Proof new cars ARENT worth it? DRAG RACE

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Hi how are you matt watson here from colorado so i’m sad in a mark 3 audi rs3 next to me is mark ii audi rs3 and next to that is the mark 1 audi rs3 because we’re going to have an audi rs3 generations drag race i know what you’re thinking matt you’re in a saloon not a hatchback well we couldn’t get the hatchback for this race but it doesn’t really matter because

It starts with the salute are identical to the hatchbacks okay so stop complaining anyway let me tell you about this mark 3 rs3 so it has a 2.5 liter turbocharged five cylinder petrol engine which puts out 400 horsepower and 500 newton meters of torque it drives all four wheels virus sensory dual clutch automatic gearbox with launch control and this car weighs in

At 1 575 kilos i knew the price is 56 000 pounds that mark ii generation rs3 also has a 2.5 liter 5 cylinder turbo petrol with 400 horsepower however it has 480 newton meters of torque it drives all four wheels virus 7 speed dual clips automatic gearbox with launch control and the way that goes slightly less than this one is 1510 kilos now that’s a 2018 car and

The value of it today is 35 000 pounds finally we we come to the original rs3 so once again 2.5 liter 5 cylinder turbo petrol it’s got seven speed ductless automatic gearbox it puts out 340 horsepower so quite a bit less than these two other later generation cars and torque is 480 newton meters weight is interesting though because it’s the same way as this mark

Iii 1575 kilos so heavier than the mark ii now that mark one generation car is actually from 2012 and today the value is 25 000 pounds now before your drug race if you like these kind of videos make sure you subscribe to this channel if you haven’t done so already so subscribe yeah okay good and hit that bell icon to turn the notifications on that way you won’t

Miss a single upload anyway this is this let’s drag race buy sell car wow now before we drag race i’m gonna do the customary colorway sound checks i’m going to rev up this mark iii rs3 see what it sounds like so let’s get into the spottiest setting soft limiter yeah great love a soft limiter thanks audi what i’m going to do though is just put into launch control

Mode so you can have a bit more noise there we go it gives me an extra 1000 rpm and a bit of a pitch page can you rev up the mark ii please i can sense a soft limiter yet again why didn’t you just put into launch control and rev it in launch control like i just did so we can hear it that way okay that’s enough of that let’s have a listen to the mark one okay i

Got that now once again once you put into launch control mode and rev it up that way oh that sounds good it’s like someone’s doing some drilling on the road like with a pneumatic drill sounds good now if you’re thinking about changing your car you need to head to carlow because you can see how much you can save on your next car right also you can make sure you

Get a great price for the car you’re selling all you have to do is upload some photos and our dealers will bid on your car to make sure you get a great price for it if you want to do that now click on the pop out button up there for the link in the description below alternatively at later date just simply google help me carl wow and we will help you now before we

Race i just want to warm my tires because this latest version of the rs3 does have an ability to sort of drift see if i can do it foreign so much fun they’re the ones can’t do it they’ll just understand actually those two cars have been lent to us by some viewers and if you want to see who they are there’s a link to them at the end of the video so look out for

That anyway let’s race here we go look at this this is so good oh yeah not gonna lie i probably had the worst start that mark white and mark ii just shot the line perfect timing but due to my impressive skills i managed to make the car a bit quicker than the other two older cars so well done me don’t you agree mark too awesome um you are just a driving god

I thought so when i don’t have to do anything i’m definitely a driving guard when it’s all down to the car how is it in the marketing are you shot off really well but then obviously about 60 horsepower down aren’t you i was really impressed with that i thought i was going to keep up with you but no slowly less for dead unfortunately but let’s be honest that car’s

25 grand this is 56. it’s not too bad is it not too bad too bad so then what exactly happened well the latest rs3 won completing the standing quarter mile in 12.1 seconds its predecessor the second generation rs3 finished in 12.3 seconds while the original og first generation rs3 took 13 seconds to complete the standing quarter mile now we’ve got the rolling race

From 50 miles an hour and cars in comfort mode full auto the gearbox let’s see what happens ready three two one go kick down blimey that took forever raised to the half mile so close between me and the mark ii just got with him now gapping gapping gapping where is i’ve got to come to you first mark one because you were dropped was your gearbox really slow to

Kick down or something difference between mark ii and mark 3 hardly anything in it this has 20 new meters more torque and obviously it’s a newer car and i think i was just slowly creeping ahead would you agree i i don’t know when we locked off in third i think it’s going to be a lot closer than that took ages the only gap you pulled was in the kick down i don’t

Know how much you crept away there that’d be fighting talk well let’s do it then let’s find out eh okay then third gear roll on for sport setting manual changes see what you got mark two and just join us for the ride mark one three two one go come on you know what it’s right god damn it but now i’m gonna start gapping a little bit maybe oh we’re both still

Going keep on keeping on the mile mile okay i sort of think i was right yeah but only but much closer than you thought it was originally come on yeah but yeah no but just yeah i was right say matt you were right but still matt you were right that this was the faster car is that correct the car with more horsepower was faster correct they have the same horsepower

Complaining the whole time there’s a reason why he complains he’s built that way he’s a racing driver and they always have excuses i put a link to his instagram okay go pull him there go wind him up go trolling go on just for me let’s move on finally we’re gonna have a brake test from 100 miles an hour we’re exciting full emergency stop but if you’d rather watch

Another audi related drag race one of my favorites then watch this stuff click on the pop-up button up there for the link in the description below for my audi range drag race you know what huh this is this brake test this is what happens come on new car what the heck was that bird weird there’s so much wildlife out here just risking its life here comes the line

Let’s do it come on mark three i can see you’re celebrating there in the mark ii and you know how you said the reason this car one was because it had more power and actually it doesn’t have more parts the same part as your car the reason yours just wasn’t the brake test probably is because it’s the lightest car and it is the lightest car that is facts my friend i

Won you won about them i think this beat the mark one though don’t you what came second the mark iii right actually it’s tight it’s verdict i’m not sure actually i think oh god i think what i lost mark iii on the mark iii i’m glad you’ve fluffed that up because because you were enjoying that too much anyway yeah this lost the brake test oh well damn it now just

Like to say a huge thanks to the guys that lent us the marquard and the mark ii rs3s if you want to say thank you to them follow the links in the description to their accounts go on their accounts and say thank you very much for landing cardboard cards it really does help us get more cars from people watching for you to enjoy anyway i hope you’ll enjoyed the video

If you did give it a like click on those windows there for some more videos and on that box there to see something really cool with another rs car yeah thanks for watching

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Proof new cars AREN'T worth it? DRAG RACE By carwow