Production Models Chevrolet Malibu 2015

Our featured Production Model this week comes from the American car maker Chevrolet as we check out their latest offering for the midsize sedan category, the Malibu.

Welcome back the midsize segment is undoubtedly a crowded space to compete in it’s a tough segment fighting for the consumer’s hard-earned peso to be honest the competition in the segment can be brutal the chevrolet malibu enters this segment with guns blazing and muscles flexing it can more than hold its own against its rivals it proudly calls itself as the

Mid-sized sedan that has it all the chevrolet malibu makes an impressive entrance with its sleek and luxurious tile and appealing curves with arrow optimized rounded corners headlamps and side mirrors the chevrolet malibu moves smoothly and elegantly designers implemented the sharp suited theme with a more prominent lower drill and a narrower upper grille adding

Chrome accents give the malibu a handsome and distinguished look its bold lines and sporty exterior designs support aerodynamics and matches the attention grabbing front fascia and front drill the chevrolet malibu is aesthetically advanced inside and out the cabin looks clean and modern inside the malibu reflects chevrolet’s attention to details it offers refined

Surfacing with premium materials and available rich components the interior is sleek and features an acoustic laminate windshield for a superb level of quietness as well as low gloss surfacing and soft touch tactility the dual cockpit design is sophisticated especially with ice blue ambient lighting on the instrument panel indoors the same level of attention is given

To comfort offering optimal legroom comfort the sports sculpted seats allow for long distance relaxation and rear seat space the front seats come with multi-directional 8-way power adjustment plus memory and lumber support in addition to premium comfort plenty of storage options are available providing even more roominess in the cabin the malibu features rear 60

40 split folding seat backs enabling space customization and maximization chevrolet ensured that the malibu reflects the forward-thinking approach in designing the car they made sure that the malibu is innovative in every way when it comes to technology the malibu is on the cutting edge especially with a mylink infotainment system this system provides hands-free

Access for calls or navigation the malibu is equipped with a built-in reversing camera to assist the driver while on a reverse it also comes with a gps system the malibu is given fuel efficiency enhancing features such as the seamless top start technology of course safety is a priority in the malibu with the six airbags installed and its active safety features

Such as anti-lock braking system electronic brake force distribution brake assist and traction control all these provide better vehicle control during compromised driving situations with the malibu chevrolet promises an overall smooth quiet and premium driving experience thanks to the state-of-the-art technology and new powertrain for enhanced fuel efficiency the

Malibu is given a 2.4 liter aluminum engine block for better heat dissipation the engine turns out 165 ps at 123 rpm and 225 nm of torque the six-speed automatic transmission pairs perfectly with the engine for reduced high-speed engine stress four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes ensure reliable stopping performance while the tuned suspension brings better handling and

Control overall the malibu is responsive refined and comfortable to shine above the rest of the vehicles in this highly competitive segment one has to be exceptionally special and the chevrolet malibu is it it is truly the car that has it all it’s smart stylish and completely ingenuous it is a true display of impressive balance and it definitely gives a driving experience to remember

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Production Models Chevrolet Malibu 2015 By Auto Focus