard and we are here today to preview the brand new bmw i7 that sits alongside the 7 series as well as the x7 atop bmw’s range let’s first quickly look at the exterior of the car obviously the silhouette is very similar to the new 7 series and that’s because it was built on the same platform and really the only

Distinguishing factors are some of these blue accents here online pictures, you will see that there are other blue accents around the car however in this particular trim, those has been optioned off so really looking at it, it just looks like your normal 7 series in there, there are swarovski crystals and they really do a nice job of shimmering when you unlock the car there

Are plenty of customisations options available fun fact, if you choose the optional two-tone paint finish at the back we have a very clean and simple looking rear and because this is an ev you have no tailpipes whatsoever so you really have a very nice, clean surface, and i do like via an easy access, it’s simple you can just use your foot it will fit most of what you need,

All your golf bags whatsoever key here, and it has been set up in this particular manner it’s a very fancy way of getting into the car when you want to and you can do the reverse as well, so you press and hold now let’s go jump inside the car and have a closer look the auto doors, one other way is to just press this first of all space, as what you would expect, there is

Plenty of space lots of legroom, and very generous amounts of headroom as well climate control, you can do your seat adjustments here you can recline your seats, you can turn on your ventilation it’s a very ergonomic way of controlling everything right instead of typically having some one thing in the middle it is just within your hand’s reach when arm is just rested here

The car that julian saw in munich, there is that massive theatre-like screen according to bmw this will be available from next year i don’t suspect many i7 owners will be using this particular seat that much there is a bit of a hump here but it is quite wide and it is very flat so you can actually very comfortably put your feet up and it carries over a couple of elements

From the ix the curved display is the same, we have a 14.9 inch screen here this gives you all the access to the os 8 functionality and we also have a steering wheel that’s very familiar and very similar to the one you will find in the 280 as well console here, again we have a very familiar center console with this glass wheel that i really like, i like that there is it is

This light strip that you see running across the entirety of the cabin like literally from here to the door on the other side and you have a bunch of controls in there, so you have your mimic or reflect that function, so with the hazard lights it gives you a visual representation of what’s going on this car comes standard with a 20-speaker bowers & wilkins sounds system

In this cabin now, so we have already mentioned the auto doors right you have to angle your hand a little bit whatsoever when the door is opened, it actually opens quite wide as you can see, it’s not remotely close to being within arm’s reach and i mean the car is also very smart, if there is someone in the way or you know another car like jayjay is now let’s quickly talk

About the performance of this car you get that from the two electric motors, one on the front and one on the rear axles and therefore this car does have xdrive all wheel drive and as far as range goes, bmw quotes 625 km on a single charge are anticipated to begin towards the end of november so if you are interested, you can actually register interest for this car right now

Through either bmw distributors – performance motors or eurokars it’s here in orchard, however it is not open to public you can register and make an appointment via performance motors or eurokars as well to come and see this car in person and this bmw i pavilion will be here until the 18th of september please like and share this video and subscribe to our channel as well

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