Project Midnight Silverado 2500HD 6.0 Flowmaster Super 40 Muffler Install

Installing a super 40 Flowmaster muffler on Project Midnight.

So i think you guys can guess it’s going to happen today 2500 is going to get a new muffler yes it’s a full master this is a super 40 actually the local auto parts had this it is a dual in dual out so i’m going with a single muffler on this you can see this is two and a half in and out now anybody that is familiar with the chevy truck know is that the six leaders

Got dual exhaust all the way to the muffler two separate 3-inch pipes coming back and then you got the muffler and then it wise into the single three-and-a-half inch you see there coming out now you probably say in dual three-inch and you’re going down to two and a half they don’t make any sense well like i said the muffler wise into a single three and a half out

And if you run dual two and a half that’s going to outflow a single three and a half i’ve got multiple adapters here i’m probably just going to do a weed burner exhaust on this because i want to hear i don’t know if i’m going to go with this one or not like i said local auto parts store had it so i’m going to give it a try i should slow a lot better than factory

Exhaust like i said it should flow a lot better than that single three and a half i don’t know why the factory why is that into one single exhaust but that’s what they do so i’m going to get the truck up in the air and we’re going to start looking the situation over okay so here’s the dual inlet on the factory muffler and what we’re going to do is we’re just

Going to cut her off close to the muffler as you can this mufflers junk you can see it’s been beat up there’s a hole in it sounds terrible so we’re just going to cut it off here and take a whole system out make room for the new muffler okay my tool of choice for any exhaust system as a sawzall for the long blade on it so let’s start cutting when you get to

This last light it’s going to pinch in by sometimes you got to raise up your muffler or lower it down whatever it needs okay so you can see the muffler twisting i can’t get it kind of off because i thought that my rubber isolators were good but they’re not they’re all break into the mufflers twists and so i’ll have to support it and to be able to get it cut off

The rest of the way so we go to support into the pedal and there we go now taking the seeds exhaust out on a hoist is pretty easy the whole thing a lot of times if you don’t have if you don’t have a hoist you have to cut the muffler off and take it out to pieces but i should be able to get this out in one piece so now you can see better the why back you why

Into one three-and-a-half exit so here’s the new muffler out of the box a little better look at it there is an inlet and an outlet you can you can put this in backwards so make sure you put the inlet side on the right side i think it will it will give you all like a whistle sound if you don’t install them the right way you don’t want a whistle sound you want a

Nice rumble and like i showed you before i got some adapters here to run my 3-inch down to the two and a half and i’m going to do some welding and fitting and we’ll see i guess what i come up with here so there’s the dual three-inch pipes coming from the exhaust manifolds or the headers that i have now if you’ve never seen a chevy 6-litre it’s you know dual pipes

All the way to the exhaust manifolds there so it is a true at rule duel until you get to the muffler okay so here’s what i’m going to do i’m going to weld this adapter on to that adapter and this adapter will slide over it’s pretty tight but it slides over the factory pipe and then i’ll weld that this i’m going to weld on to the exhaust but weld it it’s the same

Size as the fight there so then i’m going to weld these turndowns on the end of the muffler here this is temporary i probably won’t weld them all the way around so i can cut them off easy and this is just to direct the exhaust downward and so it don’t get trapped up under the bed or something so we’re going to go with the weed burner for now i just want to see

How this thing sounds how it flows how the truck reacts to it and we’ll go from there so there’s my adapters welded on to the muffler and cr i got it set up here and i’m going to just slide the factory pipes and there i might have to spread them out a little bit because they look really like they’re really close together a lot closer than that but we’ll just

Spread them apart and pound them in there and we’ll weld that all the way around really not that difficult of a job especially on the left changing out a muffler the hardest thing is getting the old one off really so here’s the muffler fitting in place i’ve got it kind of slid over there thanks slid over very much but it is slid over those and will make it much

Easier to weld that around instead of doing but wells like i did here does that’s a lot more difficult so that should be easier just to run around them and then i’ll have my turn downs right here and i think it’s going to be awesome let’s burn this thing in so they’re shivi guys all welded up a little trouble with these tips here i don’t know what was

Going on but wasn’t wanting to well very good but you can see i’ve got them angled a little bit lice in the way i got them angled a little bit sideways so what do you think should we drop or down fire up yeah i think so you so there it is guys full master super 40 in project midnight now i’ve been struggling to get decent audio of this muffler

For some reason i just cannot do it my cameras used to be really good at picking up exhaust but maybe they’re getting too old i don’t know i did my best to show you what it sounds like it sounds awesome in person i mean it really sounds awesome the only thing i don’t like about it is it’s got some interior sound it’s got some drone when it goes into overdrive

And in part throttle it’s got a bit of a droning to it so sounds awesome so i’m not sure if i’m going to keep the muffler or not we’ll see what happens i hope you guys enjoyed the video and i’ll see you guys in the next one stacked on the hill with the taco bell in a gun for weeds and cornering you

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"Project Midnight" Silverado 2500HD 6.0 Flowmaster Super 40 Muffler Install By mossman381