Pulling The Engine Out Of My 1,000 Bentley Continental GT Was The HARDEST THING IVE EVER DONE

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There was the fcm previous minions about a virus is avoiding wooden retasked with matt or is my value beam over just rover bentley yes this motorcycle boot the yeah is spoken of idiots scary reservoir at attack yeah by use alright guys since this cars getting some major surgery i wanted to make sure it wasn’t getting nervous before going onto the knife so i decided

To talk in a language that i would probably understand since it’s spent ten years in russia actually now that i think about it spending ten years in russia is why it’s broken in the first place alright never mind if you knew the channel thank you so much for watching i hope you like it because we’re doing a lot a lot of work a lot of work in this episode because

This my $11,000 bentley is finally going into the knife and we are taking this motor out and we’re doing it from the bottom because that’s the only way it’s gonna go if you’ve missed any part of the bentley series and i have not posted videos in a while then you can watch the playlist up above or link down below watch the first three videos so you can see how we

Went from this to this the reason why we’re changing the engine in the first place is because one side has low compression i don’t know what that’s from maybe it’s timing maybe it’s burnt valves maybe it’s just a vacuum leak and i haven’t checked it it doesn’t matter i have another engine ready to go in and we’re just gonna change everything along the way i’ll

Level with you guys here i don’t know what i’m doing so if i miss a step or if i do something wrong feel free to point it out in the comments and i will read it after i’ve already messed up so good so for those of you unfamiliar with what a bentley engine looks like then take a gander at this ooh that’s a heavy hood here she is that is a dirty engine this is a

6-litre w12 with twin turbos it’s supposed to make around 550 horsepower right now it doesn’t make any of those horsepower because one side has low compression probably i haven’t done a compression check but it definitely runs like crap the car just started doing this weird thing now it’s like gasping for air the abs light will just went on for no reason and it’s

Really struggling to rev oh yep so the light comes on at low rpms maybe that’s an electrical problem but oh my god this car is haunted so instead of trying to fix this engine which i probably could do but that would involve me having to take the engine out rebuild it and then put it back in i’m just gonna put another engine from a low mileage car that i got from

Fir parts a company that i’ve been working with for a while they provided the shell for my ferrari f355 project and they provided this bentley engine well at least one that’s way better condition than this one so it’s gonna be out with the old and in with the new except there’s gonna be a million steps in between all right now i kind of get why mechanics

Might charge 30 hours of labor just to do an engine swap in this car it is not easy but we have everything take it off of the top of the engine we have the harness right here off to the side and i found some issues that may have contributed to the bad running of this car if you take a look down here let me see if i can put this right there so this is the math plug

And it’s a little bit melty i don’t think that’s supposed to be like that and it’s well i don’t think the car is running right without a map on one side of the engine also if you take a look over here look at those wires there a little bit a little bit past it there’s some fraying going on there’s some bare metal i can see yeah that’s that’s not looking very good

In addition there’s a bunch of stuff that’s just broken this vacuum hose right here just broken a bunch of stuff was disconnected i’m not sure when it was disconnected i definitely didn’t do it but there’s there’s a lot of stuff just not connected i i guess if somebody was putting this back together you would forget a few things let me take a look over here you’ll

See that the electrical connections are actually very corroded and when you don’t have a good metal to metal connection you can have a lot of screwy things going on in the ecu take a look over here all of that is that is a horrible connection so all that is gonna get cleaned up and also these ecu’s probably are going bye-bye because i have new ecu’s with the new

Engine so gotta take those out but before that i am going to get underneath the car so we can take all that stuff out and then hopefully the engine drops out ladies and gentlemen i present to you one removed engine actually it’s an engine and transmission this is called the power unit if you’re using bentley’s nomenclature but this is on the ground

Sort of and the cars in the air and the two have separated ways they are now divorced no longer married i’m a little bit loopy because this took like four days and it’s mostly because i didn’t know what i was doing and there are a lot of things you have to take off i mean just take a look at the density of wires and hoses and clamps and most of them are broken most

Of them are not in great shape we’re definitely gonna do something about that with the new engine and i’m gonna have to go over everything on this engine and also the car we’re probably gonna do a little bit of an update maybe tomorrow maybe the next day and i’ll show you exactly what’s wrong with everything here and all the really botched jobs that were performed

On this car throughout the years when you do something like this usually when you take out the subframe from a car you want to make sure that everything is free and clear and on this car it was just impossible to tell and i was getting hung up on these two guys right here these are actually some hydraulic lines i believe for the transmission cooler or something

They might be for power steering i know either hydraulic they’re not oil but yeah they were basically holding the entire engine up and they didn’t they didn’t break so they’re really good quality lines but then the rest of it was a little bit more let’s just say challenging this this is one of the intake hoses and as you can see it’s there’s a lot of crud and gunk

In there these have a weird little clamp system and you have to put a needle nose or a long really long flat screwdriver down here to push this out and then you can take like it’s it’s such a dumb system because there’s no way you can get to any of these clamps i wanted to give a little bit of attention to the method that i use to get this on this trolley and it’s

Actually a pretty ingenious solution i just got this table cart from harbor freight and i use a regular jack with a little hockey puck rubber mount right there just to keep the trans up and this is actually a hydraulic table cart so if i push this up the engine goes up and i can also lower it down a little bit right here and just like there we go i can lower it

Down and i can also move it around which is great which is exactly what i need i was thinking maybe just to put it on some jack stands a lot of people do that but i needed to get this engine out a lot of people they just put the engine down and they fix it this engine i’m not sure what’s gonna happen to it maybe i’ll sell it maybe it’s gone the trash maybe it’ll

Turn into a table i’m actually not so sure that this engine has anything wrong with it mechanically everything around it surrounding it had a lot of let’s just say minor to major faults there’s a lot of oil leaks and stuff that needs to get fixed but i think the bones of this engine are still pretty good so what i have to do right now well what i’m gonna do in

The coming episodes on this car is i have to undress this engine i have to take off the transmission i have to make sure that all the seals are okay as far as the transmission and everything i’m gonna reuse and then i’m gonna bring in the new engine which is over there behind well behind that car over there and then i’m gonna have to put everything back on the

Engine i’m gonna have to replace a lot of stuff on this car because one of cars in russia it doesn’t really fare well for the car now this body is galvanized so it doesn’t really rust but these brackets and stuff they do tend to rust so i think i’m gonna use that sand blaster over there and the good thing about it is i didn’t need to take out the steering rack so

The steering is gonna be fine but it needs to take out any of the brake lines the brake lines are fine and just put a chain around there so that’s okay and other than just being in a general state of disrepair and neglect there’s nothing really bad about this car now there is a little little dent right here i’m gonna replace this intercooler and i believe this

Is like four hundred dollars but whatever this is gonna get replaced and nothing else has been bad or anything like that that’s probably from a fender bender who knows but man i am so so so happy so that’s it sorry i didn’t put out any videos earlier it’s just that i’ve been working on this thing non-stop it really has been four days and it’s it’s like 10-hour

Days just because i don’t really know anything about working on this car i know a lot more now but you know school of hard knocks and all that but i hope you guys join me along for the ride it’s gonna be probably a little longer than i thought but it’s gonna be just as fun when we get this thing on the road because i think it should be pretty nice when it’s done

So until next time this is me reminding you guys that on cars like this that need so much work but we’re getting it done a day at a time you guys need to wrench every day

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Pulling The Engine Out Of My $11,000 Bentley Continental GT Was The HARDEST THING I'VE EVER DONE By Tavarish