Promaster 3500 Van Conversion (PART 3) – CR Laurence Bunk Windows

With cleaning and insulating out of the way, it’s time to do some REAL DAMAGE to the van and start cutting out some holes for our two CR Lawrence Bunk Windows!

So what are we doing today today we’re putting in our cr lorenz windows they’re the two back windows i actually have a template right here because i got overzealous and already mapped out our template but for this build or install all we’re going to need is a skill saw with some fancy thin metal blades a drill to both polish the cut metal as well as install

The screws drill bits for us to poke holes from the inside of the van so we know where to put the template on the outside tape and covering so that we don’t get any scratches or metal shavings in the rest of the van level and of course our white rust-oleum to clean up the edges so first things first we gotta take out this support i already played around and

Took out the other one jessica gets to take this one out clean okay so these come in multiple parts here what jessica is holding up here is the back plate that is what holds these windows on no sealant needed so for the diyers out there this is easy as can be now she’s taking off our velcro screen should just pop right off and then the exciting part about

These windows is you’re good where you are you can turn this here and it pops out that’s going to be our vent we’ll have two of these on the back and with our max air fan that’s our vent next i’ll have jessica compare the pre-made template that i made earlier this week with the back plate of our new window okay so this should in theory fit right around this

Back plate here turn this and we want it as close as possible to fitting around this inside edge not the outside edge this inside edge here so as you can see i already got the inside taped off and covered just because we don’t want any metal shavings falling down in the cracks or on our insulation here um pre-cut template jessica confirms that it does fit now

We just gotta figure out exactly where we want it based on what it looks like both on the inside and outside okay don’t make the rookie mistake that we made when installing our windows which was using a level the van itself is not level therefore using a level will leave you with slanted windows oh well it adds character okay now for the really scary part i’m

Gonna go right on the line so when we cut it out from the outside it’ll be slightly bigger than our template all right first hole first damage from the outside that we can’t just cover up without it looking terrible so let’s hope we’re right so it’s probably a bit hard to tell on the camera but we got our little tiny holes outlining it and now it’s time to see

If our template matches up okay i’m pretty happy with it um there is about an eighth of an inch slope but who’s gonna notice okay next we’re gonna tape this up to make sure we don’t leave any unwanted scratches and then uh we’ll cut us a giant panel okay now that we’ve done irreparable damage to our van let’s do a little bit more we’re just going to put a

Uh a starting point in here and then we’ll take our jigsaw and we should be able to go right around now that is some real damage to this pan not perfect cuts but uh i tried to stay slightly over the line on most of it we might have to trim down a little bit but let’s polish it up and see if our window fits obviously there is a chunk of footage missing actually

Putting the window in we had to make a couple adjustments to get the window fitting just right like shaving a little bit of the metal off but we finally got it so now all there’s left to do is mirror it on the other side for more delicate spots that you don’t necessarily want to spray you can just dab it instead so we’ve got a little cup and we will spray paint

And you just dab hey everyone future jesse here coming from july um we completely forgot to record installing these bunk windows we recorded prepping it cutting it out getting it all ready but we did not record installing it so let’s take a look at these from the outside nothing too extraordinary just your standard bunk window here if you look through you can

See the one on the opposite side but if we go inside it is pretty nice you can pop it open real easy there is a screen that kind of velcros on here it does rattle a little bit when we’re driving but that’s not on here because uh we got a few other projects going on you

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Promaster 3500 Van Conversion (PART 3) – CR Laurence Bunk Windows By Cultivating Fire