Protecting the Broncos Infotainment Screen & Gauges with ScreenProTech Protective Films

In today’s video, we will be installing a protective film for the Bronco’s Infotainment screen and the gauges. A company called ScreenProTech reached out to us and asked us to install, review, and promote their products.

Foreign garage i’m jill and today we are into badlands and we are going to install protection film for both the screen and the gauges now a company called screen protect reached out to us to want to you know install your product and do a video about it and supply a way for you guys to save some money when you guys buy it kind of like how another company that

We advertised for constantly do so this will be another one that we’re going to advertise constantly for now what screen protect is they have this um this film that goes over both so the gauges and this it does come in eight inches so if you don’t have a 12 inch screen like the badland does you do have the option to get the normal size screen of eight inches

We have two of those on screens on ben and the black diamond this is the only one with the 12 inch so the packaging is quite nice it’s a very sturdy cardboard as you all can see nice good tube there are instructions here i don’t know if you guys can see that on the top so you can hit a qr reader with that and you can watch the video on how to install it now

Let’s see what it comes with so i filled this up with water already and it comes with like a a little bit of soap which in it you’re not going to ship it with water because they don’t want to risk a leak and damaging the product inside as well to tube that it comes in so you will have to add your own water and here’s that i do believe that’s all of it oops

And it says here’s your install guide again it is the same thing as what’s on top of this so you get this as well you get a microfiber towel i found a really cool looking squeegee i think it’s just really nice towel which of course their name on it i don’t know if you guys can see that it is kind of dark in the car um so it looks like they gave you two of these

I think this is an option i’m not 100 sure and then string off of there so there’s two of these so in case you messed one up at least you have another one to do that with so that’s good and you have two for the gauge clusters as well so yeah it looks like you have two for the gauge clusters as well so i’m gonna put these out of the sun so the first step is

To go ahead and obviously clean the surface that you’re going to be working on we’re going to go ahead and do this one first because i have a very good view which the camera related right now so you guys are going to get the infotainment center first here i’m gonna get this out of the way because it’s a little bit too tall so we have that good and clean just

Soaps smells really good i’ll have to say that and what we’re going to do is take this off and just be gentle with it um before you do that just kind of figure out the orientation it should be like that you guys see me do this thing before on how to put stuff on like this you always want to take your time let’s say you don’t want to rush any of these kind

Of applications again i don’t hit car windows i don’t route cars for a living nor do i claim to be a professional on how to do any of this you want to put as much lubricant as you can between it and the other that way you can slide it to however you need it ‘ll be doing this on the hottest part of today with probably not just the best idea okay once

You’re happy with the placement we’re going to take this yellow squeegee now it does have beveled edges so just be mindful how you’re using it again take your time these are items that you just don’t want to slap on and rest all right i’m like i’m trying to get a wrinkle out of there now these screen protectors are designed to be fingerprint resistant and

All that good stuff i will get to oops crap the two sheet thing instead of one because that way in case you really screws this up you have an extra you can try again installed fairly easy on anybody really can do this and this is actually good practice you know to work on tents and films and things if you want to learn how to do that do small stuff like this

Before you move on to windows or just grab a whole bunch of cheap window tint and practice on your car that way now your main goal is to try and get as much of the water out as possible you don’t want any pockets anywhere because if you have a pocket like i’m struggling right here that means you’re going to have it come back and peel there you go i like it um

I think it’s going to be a really good product and i like the fact that it has it for the gauges as well notice it is the next day and it is in the morning a lot cooler if not three in the morning or three in the afternoon where it’s like the hottest part of the day and and this is my second time redoing this because i screwed it up the first time so in all

Actuality this is about how long it should take you to install something like this when you do it in cold temperatures whereas earlier in the video you saw me struggle with that one because it was hot party today i need to get a video done so i can put one out for you guys okay that’s a hell of a lot better than what it is today which you guys will never

See because i deleted that part of the video it was bad it was really bad i was really fighting the top part of the application because it was hot and the dash was hot and the gauge cluster was hot and it was just drying so quick all right clean this up we’ll roll the beauty shots that looks 1 000 better than they did yesterday but you got it off to tripod

I’m trying there you go trying to get this thing to light up but there she is no bubbles no nothing this is why you follow instructions i was in the hottest part of today was this screen and the cold part of the day was that screen which one was easier to install this one which one was more difficult to install that one actually i’ll take that back that was

Mildly hard the first attempt on this was very difficult and a hot party today because the sun when beating down on all this it was heating up all of this so all the instructions do it nicole party today makes your life a hell of a lot easier trust me don’t don’t pull me studies are supposed to be fingerprint resistant on both cities screens the film is eight

Millimeters thick but all the information is on the earlier side of the video where i did the big nav screen on the end which we’re approaching of this video is going to have the website and the code to use to save five percent off your purchase i do recommend getting two sets just in case you know you did what i did and tried to do it in the heated today because

Why not and if you screw one up you at least have another set yeah it’s a little bit pricey but um i think having the extra set is like a piece of mind type of thing knowing that you have a backup in case you screw the first setup is it’s a good very good idea she looks good i’m really happy with it i like it i recommend it and i think if you guys got it

For your broncos um i think you’ll be happy with it as well i don’t know if they make it for the bronco sport yet i do know that they make it in the 12 inch screen which is this one here as well as the eight inch one which ben has over there and a diamond in the garage so you do have two sizes and it comes i do believe maybe in gloss but you’ll have to get on the

Website and just order it and go through all their options that’s on there i like it i do highly recommend getting it especially if you use your touchscreen a lot and if you like to touch your gauge screen for whatever or just to protect it you know to make it look nice and new i would do that as well other than that i really don’t have anything else to add thank

You for watching and i’ll see you on the next one don’t forget to like subscribe and drop a comment down below whether or not you guys are interested in buying these that’s it we’ll see you on the next one bye

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Protecting the Bronco's Infotainment Screen & Gauges with ScreenProTech Protective Films! By 1Five1 Garage