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New project car time! With the Supra going to raffle with LMCT+ soon, it was obvious we would get the new Nissan Z. Even better, we managed to score one of the first cars delivered and a special edition Proto! In this first episode we baseline dyno the Z and take a good look over and under it to see what is good and bad. We also check a bunch of different wheels and tyres to see what fits when we go drag and circuit racing.

Thank you so the back story of how i ended up with a nissan z proto is actually quite interesting i originally ordered just a gray nissan z from the salesman that sold me my nissan navara and he said that he would put it the front of their queue like the first of their customers now in the meantime nissan backflipped on that agreement and basically said whenever

The date is is when you get it the entire launch of the z has been a bit of a shamble no information no idea when it’s coming nothing in the meantime a friend of mine from colton classic had a z proto and he said hey do you want access to that because i’ve got a change in business and family another kid on the way etc and do you want the car and i said man i’m

Not sure it depends the gap between your car and my car when i got that call saying that my car was potentially you know who knows how far away and his proto was actually here which is really weird because we were told that they’re all going to get delivered the same time then they came out in dribs and drabs i said you know what let’s look at it um work out a

Deal and see if i can get this proto so we can get into z development quickly i may then sell it and get my gray one later i’m not sure let’s just do it and see what happens and he said all right let’s go so i put a little bit over retail for all which is fine because he deserves a little bit of a clip for allowing me to have access to this car because he’s been

Offered a lot more than i’m paying for it uh which is you know a pretty good of them to hold it for me so i’m on the way to pick it up now i’ve actually never seen a z in real life i’ve never driven one um this is it it’s my first time seeing it in real life it’s my first time seeing any z in real life first time driving it and of course it’s raining in sydney

Because that’s all it does here now so what are we going to do with it let’s talk more about that later let’s get it get driving start that z life well here we go first drive in the nissan z proto once again i’ve bought a car without driving it just like the supra and of course it’s raining and we’re in suburbia so i can’t do much clutch feels pretty good uh

It’s got decent engagement you’d expect it to be relatively heavy duty and a torquey high-powered car gearboxes all right a little bit not cheap could just be because it’s cold thank you yeah in wet weather um it’s going to be pretty undroppable i don’t think we’re going to get a very indicative drive right now of what the z is really like all i will tell

You is there’s a hundred other youtubers and journalists that you can watch to find out every little detail about disease like to drive on the road i will just say this it’s a new car drives great um what’s it like to live with i won’t be able to tell you that for a few weeks but here’s the other thing this is motive video so we really care more what what’s it

Like on a twisty road what’s it like at the racetrack what’s it like at the drags that’s what we care about so when we get to go do that that’s more really talk about what the z is really like and the other reason we’re not going to get to talk very much right now about the z is well it’s a very short first drive because where i picked it up to croydon racing

Developments is less than 10 minutes so we’re going to crd to plug in the ecu see if it can be red and if we can tune this thing straight away let’s go yeah it’s a stop word there’s a zia meeting hey mate i can hear all the talk going on inside so we’re at croydon racing developments with the z straight away for a few reasons one the boys wanted to see the car

They want to start development asap um obviously want to look at software stuff with eco tech so croydon are going to order the new ecotech software for the zed and get it done straight away they also want to have a quick look over the car see what’s going on straight away you see where the covers off it has water to our intercoolers electronic wild valves looks

Like it’s got electronic wastegates too so it’s a lot to look at and we decided stuff it let’s put it on the dyno right now spark plugs are going to be a nightmare to change you have to pull off the intercoolers to get to them and heat the stuff out of the way so changing spark plugs bad idea um it’s very very cramped engine bay i think r35 spec it is not going

To be an enjoyable car to work on there is heaps of room inside the front bar for a larger charge cooler which i think it’s going to need looking at these intercoolers they’re pretty small ams already make an upgraded intercooler but yeah i think you’ll need a bigger charge cooler down in here more than half of the charge cooler the airflow is actually blocked

By the rio or the crash bar so there’s heaps of i guess potential to improve how good the charge cooler works at least i think that’s power steering cooler down the bottom radiator aircon can’t see the engine oil cooler from where we’re looking so not sure if it has one we’ll keep looking but yeah we have found out a few things um fuel system wise obviously it is

Direct injection twin rails coming off the one high pressure pump fuel feeds pretty small how much fuel will this thing flow i guess we’ll find out uh air filters look pretty straightforward i’m not sure there’s going to be any power gains to be had with an intake while looking at it but we do know there is a gains to be had in the exhaust so our first step will

Be to get a full exhaust system on the car including dump pipes and get it tuned and then basically just go from there foreign foreign yes surprising to be honest so i might go powerful where it’s at well the numbers are in the first z that we know i’ve downloaded in australia made a little bit more than i thought of what i was predicting about 260 265 i

Ended up making 274 kilowatts at the back hubs it was actually quite repeatable we noticed that we did six or seven runs in a row and we only saw a loss of two kilowatts or sort of three horsepower even with that much heat soaking it back to back run after run so that was pretty good we also tried pulling the air filters out and it actually made less power so

Didn’t like not having air filters in there we then pulled the cotton covering off the air filter and that made zero difference so potentially at this power level intake will probably do nothing or if anything go backwards with the factory ecu so we just thought we’d try those a little test but overall pretty happy 274 kilowatts at the back hubs is pretty damn

Good for a factory car looking at that exhaust though it is tiny can’t wait to change the exhaust get the eco tech tune in at cid and start making some more grunt with this thing and get it to the track as soon as the weather lets us well while we’re waiting for performance parts and ecotech software for our z so we can start extracting more power i wanted to

See what different will and tire combinations would fit why well i want to put 18s on to go circuit racing and i want to put drag radials on to go to the drag strip so i’ve got a bunch of wheel and tires that i own so we can start testing them see what works what doesn’t let’s do it so these factory wheels on the proto are raised engineering forged wheels so uh

They’re pretty good how big are they 19 by 10 plus 30 on the back so it gives us an idea of where we can start a goal with these things so the first thing i wanted to check is that drag ratings fit these are a 17 by nine plus 18. they fit pretty easily the 275 so much room on the inside here if we could get a less aggressive offset we could fit much bigger rubber

But we’ll get it on the ground have a look but most importantly the 17s clear the brake calipers on the back so i don’t think every 17 on the market will clear the back but these ones do let’s get on the ground so as a first i guess initial basic measurement there’s a good 60 or 70 millimeters more clearance on the inside of this tire and i reckon at least 10

To 20 millimeters on the outside this is a 275 drag radial honestly i wouldn’t be surprised if you could fit like a 305 295 to 315 drag rather than there somewhere we do have a set of 19 inch drag radar so i think we’re going to get them fitted up to a spare set of rims and safe by faith um yeah i think we’re going to get some pretty big rubber under the back of

The z so these are an 18 by 10 plus 15 with a 295 r comp on it so i’ll give these a go next so the overall diameter of the tire is wrong in this application this is a 295 30 18. this needs more like a 295 35 at a minimum if not a 295 40 to get the overall profile correct compared to factory but what i will say is this in an 18 by 10 plus 15 if you look you’ve

Already got the rim pretty flush with the guard so what you want to do with the z is you actually want less aggressive offset so you can get the tire to go inwards more so this 295 fits no problem so being massive rubber is not an issue it’s just that when you go for like a 10 and a half plus 15 it’ll actually start to poke out so you really need something more

Like especially in a ten and a half instead of going plus 15 you want more like plus 30 to try and get the thing back in we have heaps of room on the inside we’ve still got 70 millimeters or so of space inwards so if you want to make the most of getting a big tires e less aggressive offset as you get wider to try and go inwards not outwards so realistically though

Even this 18 by 10 plus 15 you’re sitting pretty perfectly flushed so if it was a ten and a half i’d want a plus 22 uh to get up right so the men i reckon we can fit i reckon you could fit a 12 inch room on the back as long as you’ve got the offset correct but let’s keep playing around see what fits so i’ve actually got a set of three 70z rays engineering

Wheels as well i got these i guess as skid wheels or drag wheels or whatever they’re exactly the same width and offset so 19 by 10 plus 30 so they fit no problem we’re going to see if we can get a 315 drag rating onto these and if it fits under the car so that’s that we need to go that those put it up and check the other thing i want to do is check the weight

The old raised wheels versus the new ones 22.2 wow how much of that is tire and how much is rim can’t tell the tires on but uh they’ve both got a two seven five thirty five nineteen so you know here’s what it is now i was going to try some 18 by 10 and a half plus 15 but i already know from watching other videos and what we’ve already checked with a 10 inch

Wide rim plus 15 that’s going to poke out too far so really 10 and a half plus 22 but if you want to go any wider you’re going to have to go less offset and bring it inwards not outwards so you might be looking at like you know 18 by 11 plus 42 or something like that kind of look what we have with the supra to really fill up the guard on the back of the z now

I’m going to check the front more than anything i want to see if 18s will clear the brakes so that we can run 18s for circuit work foreign by nine and a half plus 40. so not bad the real the rims i’m going to try are 18 by nine and a half plus 22. so they’re going to be coming out 18 millimeters so quite a fair way so let’s see how they go shall we so some 18s

That i had to try out the old ones off my uh the ame gtv these are an 18 by nine and a half plus 22. perfect fitment for the front of a gtr so these are basically the same width as what came off uh but the thing is they sit 18 millimeters further out so a more aggressive offset let’s see if they fit clear the brakes no problem let’s see uh how they fit on the

Ground and sit on the ground so the profile of this tire is wrong it needs a 265 40 not a two six five thirty five uh but in terms of looking at how far the wheel sits out where the tire sits etc honestly that’s pretty much bang on with a little bit of camber in the front which we will do with coilovers i think it’ll sit just right so 18 by nine and a half

Plus 22 on the front obviously 19 by 9.5 plus 22 is on the money with a 265. even actually seven five tire i should do the trick so there we go and 18 is clear the brakes so one option for me is i actually keep this set of wheels for the front and get a bigger set for the back let’s see what’s available all right let’s weigh the fronts now 24.3 kilos actually

Pretty heavy 20.8 kilos so there is almost four kilos difference between running the 18 by nine and a half with that tire and the 19 by nine and a half so the circuit racing there are certainly reasons to go to an 18. that’s for sure to get the unsprung mass down entire card this rate will come down by probably close to 15 kilos when you add it all up so that’s

A significant unsprung mess to lose so uh we’ll definitely be going 18 for circuit work but let’s see if we can get some drag ratings on these 19s so luckily the guys at our local tire and auto north rocks where it managed to fit these up at like 4 45 in the afternoon uh these are the 305 drag riders we had on the back of the supra now in the back of the supra

It had a lot less aggressive offset but it was still a 10 inch wide rim so we know it fits on that with rim it’s just more about the offset now so uh yeah we’re going to see if these 305 35 19 drag radials fit and um if they look like they’re close to fitting we’ll probably need to get a test drive when the weather’s better though and see if they really do fit

Because i’d love to get these on there because i know how well they work with the track foreign that these fit a 305 19 drag radial on the old nismo wheels fits under the back it looks like it clears we put some weight in the back tried to bounce it a bit and it looks like it’s going to tuck up in there nicely so it’s standard ride height they fit which is

Great because um these tires worked really well on the supra and obviously it’s pretty wide rubber because if we want to try and get like a 295 or 305 and a 17 we’re gonna get custom wheels and all sorts of stuff but we’ve already got these tires which means we can get testing at the drag strip very soon all we need to do is wipe these stupid weather to clear in

Sydney so looking under the car there’s a fair bit of bracing at the back on the subframe something they did on the r34 gtr exactly like this tail shaft is really beefy drive shafts look pretty good suspensions obviously oh no it’s the same as the old z z i don’t know what country you’re from but what’s spinning me out is the size of this exhaust 45 millimeters

So it’s like one and three quarter inches they weren’t joking it is less than two inches in that point of the exhaust now you come down it joins into one here the thinnest point of single exhaust is 65 millimeters so what’s that it’s a little bit over two and a half inch so the the single part of the exhaust is two and a half inch so you already know this game

Has to be had you get up here yeah just as bad it’s like one and three quarter inch now here’s the thing you could replace that entire cutback section to here but you’ve still got one and three quarter inch on the other the side of this flange so really you need to be replacing this section here the front pipe section and the dump pipe section to really get big

Power gains and that’s we’ve already seen people prove this already so a cat batch i think is purely for noise um while the performance to be had is in the front pipe and dump pipe which i can’t wait to change foreign

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