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PROLINE JEEP GLADIATOR Paint and added rear rack

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PROLINE JEEP GLADIATOR Paint and added rear rack

Hey guys anthony are from xxx rc garage and just got something in the mail and open it up what do we have we have the new proline gladiator body now it’s the first time i’ve get to see it in person you see the body poster here they need to be in here so i’m gonna have to flip the towers around so yeah there’s got to be some modifications done before i even get

This thing to fix the sorento chassis hey guys anthony here from xxx rc garage and i met awesome rc cars but you always hear me talk about right there and the reason i’m here is because remember i told you guys i was going to paint that jeep gladiator body showed you it was clear well i didn’t end up painting it myself because my garage i just couldn’t get the

Temperature down right but i just picked it up and well let me show you what it looks like and there it is guys they painted in metallic black sorry for all the noise behind me there’s a highway back here but i also have it on element jassie that’s what it looks like all finished so the next thing for me to do is put an interior in this thing and and we’ll

See what it looks like anyway just wanted to show this to you guys and i think it came out pretty good even though i’m full of disappointed on the size of the body but i think just don’t came out pretty good hey guys anthony from xxx rc garage and so what i’m doing now is giving you an update on my gladiator build and here it is outside so what i did i did put

This 3d snorkel on here and i’ll probably might be changing this unless i can make it change the 3d snorkel i might be changing that out but yeah i got the iracing bumper on the front with the with the stinger on it which i’m thinking i might take the stinger off and just leave it a flat bumper i’m not sure yet but that’s what i’m thinking i put some mirrors

On here folding mirrors and then i dissected a i dissected the one of these t-rex for sports racks and extra one dissected it made it work on here and i took another rack that i had and turn it upside down and made it to stabilize it so not so wobbly and there’s the inside of the bed still got to get a bumper for the rear but here it is hmm so that’s the rubicon

Gladiator now i know i said i was going to going to paint it myself and it was just so cold in my garage it didn’t so i had i had a wall from awesome rc cars he does a lot of the painting there and he paint he did all the tape off and paint and put all the decals on it for me so he did that for me and i painted a metallic black which i show you on the photos it’s

Real sparkly and see ya that’s it harrison right now these are the proline g bodies that were for the trx for defenders of 12/8 and of course here’s the little gladiator and in reality this truck is bigger than this truck if you wanted to do a side-by-side comparison but right now it made this thing look like by the sides looks like it’s a little jerky sighs so

Anyway i just wanted to show you a side-by-side comparison i mean you’re next to my my scout – it looks massive next to it and of course there’s my sport which is getting ready to put those tires on that that’s why your tire stacked on top right now it goes off of it and as you can see this body is a lot bigger than that body so anyway pretty much it just want

To show you that hey guys i met a local park here testing out the element sorrento with the jeep daddy at her body on it i think it came out amazing not sure about the snorkel i think it’s kind of too far off and i don’t know this don’t look right to me you’ll add that in the comments i’m thinking i’m just gonna take it off and probably put a decal over here

Or something and anyway unless i can make this thing fall back a little bit and get closer to the windshield but anyway that’s pretty much it so so let me know what you think i mean a couple of spots that i noticed here when i was crawling is that i think the tires are a little too big and i do get a little smaller size tire to put on here just because when it

Flexed that it bottomed out it actually caught into the body and actually by erland up it wouldn’t move and thank you sure why but i’ll have to figure that out more when i get on the bench but anyway that’s it thank you for watching don’t forget to subscribe and remember have fun with our seas and it’s cold out here

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PROLINE JEEP GLADIATOR Paint and added rear rack By Triple X RC Garage