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Pros & Cons of the 2023 Genesis G90

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This video will serve as a quick buyer’s guide for anyone interested in the 2023 Genesis G90 E Supercharged model. This is a fully loaded G90 and it is an all-new flagship sedan from Genesis. See my full review of the 2023 G90 here:

First pro with this g90 is going to be just how quiet and comfortable this car is like you would expect for a six-figure automobile because this is a fully loaded hundred thousand dollar 48 volt e-supercharged g90 what have they done here well when you get the fully loaded g90 like you see here you get their newest and latest multi-chamber air suspension and it

Just allows you to glide hover over the road it feels like the tires aren’t even connected to the road the other attribute is how quiet this car is it’s got acoustic laminated glass all throughout the vehicle double ping glass in the front window and the rear window but it’s not just that this car also has active noise cancellation through the speakers so what

Ends up happening is as you’re driving down the road the car will detect and sense any unwanted noises and it will send out a frequency to negate any of the harsh road noises and i have to admit all that seems to be working because this is is genuinely one of the quietest cars that i’ve ever been in you couple that with that air suspension cloud-like ride quality

It’s flawless as a luxury car now when you go with the base model g90 you won’t be getting this multi-chamber air suspension you will be getting an adaptive variable suspension which i’m sure still rides great because that will come with 20 inch wheels and not 21s like you see here but all these g90s will come with a camera system in the front that reads the road

Ahead so it will prepare the car the adaptive suspension or the air suspension to go over that bump and to feel comfortable one of the cons is going to be the fact that this is not a sports sedan like not at all actually there is no sporting intentions here there’s no athleticism here in fact i feel like the previous generation 2018 g90 i tested probably handled

Better than this and it had more of a tank-like quality to it as it rolled down the road this has gone for full comfort which i like and i appreciate in a class of vehicle like this and everything has a light and airy feel to it this is around 5200 pounds the way you see it here for this fully loaded 48 volts e-supercharged model yet it feels like a feather to

Pile it around in i mean you just drive this car with a pinky the steering is ultra light we have rear wheel steering on the fully loaded models so the rear wheels can turn up to four degrees in the opposite direction or it could turn with the car while you’re taking long sweeping turns so it has like an everyday level of confidence like you can take long sweeping

Corners at higher speeds but by no means is it a sport sedan and there is no satisfaction in driving this hard so that could be a con to some this is not like the bmw 7 series or even like the lexus ls which are actually pretty fun to you know drive hard and another con associated with that is going to be this drivetrain so we have the twin turbocharged v6 that’s

The base engine and then you step it up to this 48 volt mild hybrid system which is an e-supercharger to produce extra horsepower and torque honestly this isn’t much quicker than the regular non-e supercharged twin turbo v6 i feel like both of these power plants are equally as quick and they’re ultra smooth powertrains as well so i don’t have an issue with that but

Everything about this car it’s a little bit more sluggish and lethargic to react but that’s all by design the transmission reacts slower on purpose so it doesn’t jolt the passengers inside the vehicle this is actually a car that’s meant to be chauffeur driven right so this card even has a chauffeur mode that you can put the car into you can put the brakes into a

Chauffeur mode so when you get on the brakes the stopping power is there however it reduces the amount of weight transfer in the car so nobody’s getting car sick in here it’s really well done but because of that the engine is going to take a little bit more time to react and it’s going to feel a little bit more dull but don’t worry because this car is a tower of

Torque you don’t have to be foot to the floor in this car you can just be quarter throttle and it just effortlessly surges off gets up to like 50 miles per hour like instantaneously almost so it is powerful it is quick it’s just there’s no point in driving it like a the next massive pro is going to be with this interior space the entire car is pretty much shrouded

In leather napa leathers and even some antibacterial materials used around like the uh the armrest areas things like that but it’s the solidity it’s the amazing material choices we have like this forged carbon design going all throughout this particular model because this is the fully loaded g90 but i like how this has seamlessly married together new age technology

With old school buttons and switches and ergonomics it’s easy to get used to it’s a phenomenal infotainment setup there’s pretty much no learning curve there’s a ton of features to go through and that’s actually going to be the next pro with this like i mentioned i’m getting a massage while i am filming this video the massage feature actually works great really

Gets in on your pressure points so i love the massage it’s actually worth having in this car and one of my most favorite features in this car is going to be the electronic doors you can open the doors with a press of a button and you can also close them like a rolls-royce with the press of a button inside the cabin space also there’s a button on the outside door

Handle that you can press to electronically close them because i can tell this is a very heavy door but it’s electronically motorized so it makes it effortless to open and close and i just love it i’ve been using that feature daily and it’s not gotten all that is the best feature literally every flagship car should come with that and they are starting to you know

Other manufacturers are starting to adopt that feature as well some cons with this interior space that i’ve noticed there’s three in particular i don’t like this shiny reflective material that they’ve used in the center here where your gear lever knob is and your infotainment controls are it’s very reflective in harsh sunlight i wish they just used this carbon

Reinforced material here in the uh in the center because this is a matte finish and it looks awesome also this hvac screen is highly reflective and very glossy unlike the infotainment and gauge cluster screens the gauge cluster and the infotainment they’re both matte textured or matte finish screens and even in harsh sunlight you can see everything but in harsh

Sunlight the hvac screen will actually get washed out and it becomes difficult to see and react with so that’s a con i wish they just gave that a matte coating as well the other con is going to be the fact that this car has apple carplay and android auto but it’s not wireless apple carplay and android auto which i just think is unacceptable in the car of this class

However this screen this infotainment it does have over-the-air updates so perhaps in the future it can come with the wireless apple carplay and android auto but we’ll see another pro is going to be when you go with this fully loaded model you do get this 23 speaker being an olufsen sound system standard it will come with a 15 speaker being an olsen but this is

The 3d 23 speaker setup it does sound very good once you finally tune it to your liking for the type of music that you listen to so it is proper it is befitting of a six-figure automobile is a good sound system i appreciate it it’s got clarity it’s got bass it’s got everything that you need once you tune it the other massive pro with this car is the fact that this

Is pretty much a flagship limousine so you have plenty of space in the back unlike some of these suvs which are just massive on the exterior but there’s hardly any space for people to sit in on the interior so another reason to get this thing fully loaded is it’s a 10 grand delta between the base model g90 and this e-supercharged model again don’t get this model

Because of the e supercharger and the extra horsepower it doesn’t really add much it does make the auto stop starts smooth but anyway you get all of the limousine-like features in the rear when you go with this fully loaded model like the reclining rear seats you don’t get that with the base model and you also get like this ottoman function for the person sitting

Behind the passenger seat aka the boss seat so all those features are great to have having that’s what makes this car what it is and it’s just amazing to ride with a bunch of people in this car it’s awesome to sit in the rear seats just as much as it is to drive this car it’s all equally awesome you have the electronic sun shades back there you have your own center

Panel that you can play with with buttons and switches and your own screen to adjust your electronic sun shades the lighting in the back your seats your massage seats in the back and of course you have the same electronic doors in the back so you can close them with the press of a button it’s awesome back there but one con i noticed is with the trunk i just don’t

Think it’s quite as large as some of the competitors it’s really not that tall if you will it is a rather wide trunk space i will give it that but i don’t know it’s just not that deep and it could have been larger for what this is i don’t know i guess they just prioritize the rear seating space more and i and i understand that another thing to note when you go with

This fully loaded model you forego the spare tire so if you got the base model with the 20 inch wheels that would have came with a spare tire in the back but because this is the 48 volt mild hybrid model there’s this massive battery pack taking up the space in the trunk so there’s no room for a spare tire in this car and this vehicle does not come with run flat

Tires fortunately genesis does offer 24 7 roadside assistance which is great and i guess another pro is going to be the fact that genesis has the best warranty in the luxury car game right 10-year 100 000 mile powertrain warranty that’s pretty much untouched and they even offered three-year 36 000 mile free complimentary maintenance they’ll come pick the car up i

Do know that bmw also offers three years of complementary maintenance but this is just the best you get the three year free maintenance they come pick up the car and 10 years of powertrain warranty that’s pretty epic another pro is going to be the gas mileage it’s rated to get 17 city 24 on the highway i actually beat those mpg numbers by one i get 18 in the city

And 25 on the highway which is extremely impressive considering the size the weight and the power of this car so phenomenal car there’s really no complaints from a luxury car perspective it drives exactly the way i wanted to while exuding a great level of swagger it’s got an exotic presence to it that really none of the competitors really have and it’s got this

Exotic interior space the seats look awesome they’re very comfortable it’s just a unique fresh offering in this space of flagship cars that’s really dominated by the germans but in my opinion well you can see more of my opinion the full review which i will have on the end screen here and with that i’ll see you on the full review if you haven’t seen it already

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Pros & Cons of the 2023 Genesis G90 By Exhaust Sports Auto