Promaster Van Conversion Bug Netting

This is an addition to my Van. Upgraded Bug Net & Access to the Rear Doors. Hopefully this will be a helpful video for you and your van conversion.

Hello and good morning takes me about a week to get used to this daylight savings time i don’t know what it is it’s just i got to get into the flow of things here anyway this video is in a series with my van build and so it’s a very it’s a small addition but it’s a really needed edition with spring and summer coming up and we feel like that it’s a necessity

So if you’re following my van built stay tuned i think this will be real helpful for you i do have a ram promaster but i think it would be helpful for anybody with any van because this particular item can be adjusted or cut or fixed and placed into any van situation if you’re not following my van series and you just like to watch well thank you very much i

Appreciate that but keep in mind i do have some great trips coming up here planned in the next couple weeks couple months i got some gear reviews coming up here real soon and i’ll probably do like a spring and summer load out of my backpacking gear one interesting thing i have coming up here it’s in about two weeks uh just north of here there are places around

This state florida that allow primitive camping with reservation and you’re allowed to camp there for up to a week the thing about it is um you’re not allowed to bring rvs campers pop-ups any of that type of thing you have to use a tent and it has to be in a primitive type situation so um i went ahead and reserved one that i’ve been looking at and i’ve kind of

Been talking to the land management company up there and they first i said yeah as long as you’re staying in the tent that’s all right well finally they got back to me again they said well you know we’re kind of thinking that because you’re in a i was up front with them too and they thanked me for my honesty they said uh since you’re in a camper van that might

Give a wrong impression to anybody that and plus i have a youtube channel to see this that give the wrong impression that campers are allowed there’s an rvs and are allowed there i assure them that when i go up there it will not be about the van and there will be no videos showing the van or at least showing that it’s a camper van i told them it’s a mode of

Transportation and i assured them that i’d be staying in a tent and doing the whole primitive camping theater thing so the land manager got back to me and says okay i have no problem with that thank you very much and they gave me the gate code now the gate code allows me to drive in there drive pretty much right up to the campsite and therefore i can don’t have

To pack in a lot of things that will make it really nice back there as while i’m camping in the tent not only do i have that option i also um they they also have their picnic tables a fire ring um i think there’s a potable water pump a non-potable water pump there’s canals up there i’ll do some fishing uh and i heard there’s like 17 miles of hiking trails all

Throughout there and tons of wildlife so it’s going to be real interesting knowing that when i push that button and i get into that gate and i lock it behind me that i’m going to be the only one there and i’m gonna have all this thousands of acres to myself and it should be really interesting they did tell me though that don’t be surprised if somebody from law

Enforcement comes by just to check to show that you have that permit to do that which is fine with me i am going to be in a tent i’m going to do the whole 10 things so that’s coming up in two weeks so stay tuned for that but right now let’s get into this little addition to my van and i hope you enjoy the video and thank you for following walker’s world talk to

You soon hello we are going to try to attempt a new project today a much needed one with the summer months coming up and spring and this is going to be a bug screen entry well it’s going to be a flaps down the middle of it and we’re going to put it on the rear entry of our van and if it works out we’re going to put it one on the slider too which is going to

Be more difficult what we’re going to do is in the back of the van behind here we’re going to put the velcro this from this side to this side behind there is like 64 inches but as you come up here is actually bows out a little bit to 65 inches the problem is the screening comes in 72 by 80. now the length don’t matter we’ll cut the length down but we’ve got

To bring the sides in approximately three inches that’s a dexter don’t walk three inches on each side so i don’t want to cut it so we’re going to attempt to take the sewing machine and take in three inches on that side and three inches on that side and that should give us the right width but not too tight where the magnetic slits in the doors don’t work now the

Screen came with the velcro with double-sided tape on it but we’re not going to use that we are going to use it but we’re going to reinforce it with some 3m tape uh that we’re going to put up and behind that which should be a lot stronger so let’s get on with this and i’ll show you uh how we do this now the screen is an upgraded mesh screen i think it’s police

I’ll put all the information to it and i’ll put a link below to this screen i’ll also put a link below to the uh the tape that we’re going to use so let’s give this a shot this should be real frustrating okay so the material that we’re going to use this is the velcro that comes with it we’re going to cut it in sections and this is the whole roll we’re starting

To cut in sections right there and this is the 3m tape this is the really strong tape that we’re going to be putting behind the the velcro and you you stick it up there and you kind of let it set for a day and so it adheres real well the uh like i said i’ll put a link to the screen itself and to the tape in the links below we got scissors measuring we cleaned

It off real well with some windex or whatever you want use to clean it and wait for that to dry and then we’re going to go up and put the tape on in the velcro what we’re doing here now is we’re taking this tape we cut different sections out let me show you real quick one we put a section right up there in the middle um so we put the double-sided 3m tape on

That and that’s going to set up in there we’re going to do the set all the way around these rubber edges all in through here all this up and down all the way so we’re measuring out different sections of that to make it easier just to apply it all right we have the velcro all the way up and around all the way with the 3m tape behind it i do want to let you

Know though that that 3m tape comes in was it five yards i think it was i hope to look that up i’ll put it on the type it in here but we had to kind of spread it out because that’s all i had left and this is the velcro we had left so we uh skipped some areas and just used the velcro the tape the adhesive that was on the back of the velcro itself but we did

Put enough of it on especially on the top where the majority of the weight of the screen is going to be so that’ll hold up pretty good we’re going to let this set now for i don’t know i’m going to check it out okay guys what we’re gonna do here is um we haven’t cut off anything off the edges like i said this thing is 72 or 71 and a half inches wide the van

Basically is where we’ve got it velcroed is about 160 five inches so it may be bunched on the ends but we’re going to try to keep it firm and straight and what’s that word taught i always say torn so the magnet starts about right here so i sew just this part from here to here just to try to extra ensure that notebooks can get in anywhere and then the magnet’s

Pretty it’s in pieces but it’s pretty solid and continuous all the way down to the end right we’ll put we’ll probably have to cut some off the bottom but that’ll be later right now what we want to do is we want to concentrate on getting this up there let me see let’s zoom in here a little bit and show you what nancy’s going to do got a little piece of velcro

There so she’s attaching that so the opening of this will be directly in the center of gaps and holes are filled up you don’t want any of those mosquitos in okay so she’s working her way to my right and bringing it all the way to the edge oh okay let’s go around the other side okay this is from the outside and uh she’s going to finish velcroing

It along the sides and you can see down in the bottom this is all the excess that’s left uh we’re probably going to cut that off and we’re going to put some magnets down here some heavy duty magnets so it just lays flat but i don’t know so do we care about this extra width and this drapiness i don’t i don’t know if it’s worth the effort to cut it so it and

Do that wouldn’t that be something that if we after we get to use it for a while if we feel that it’s a problem we could do it on a later date yes and uh so for right now once we get the magnets down along the bottom we’ve got a good good seal here so we can this it’s a heavy duty mesh no seam mesh as i back up you can see it’s a french door design um for the

Screen mesh in the back and with the fan on there and this air circling through it it’ll really uh cool it off then during the days and nights we’ll have a nice airflow so we can we have plenty of we’ll have to roll the corners up like you like i would with a tent you know just roll those corners up like that and uh try to do some kind of velcro latch over there

Or something we’ll figure that out but this will give me now still access to the garage area and we do stand up here and make the bed and stuff like that so what do you think there yeah nance okay they’re real nice all right well let’s uh continue on with this and i’ll give you any updates that we may have done don’t bug you i think it’s fine i don’t feel like

You need to do anything on the bottom the magnets work really well uh-huh if we leave the length it’s kind of weighted at the bottom and it just seems to want to lay there we can sort of i know and this is what we were talking about too so we can just pull this apart and uh stick it over there just basically hang it over there just to get in the garage just

There you go just to keep it simple and then uh you know with all without doing all that velcro and all that this closes up the magnets see the magnets automatically hit we could cut if the wind starts to blow it out then it might be a problem but for right now we could probably even if that happened i could put something on it some weighted thing to keep it

From doing that maybe we’ll put a little piece of velcro coming out this way and a little piece coming out that way to kind of keep that those corners down on the bottom so all in all i’d say this was the hardest part was putting the tape up i guess yeah this is a good project this was a good project yep we passed we passed good job honey all right we have

Ourselves a french door screen wait do we try to do this yup you can lay back there keep the fan on nice fuse breeze looking good we’re going to do this on the side too that’s going to be the real trick because of the sink and all that there and we’re going to have to cut it some but i think we can do it all right so that’s our screen door rear door french

Door project it was a success you

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