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Had a blast driving the 86 with my JDM brother Ken Gushi for the CHARACTER MEDIA video shoot.

Brother daijiro yoshihara senpai it’s always a nice day here at willow springs but i was told we have a car and piece to it yup a to-do list which is this 86 that is a beautiful toyota 86 yep and you know you drive 86 in the past in four meter drift and i still compete in a brz which is the same chassis and you just recently built your own 86 powered by a

Pretty high-tech engine that’s right so we’re both 8-6 brothers nihonjin brothers yep i guess they left us the keys on a to-do list so let’s go out and have some fun and show these guys what the car can do die you have the same kid on your street car yes it’s artisan sprit but this one is white body right so it looks a lot more aggressive yep it looks great

Definitely a wider stance i do notice that shiny intercooler so i actually want to see what’s under the hood let’s see pop the hood yeah wow it’s super clean that is really clean it’s a grady turbo kit right that is that’s the t518z so i actually had the same turbo kit on my 86 when i had the car how much holes you can make with this kit this one i’m going to

Assume it’s roughly around 280 horsepower to 300 horsepower right okay okay that’s more than enough yeah for a street car that’s more than plenty takata seat belt recaro seat looks like it’s been fully prepped for some spirited driving out on track should be decently fun oh there’s a to-do list oh all right so we got a list it says drift donuts go fast and

Burnout sounds easy how about i’ll do the donuts and the burnout you can do the going fast and the drifting all right it’s um yeah you’re just gonna burn the tires i hope they brought extra tires what were they thinking calling two professional drifters all right let’s do this all right let’s drive slow and build it up foreign oh so my impression

From the passenger seat is it feels like it’s on rails oh there’s a little slide but it is like you were saying it’s too stiff for sure it seems like it’s a little it picks up the bump really crazy but it does feel torquey yeah even from the passenger seat i do feel like it’s sucking me into these recaros but that is probably because we have master driver

Yoshihara senpai behind the wheel okay but overall i think from my embrace it’s very predictable yeah oh all right well that was uh that’s quite the experience yeah the car is really fast sounds good brakes felt nice on that note i think let’s go fastest championship driver taijiro yoshihara showed us how to go fast so that’s going to be a check all

Right is why are they running away wow all right great job donuts check that was good man so all right so i think i think that qualifies for a check for sure donut check what’s next next is drip ready i’m ready for your drift drift let’s go no count no count uh that was just practice yes he’s showing me what not to do okay rolling whoa whoa

Whoa fake do this that was uh i’d say that was almost 100 point run all right thank you these are my skull just said that’s like pro two bbc all right let’s try it again this maybe i’ll be the one to put the check mark on that list you get three check if that’s the case all right my turn all right all right i’m coming i’m coming i’m coming oh all

Right all right man that was easy peasy oh my god like six takes i struggle but you didn’t um you made me look bad but i give you that was the championship drift it was a definitely check mark all right good job ken what’s last we got one more ride okay last one is uh burnout and you’re gonna keep doing it all right running rubber for sure i asked your boss

Okay might be able to take off come on what a fun-filled adventurous day yeah that was great man that was a lot of fun you did really good on drifting yeah yeah yes yes buddy buddy mustard no but really that was a lot of fun yeah good day i feel like this car passed the test two drifters all right i would definitely drive this every day on the street

Yeah i would too checks off the list still in one piece yeah looking good i’m hungry though same here what do you say we go get some donuts sounds great

Transcribed from video
Pro Drifters Ken Gushi and Dai Yoshihara Test the Toyota 86 | The Lookout By Dai Yoshihara